Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Simplicity 8337

 I sewed! :-D I did not sew a birthday outfit (first year since I started sewing that I didn't!) I wore RTW:

I had dinner out with my husband, brother and sister in law, I got lots of fantastic gifts, and I went to the White Sox v. Twins game on the day was a great birthday all around.

Last Saturday, the Twin Cities Sewists group got together for the first time in a long time - it was awesome! We got together at a local lake (the weather was thankfully very mild that day). Talking sewing is always inspiring and I came home and cut out this pattern! 

I'm a very average height, just a bit under 5'6", and removed an inch in length

It's all sizes in one envelope - XXS to XXL - and I cut a size medium. I shortened it an inch at the waist and made no other adjustments. I fully intended to add a bit across the upper back (I've put on some weight there) but I forgot. I was cutting this from scraps and had to play pattern tetris. I laid it out and just forgot to adjust the pattern piece. Womp. Womp.

It's a little tight across the upper back as a result. The puddling is partial due to posture, and a reality of making something without a CB seam.

I also departed from the pattern instructions on finishing - do not use pre-purchased woven bias tape to finish the neckline of this jersey knit top. That is just silliness. I cut a strip of the knit against the grain, at 7/8". The neckline seam allowance is 3/8", so I'm allowing for 1/8" turn of cloth, and 3/8" to finish. I didn't worry about folding the fabric back on itself.

I then turned, pressed, and used a narrow zigzag to secure.  The armholes were supposed to be finished with a double fold binding method and I just folded my binding in half and serged in place.

Wrong side will show, so keep that in mind if you choose something other than a single jersey. I am one that doesn't mind raw edges if the application is right (in this case, be sure to cut the ruffle with a rotary cutter for a neat edge), you can also do a rolled hem if a raw edge bothers you.

I really love the color (I hate that I can't wear the dress made from the fabric here), it's just super baggy in the chest / neckline. I'm so happy I was able to get a wearable (and versatile!) garment from the scraps. Yay, scraps! LOL!

Oooh - I (finally!) ordered a Beatrice dress form! (NAYY) I am SO excited! It'll be awhile before I actually have it in hand, but I plan to document the process throughout. 

They are currently releasing a limited number of forms each month, so that they can keep up with production, and I missed out in May and June. July - scored! 

Step 1: Complete an intake form. There are some basic questions and measurements so that they can send a scanning kit out.

Hopefully we will have a nice, bright day that will allow me to get a good scan (my husband will do it). From there, they verify the scan is good and then the form goes into production. I'm thinking I'm going to spend the extra $250 to get the half scale form - we'll see!


My grandson is 10 months old! he's such a big boy, it's mind-blowing! He just moves around like a big kid now. He's reached the point where he scoots down off of the couch or bed and I'm about ready to send a consultant over to give baby proofing advice! 

He is very active, very determined, AND he's a big kid at 25lbs and he's tall. They're going to have to be quick on their feet! :-D


  1. Very envious of the Beatrice form – I've been coveting one of these for ages! Love the ruffled green top, and your cute grandson xx

    1. Thank you!!

      It took me awhile to go for it but - I'm excited!

  2. really cute and what a great color. now I want that pattern.

  3. Oh this is a cute top! Yeah, premade woven bias tape would be illogical on a jersey like this.

    1. Thanks! IDK about Big4 and their instructions sometimes.

  4. I am heartbroken I got healthy over the pandemic and have undergrown my beautiful Beatrice form by 55 pounds. Made me cry when I realized it.

  5. You look gorgeous in your birthday portrait. Happy Birthday! Your grandson looks ready to keep you all on your toes! Love your shirt and thank you for all the details. All your great work shows.

  6. Great looking top! The color is wonderful on you. Congratulations on the dress form.

  7. make small bean bag chairs for grandkid and he can play,jump,and nap with them

  8. Love your version of S 8337. I have been looking for sleeveless top pattern that have interesting details. This fits that description. And a belated happy birthday!


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