Sunday, August 4, 2019

Vogue 1501 and Kommatia Patterns Relaxed Tee

Vogue 1501 is a Rachel Comey design that was pretty popular when it was first released. The dress version is super cool (though I can do without the shoulder pads!) but the skirt!!

When I made the dress, I tried the skirt on mid-way and was sold. I sewed a skirt from the same fabric is the dress immediately after then made a yellow version. When I decided this crepe from Mood needed to become a full skirt, V1501 was the immediate choice. 

This fabric! Swoon! It's a polyester crepe and with a little steam and a clapper, it takes a press pretty decently. To be a poly fabric, it handled very nicely and the print is beautifully vibrant. I would definitely recommend it!

Same as previous versions, I cut a size 18 and skipped the french seaming on the pockets. Be sure to take the time to baste the pleats!! 

And then, I got a bit ahead of myself. I cut the backs out and went right ahead and insert the zipper. Once it was time to add the waistband I had a ruh-roh! moment. 

I improvised and added an extension and a button. It isn't perfect but it works!

Aside from that, everything is finished nicely :-D

Skirt is pictured with the Kommatia patterns relaxed tee. I scored 7 patterns from the Makerist during a $2 sale. Then I had them all printed as copyshop patterns. I measured the tee before I even looked at the size chart and decided on a size medium - the chart confirms.

Then I sewed up a muslin 
The top was riding up on the hips so I sliced the side seams, as seen. On the paper pattern, I did a slash and spread on the front pattern piece and added 1/2"; on the back, 3/4". This is an extra 2.5" in the hip! Oy!  But again, as you can see, if I had gone up a size, that would have resulted in a poor fit everywhere else. 

Fabric is a sandwashed poly/Modal jersey from Cali Fabrics. I almost blew up my fast when I got this fabric and washed it up! Very nice for knit basics!

It does still have a little too much back length even though I did a cheater swayback adjustment and I could use an FBA. But also, it's a tee. I don't get too worked up at times on those types of fit issues on tees/other simple garments.
Things I like - it has a nice silhouette (I forgot to take a pic untucked, but the muslin shows it) and the rolled cuff sleeves are cute (wrong side of fabric will show).

Things I do not like - The excess fabric in the back sleeve. I'm not quite sure what to do to correct it. Also, the neck binding. It's overly complicated. However, Barbara Emodi who blogs at Sewing on the Edge *just* did a tutorial for crossover neckband and it makes SO much sense! I wish I'd seen this first but will definitely do it this way next time. Also, the neckband in the pattern is 1 to 1 but Barbara mentions needing to stretch the back - yes. Do this. Mine sits away from my neck so I'll shorten it through the center back next time. 

I did small zigzag stitching on the sleeve cuffs vs actual bartacks.

I've applied for a board member position with a local non profit organization and wore this outfit for the interview :-D

Oh, and I know you've seen that new Vogue collection. Did you swoon? Not much for you?

I, somehow both shamelessly and shamefully, added 7 to the stash! :-p


  1. The skirt is so beautiful.

    I bought 5 new Fall Vogues at the recent JA's sale. It would have been 6 but one was out of stock already. ;-)

  2. I love your outfit! It was great for everyday work then elevated with the blazer for the interview - so good!!! I'm liking only 2-3 patterns during each pattern release now and it was the same for the new Vogue one.

  3. Your outfit is beautiful! You look very professional. I have not allowed myself to look at any new pattern releases. We'll see how long my will power holds

  4. What a lovely outfit for your interview! It's contemporary, but thoroughly professional. I love the skirt, and the t-shirt really completed the outfit. Beautifully done! Like other followers, I haven't allowed myself to look at new patterns, but I know I will give in at some point soon!

  5. really cute skirt and way to get more mileage out of a dress pattern. No new Vogues for me yet, I never see anything in the fall patterns until it is really fall - too much summer still here to think about sewing coats etc :) By the way - t-shirt I think you need more sleeve cap height. the sleeves are pulling up at the top of the shoulder particularly in the back.

    1. Thanks Beth! That’s kind of what I was thinking with my muslin! Thanks for confirming!!!

      I think you’ll be busy with Burda and Vogue once fall rolls around! :-p

  6. Love your outfit... oh that fabric choice for your lovely skirt! The ensemble is fresh and professionl. Inspires me to get sewing for me... and thanks for the tips.

  7. The whole ensemble is flawless!!! You look beautiful, I hope you get the job! There are so many pretty details on that skirt, too. As for the Vogues, I picked up one, but am in LOVE with the bigger envelope size (or was that always true, I don't buy Vogue much), and the fall collection is really good!

    1. I was a bit surprised too by the envelope size since it’s normally reserved for designer patterns. I like it!

      Thanks so much :)

  8. This is a very pretty outfit. I like your philosophy about it being "just a tee." I am all for spending time on fitting, but it isn't always necessary. I love the skirt print.

    1. Thank you!

      Yeah I can appreciate tweaking the fit but l will never be a 3-4 muslin type of person or worrying about every single issue. It just is not that serious for me!

  9. Love the skirt and the fabric you used! Great fit! Nice tee, will have to check out this pattern line.

  10. What a beautiful interview outfit! The t-shirt and skirt is perfectly complimenting each other. It looks professional and easy to wear and carry! Loved it!

  11. Very beautiful photo of you, loving your outfit.


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