Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July Wrap-Up (Yes! I'm Alive!)

It's been a BUSY month and a rough couple of weeks. I've been off work a lot this month so the plus is, I managed to get a lot of sewing done! Unfortunately, I am SO far behind in my reviews. I have a cheat-sheet of notes though for all of my sewn but un-blogged projects so hopefully, I will be pretty accurate once the time comes. Whew!

When I first started back sewing after wrist surgery, I made this collage my summer sewing goals. Happy to say that I've sewn all but 3 items here!

M7601 not sewn - will wait until fall

NL6326 #1 not sewn - I have a ton of skirts now and decided I didn't need it.
B6640 not sewn - will wait until fall

(M7251 not sewn - sewed B6378 (TNT) unblogged in it's place but will sew M7251 this fall )

With that said, I sewed 16.25 yards this month(!). I told y'all I was home a lot!

This month I sewed:
  • Butterick 6378 top - 1.5 yards
    • rayon challis (stash)
  • Deer & Doe Sirocco jumpsuit - 2.5 yards
    • metallic jersey (stash)
  • New Look 6326 skirt - 1.25 yards
    • hot pink crepe suiting (stash)
    • zipper
  • Burda 04/2019 skirt - 1.5 yards
    • bright green stretch cotton twill (stash)
    • zipper, button, D-rings
  • Burda 04/2019 dress - 2 yards 
    • floral rayon challis (stash)
    • buttons
  • McCall's 7246 dress - 2.5 yards
    • floral jersey (stash)
  • Simplicity 1430 shorts - 1 yard
    • khaki cotton twill (stash)
    • zipper, tack button
  • Simplicity 1430 top - 1 yard
    • print rayon challis (new)
    • button
  • Kommatia patterns tee - 1 yard
    • poly/modal jersey (new)
  • New Look 6459 pants - 2 yards
    • cotton crepe suiting (new)
    • zipper, hook & eye
I am seriously going to go for a no-spending August. Sheesh. This month I bought 13 yards of fabric and 4 patterns. I also had a little splurge on notions at Wawak and JA.

I'm still doing well YTD on fabric with 45.75 IN and 53 OUT.

See! I have been sewing!! :-p
 Kommatia tee muslin * pink NL6326 skirt * M7246 wrap dress * S1430 top * Burda 4/2019 dress

I have 3 more things on my summer wish list - M7726 pants in a print twill and a separates "jumpsuit" using S8389 pants and the Ogden cami in chambray. I am sewing my daughter's bday outfit (must finish by the end of August) and I have quite a bit of travel in August and September. My jacket class at Hello Stitch is mid-September and then at the end of September, I am having surgery (more on that later!). So my fall sewing will be starting later than normal. I do think that quite a few of my recent projects will transition into fall, so that will help.

Also, I scored this lot of Singer Reference Library books for $16!

And this Burda Style Sewing Vintage Modern for less than $4. While it isn't something that I've been pining for, it is a resource! There are sewing instructions, drafting/pattern altering instructions, and it's really a great read. I have found that I'm kind of into the 40s styles :)

Pattern sheets have literally never been taken out! I had to cut the seal on the envelope.
Woot woot! 

Hopefully your summer sewing is going well :)