Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July Wrap-Up (Yes! I'm Alive!)

It's been a BUSY month and a rough couple of weeks. I've been off work a lot this month so the plus is, I managed to get a lot of sewing done! Unfortunately, I am SO far behind in my reviews. I have a cheat-sheet of notes though for all of my sewn but un-blogged projects so hopefully, I will be pretty accurate once the time comes. Whew!

When I first started back sewing after wrist surgery, I made this collage my summer sewing goals. Happy to say that I've sewn all but 3 items here!

M7601 not sewn - will wait until fall

NL6326 #1 not sewn - I have a ton of skirts now and decided I didn't need it.
B6640 not sewn - will wait until fall

(M7251 not sewn - sewed B6378 (TNT) unblogged in it's place but will sew M7251 this fall )

With that said, I sewed 16.25 yards this month(!). I told y'all I was home a lot!

This month I sewed:
  • Butterick 6378 top - 1.5 yards
    • rayon challis (stash)
  • Deer & Doe Sirocco jumpsuit - 2.5 yards
    • metallic jersey (stash)
  • New Look 6326 skirt - 1.25 yards
    • hot pink crepe suiting (stash)
    • zipper
  • Burda 04/2019 skirt - 1.5 yards
    • bright green stretch cotton twill (stash)
    • zipper, button, D-rings
  • Burda 04/2019 dress - 2 yards 
    • floral rayon challis (stash)
    • buttons
  • McCall's 7246 dress - 2.5 yards
    • floral jersey (stash)
  • Simplicity 1430 shorts - 1 yard
    • khaki cotton twill (stash)
    • zipper, tack button
  • Simplicity 1430 top - 1 yard
    • print rayon challis (new)
    • button
  • Kommatia patterns tee - 1 yard
    • poly/modal jersey (new)
  • New Look 6459 pants - 2 yards
    • cotton crepe suiting (new)
    • zipper, hook & eye
I am seriously going to go for a no-spending August. Sheesh. This month I bought 13 yards of fabric and 4 patterns. I also had a little splurge on notions at Wawak and JA.

I'm still doing well YTD on fabric with 45.75 IN and 53 OUT.

See! I have been sewing!! :-p
 Kommatia tee muslin * pink NL6326 skirt * M7246 wrap dress * S1430 top * Burda 4/2019 dress

I have 3 more things on my summer wish list - M7726 pants in a print twill and a separates "jumpsuit" using S8389 pants and the Ogden cami in chambray. I am sewing my daughter's bday outfit (must finish by the end of August) and I have quite a bit of travel in August and September. My jacket class at Hello Stitch is mid-September and then at the end of September, I am having surgery (more on that later!). So my fall sewing will be starting later than normal. I do think that quite a few of my recent projects will transition into fall, so that will help.

Also, I scored this lot of Singer Reference Library books for $16!

And this Burda Style Sewing Vintage Modern for less than $4. While it isn't something that I've been pining for, it is a resource! There are sewing instructions, drafting/pattern altering instructions, and it's really a great read. I have found that I'm kind of into the 40s styles :)

Pattern sheets have literally never been taken out! I had to cut the seal on the envelope.
Woot woot! 

Hopefully your summer sewing is going well :) 


  1. Glad to have you back and I am so in awe of your amazing output. You are fearless!! Also glad to see that you are still enjoying buying fabric but using more of your stash, something I am trying to do. Love the fit of the yellow muslin tee on you. Looks great.

    1. Thank you Paula!

      I was pretty impressed with the "out of envelope" fit on that tee. I made some tweaks but I wouldn't have been too bothered with it as is!

  2. You have been busy and what a backlog of things to blog...that I don't envy you! LOL! I'm currently not buying fabric or notions and it's making me very creative - sheet dress! I'm sure your August will be as prolific even with you moving around.

    1. Thank you! :) You are hanging in there on the summer challenge!!!

  3. I keep eyeing that top you have on the right of the top row. I made the other,view on that pattern and LOVE it. I have a silky panel print that I think would be really pretty for a simple, flowing top.

    1. I made the other view of that pattern too! Then I saw Ann at Sew Baby News make this view in a gorgeous pink silk and I've had to have it ever since. I have a chartreuse silk for it. Can't wait! Hopefully you sew yours up too!

  4. I am excited to see the dress with the ruffle! Glad you have still been sewing, and even got a lot of wonderful sewing resources!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I really like that dress! Pics soon - hopefully!

  5. Which pattern is the top row far left? I've been looking for that!

    1. New Look 6560 -or- if you have a deep pattern stash, it is also Simplicity 4125 :)

  6. I always look forward to your blogs and I am amazed at all the sewing you get done. I was wondering if you could put a link to the patterns you mention for easy reference.

    1. Aww thank you!

      One of the reasons I don’t find blogging too onerous is that I keep it fairly simple and straightforward. I can’t commit to linking everything. I do try to remember to list each pattern though.

      For the collage of tech drawings, there’s a prior post with each pattern number!

  7. Those Simplicity books - I use mine all the time - so much good info and really great photos. That Burda dress with the ruffle - every few weeks I look at that pattern and want to trace it out. Ruffles are taking over my mind this summer. See you in September!!!! :)

    1. I only flipped through the pants book and was astonished by all the info!

      Yes! So excited!!! I need to order my interfacing :)

    2. I'm still trying to decide what pattern I want to sew in that class! Do I work on fitting Jasika or do I use my already-fitted Ron Collins Vogue pattern? And fabric!? I need to make some decisions ;-) Can't wait to meet you in class after following your blog for a few years now.

    3. Looking forward to meeting you Lusty!! Meeting sewers in person is the best!!

      That Vogue has some nice details! I'd definitely use that one :) I'm going with a Claire Shaeffer for Vogue pattern. And a beautiful cut of wool with silk lining that was gifted to me by a sewing friend!

  8. You will love those Singer books. The photography is the best sewing photography to date out there, IMO. My faves are the "overlock" book and the sewing pants book, both just amazing. You've had a a busy summer with catching up on your sewing. I am glad you are now on the mend and back doing what you love. Happy reading and sewing!

    1. I feel like I got a really great bundle!

      Thanks Bunny!

    2. My personal fav of the Singer books is the one on sewing lingerie, you should track that one down too.

  9. You've made so many great things! My faves are the wrap dress and that Simplicity top. But ugh, sorry you have to have surgery again. Hope the recovery is fast and easy.

    1. Thank you Masha!

      It's a surgery I'm looking forward to getting on the other side of, that's for sure!

  10. I always love reading your wrap-up posts especially. I have almost all of those Singer sewing books too - aren't they great!? I can't wait to see what you do next.

  11. love love love those singer books. i have them all too :D Good resources always stay that way no matter the decade. Love all your patterns you have lined up. I started keeping cheat sheets too because no matter how many times I think I'll remember... I don't. :) Sorry about the surgery :(

    1. Yes! I feel like too many are uable to look beyond the 80s clothes and are missing out!


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