Thursday, May 14, 2020

2020 Summer Sew Along

If you were an active sewing blogger over the past few years, you just HAD to be acquainted with Linda of Faye's Sewing Adventure.

‘Faye’ was one of the sweetest, most supportive sewing bloggers around and unfortunately, she passed away last spring.

A few years ago, Faye started a spring sew-a-long to make new tops for your wardrobe! She called the challenge "Tops that Pop" and it was always fun to sew along and see everyone's new tops.

A few months ago, I had the brief thought of resurrecting the challenge in honor of Faye. And then, I would have random old posts pop up on Facebook or Instagram and bam! a comment from Faye! Or I'd be considering a remake of something and hit my blog archives and bam! a comment from Faye!

The other day, I shared a few new tops that I cranked out and someone messaged me and said, "This reminds me of Faye's sew along." And well...that was the final sign that I should go for it!


  • From June 1 until June 15, we're going to sew new tops for summer! Sure, we'll likely still be quarantined but it'll give us something fun to focus on.
  • As Faye always stressed, it can be any top! Tank top, cami, shirt, blouse, sleeveless, with sleeves, tunics, ANY type of top!
  • There are NO Quotas! Sew one top or sew 10 tops!!
  • We will use the hashtag #FayesTopsThatPop

You can:
Hash tag your new tops and I'll grab them on IG for the roundup posts


You can send me a photo of your top as you complete them to sewcraftychemist ==at== gmail (you know the rest! I want to avoid bots picking up the address)

  • Sign up in comments and include your blog name and/or IG handle.
  • Spread the word and grab the button on the upper right of my blog!