Monday, July 8, 2019

Sewing Updates, Cricut Crafts and Birthdays...Oh My!

Crafting saga story ahead! As you may know, I hit the Big 4-0 this weekend and I had a super, amazing, awesome, fantastic time...I made the Deer & Doe Sirocco jumpsuit to wear, AND, my brother and husband surprised me with a visit from my parents!

I was sitting there running my mouth and looked up at the entrance and froze and then burst into tears! And I NEVER CRY! 

I'd bought the tee and bag a month or so ago, knowing I wanted to make these two items. And since they are here, no procrastination shipping! But I go back to work tomorrow and wanted to get them done today.

My mom started calling herself 'ladybug' at some point. IDK where it came from, but it stuck!

I hope the quality of this one is good enough to print!

Wanted to do the letters in white and red and would have settled for white and silver. I checked my vinyl collection and didn't have black (put a pin in this) or red. Since I needed red for the ladybug, I figured I'd make the "Avengers A" red as well.

Magically, this is the week that neither JoAnn or Michaels is having a sale on Cricut (usually 40% off). I was not going to pay $23 for 2 rolls of vinyl!!  JA had it for 25% off on the website and it wasn't "online only" so I knew they'd match the price.

Decided the tee would be quick and I'd do it first. Famous last words?

I accidentally cut the D's from black vinyl. Sigh. LOTS of wasted vinyl.
I forgot to mirror the A (iron-on vinyl is cut as a mirror image).
When I went to get the red vinyl to recut the A, lo and behold, there is an UNOPENED ROLL OF BLACK VINYL! I think I almost shut the light off and just quit.

I don't do a ton of crafting projects and somehow it didn't register that the ladybug was achieved with a bunch of layering. The overall bug is black and then everything else is layered on. Because of this, you don't fully adhere each bit because you have to layer over it. As a result, I messed up the ladybug shell. Oh yeah, I forgot to mirror the red images and had to recut them too.

When I made the design, I saved it knowing I had to check the bag dimensions. I forgot. So, as you can see, it just fits and I couldn't center the ladybug and the name. I think I'm going to go back and randomly place a few hearts in the open space.

I was going to do both sides...NOPE!

And all of this was after having a disastrous day sewing the skirt from Burda 4/2019. Luckily, the skirt is truly, truly fantastic so I persevered. I worked on this off and on all $&#%! day and somehow, I'm still not done.

There is a story here!

There is a story with my denim skirt - but it's finished now and it is pretty much my most favorite thing!

Hello there lovely bartacks! 

There is DEFINITELY a story with the Sirocco (and some side eye)! I'll review this one first. But it was the perfect birthday outfit.

This cake. Swoon! It was absolutely beautiful and SO delicious!

Brought in 40 with a BANG!

My mojo is deadddddd and gone right now.  When I traced the skirt from the April Burda, I traced the dress too. Hopefully I'll sew it soon ish!

Until later!