Tuesday, June 30, 2020

June Wrap-Up

Gah. I can't get my sewing mojo or my picture taking mojo back. I'm rapidly losing track of made-but-not-reviewed projects. And it is REALLY important to me to review my 'makes'! I like to know what adjustments I made without pulling the thing out. I like to see lengths of skirts/dresses/sleeves...I like to see the fit on me in case I revisit the pattern or am looking at something similar. Bleh.

This month, I sewed 7.5 yards. I sewed:
  • Vogue 1507 top - 3 yards (fussy pattern cutting)
    • floral print cotton woven from SR Harris
    • Hug Snug binding
  • New Look 6614 dress - 2 yards
    • orange linen from (stash)
    • eyelets, clasps
  • Burda Magazine 5/2020 - 2.5 yards (WIP)
    • border print Ankara
    • buttons
Favorite. FAIL. Accomplishment:
I am digging the Vogue top even though the fabric was *just* slightly too heavy. The front and sleeves are double layered. I'm really liking the Burda top so far. I knew the shape (of the not yet reviewed black version!) would be great in an Ankara print. Then, I cut a length from the upper portion with plans to hem it and use it as a head wrap, but it felt a little "Spider Man" with the blue, red and yellow. LOL!

The NL dress is not quite what I imagined. I don't know if it'll be wearable. I did finish it, so we'll see. Could be a fail.

it's been completed since this pic

Also, I stopped tracking purchases. I also stopped updating my sketch book. WAH. Stupid pandemic. Considering the vast majority of my shopping is online, and there was no in-store shopping until late May (when I bought the fabric for the Vogue top from SR Harris), my email shows no pattern or fabric purchases in June.

I've really been pushing myself to learn my knitting machine and have had some successes...

baby blanket using a tuck pattern

initial progress on baby sweater (sleeve is blocked so the ribbing looks nicer!). 
I accidentally dropped the work when I went to do the decreases on the other side

and then, SPLAT. Fell on my face again and again. Now, I'm thinking I damaged some needles/latches on the main bed. I have some on order and will try to replace the ones where my fabric is getting hung up and see if that helps.


Lots of Cricut love this month with Father's Day and graduations! The sign is for my dad, tee and onesie are for my son in law, and the t-shirts for a couple of cousins. 


Plus, I bought these cheap-o containers from Target ($2!) and jazzed them up with some permanent vinyl.

The other 2 larger containers say "dressmaking debacles" and "Crafting is the Best Medicine"

2020 goals

And, we're halfway through the year! 2020 is a total wash in so many ways. blehhhhh.

Sewing related, I'd set few hard goals for the year. I wanted to keep my spending very conservative because I knew that this year would be so unpredictable economically (due to the administration, election year, etc). I set a budget of $250 for fabric (hahaha) and $50 for patterns. I've spent about $385 on fabric and $48 on patterns. Well that ain't half bad! I can see myself making it the rest of the year without adding new patterns but we'll see what happens when the fall releases drop :) I've only purchased 14 patterns this year - that's some kind of record.

And while I blew through my lowly fabric budget, I added 68 yards to the stash and I've sewn 83 yards. So I'm ahead!

Also, I've sewn 60 items and 32 of them have been from stash fabrics (older than 6 months) - a little more than half. I'm going to revise my fabric goal to end the year with 75% of items sewn being from the stash.

I have barely touched this goal list! I made a jumpsuit and made some loungewear. Summer is a bust and I should probably just move into fall sewing soon. I really want to make my husband's blazer this year. We shall see.

Lastly, I was planning a career move this year. At an interview with a major corporation that I would have LOVED to work for (have you ever noticed how many Fortune 500s are headquartered in Minneapolis?! Target, Best Buy, 3M, General Mills, US Bank, United HealthGroup, I could go on!) we were making lighthearted jokes about the slight stock dive. The next week, the world was shutting down around us and they pulled the position. Bleh.

So I'm gearing up to get back in the saddle (there was like, NOTHING on the job boards for awhile there) and figure I may as well start looking elsewhere. So my relocation MAY happen in 2020 if things play out well.

I'm tired and could use a fresh start. I have a brother and sil here, some friends and my fantastic sewing community that would be well missed. But I am also very anxious here and feel so...repressed. It's not healthy :( Current events only exacerbate what's been true since my mid 20s.

Hope you are staying healthy!


  1. Kesha, nice recap. I like the idea of your end of the month review. Your Ankara print top looks great. And I admire your knitting. A knitting machine sounds intimidating. But I love the way it knits.

    Your circuit crafting is cute too. Your family must feel extra special receiving the lovely gifts you made for them.

    Just last week I was talking with Rhonda about getting back on track with my annual goals. 2020 is certainly a memorable year. But all is not lost. I'm hoping and praying for a better end to the year.

    Finally, I wish you success with finding the job that you seek. It is so difficult to work and feel valued in a stressful environment. Take care. C

  2. All the best with finding a new position from me too.

    I love the Ankara print top. Those fabrics are terrific and bright and cheerful.

  3. it makes me anxious when i get so backlogged on blogging my makes. i like knowing all the details and fit pictures for future, too. i started a freaking spreadsheet and created a document to quick write my info down so i wouldnt forget.
    im totally stealing that senior 2020 shirt design to make for my son.
    im sorry you are anxious living in mn. i have nothing encouraging to say, but i hope you find a great place to be where you are comfortable.

    1. oh! and i love seeing your knitting adventures unfold!

  4. Wow, a move is a big decision, but life is now and you have to feel good wherever you are. I love the look of the NL dress so hope you get to take a photo of it. I've said it before but your output is amazing.

  5. Interesting recap; really enjoyed reading it through - inspiring as ever! And fingers crossed for your relocation x

  6. I have been SOO in awe of your planning and productivity, that I derive a lot of inspiration from you. It has been a profoundly disturbing time, though, and I get caught up in many themes playing out in politics and government. I read, research, freak a bit, grieve and then turn to sewing to ground myself. Your new work with the knitting machine is just gorgeous! That, alone, requires a steep learning curve. Career moves are stressful, sometimes really loaded. From here, you are running on all 8 cylinders, and far better than most people I know. If you can get a little down time to change gears, maybe you will see and feel the power you demonstrate so skillfully to others. All best. ☀️

  7. despite all the challenges you are amazingly productive. That New Look dress is cute and it's too bad you are meh about it. I think the quarantine situation is getting to everyone for a lot of reasons but my overwhelming feeling these days is: why am I making these new clothes when I never go anywhere to wear them. Wah! although the world has bigger problems for sure! take care, Beth

  8. The Ankara print for that top has such beautiful colors! I love that even though your month did not turn out as planned, you still gave it some effort. All your Cricut projects are so cute! I like the tee for the graduate especially.

    And yes, we are halfway through 2020, yikes! I think there is still plenty of time for you to finish your goals considering how productive you are.

    Lastly, I wish you all the best with job hunting/move. For the very fact that you feel you should move on, I am sure there is a new opportunity opening up just for you. I am praying you will discover it!

  9. I love your Cricut crafting from this month - the graduation t-shirts are BEYOND AMAZING. I'm totally here for the knitting adventures, and I'm excited to see where they take you, even if things are a bit rough right now. I'm sure you'll figure things out and be on to making fabulousness happen in no time. Also, the Ankara top is so fun! The colors are so bright and happy, it just makes me smile to look at it.

    I think we've all been in a blog/posting/creativity funk because of quarantine. I honestly have stopped wearing clothes aside from pajamas because I'm realizing Zoom only sees me from the shoulders up so... why bother? And I've definitely been pouring my time/energy/attention into following social media and the news, and the mental drain is real. It feels like being at home all the time should have turned me into a hyper productive worker-bee, but it's really done the opposite. There is so much media saying we should all be more gentile with ourselves, but as makers I'm pretty sure it's just not in our nature to not be thinking about all the things we could/should/would be doing with our time and being annoyed with ourselves when it's not done.

    Also, I really hope that things work out for you job-wise, and that it will help you find somewhere to make a new start. I know it's something you've been mentioning for a while and I hope that it is something that can happen for you soon.

  10. I love seeing what you are doing with your Cricut and knitting machines. Really cute stuff! Good luck with your job search!

  11. Ok, I think your Cricut makes totally cover the idea of creative productivity this month. Seriously, those all came out great!

    Until I read the Spiderman reference, I just thought the Ankara was cute. Now I can't unsee it and I guess that's the problem you're facing with trying to finish it as well. Make a shopping tote out of it if you're still not feeling it.

    I actually interviewed for a new job on March 16 and by March 21, Barbados had 2 recorded cases and schools were closed. Ish hit the fan real quick and we were on lock down within maybe 2 weeks after, as the case count increased. And yeah, now that job no longer exists as well. Sucks. Was really looking forward to a new work environment and better income/ benefits than my current situation. So definitely feeling your pain there.

  12. I actually admire your sewing output, as I have been in a funk - I think a LOT of people are! Every time I go into my sewing room I just wander around and can't get into any projects. Good luck on your job hunt, and good luck to us all in getting past this stupid pandemic. I'm afraid it will be with us for a long time.

  13. Aloha from Josie

    Love the Ankara print. If u like, wear it. I love bright colors, reminded me of eternal summer. Your other projects are awesome too. So inspired. Hope things improve on your job search, move. I moved from Hawaii to Southern California few years ago. It's a big change. We are all adaptable creatures. This too shall pass. Happy sewing
    Josie H

  14. The Ankara fabric and top are lovely! You have really done a great job with the knitting. Thanks for sharing your recent makes. Life is rather draining now and I find it hard to sew and blog as well. It is picking up but not much. I hope your career plans materialize for you!

  15. Me again. I wanted to comment on the Cricut items. I really had no clue what all you can do with this. I saw Angela Wolf use this to cut out shapes to use for fabric.