Sunday, May 22, 2022

McCall's 6744 - Everything Comes Back Around

I first made this patter about 6 months after learning to sew, in 2013. Last summer I revisited it - HERE and, it's just a winner for me! :)

I really love it!

Just like in my most recent version, I cut a size medium, added 1" to the back bodice at the waist and on the back skirt from the waist, tapering to nothing about midway down the thigh. The front neckline is cut as a size small but the rest is a medium. I didn't want the maxi length but knew the shorter length was too short. I decided to add 4" to the shorter length and hemmed at 5/8".  I also shortened the bodice 1" in back and at the side seams, tapering to nothing in the front. On my last version I had some pooling in back, this adjustment corrected that.

A much neater fit through the back!

The fabric is a Fabric Mart find that I planned on making a wrap dress with it due to the print...but I really just, true wraps. I don't know quite why that is. 

I know someone commented that the print was tough on the eyes. I just love the colors so much, and it doesn't do too much "waviness" for me, on screen or in person, though I get that it happens.
I wore it immediately and can see it getting tons and tons of use this summer. Everything about it is perfect to me!! 

My yellow blouse is in time out because that silk crepe de chine refused to be managed. Even with starching it (which has worked well for the poly wovens I've used). 

This is a WIP of version #2 of Burda 4/2019. This pattern is just SO COOL. I worked on it this weekend and just need to stitch down the facings at the zipper. I love how it turned out. 


  1. That dress is the bomb! Enjoy wearing it...again and again.

  2. Such a lovely dress. You look gorgeous and sophisticated in that dress and it fits you perfectly. Love it.<3

  3. This dress is perfection, print, fit, style.

  4. That red skirt is also very nice!

  5. Super-cute. Love the blue print--subtle yet refined, unique but not over-the-top. The perfect balance.

    I also can't do true wraps -- I think they're a) fabric hogs, and b) kinda unflattering to my pear shape...I don't have enough upstairs to balance out the bottom half. Faux wraps are fine as long as the skirt is fitted and straight...I just don't want to wear A-lines anymore. (It's also quite windy out here in the rural tundra and I live in fear of wayward gusts!)

    1. That is something to think may be similar for me though I'm not a true pear...kind of pear-ish :) Thank you! I really like this print. Super eye catching!

  6. I had a dress of that cut years ago and I wore it into rags! Yours reminds me how much I like the style; I might need to make another. I have decided that wrap dresses are pretty much unwearable. Great in theory, fine to stand in, but they never stay put if you want to walk, sit, or do anything else in them.

  7. What a great dress! So simple to just throw on and have instant fabulosity! Another here who could never get a wrap to work for me. I always felt uncomfortable in them. Does it go under, over, in the middle? Too low, too high? And then there was making it work for the waist to hip ratio. Just a big no. DVF did me no favors.

  8. That skirt is fantastic, love that pattern. You've inspired me to make it again. Also dress is so pretty.

  9. That dress color and style is so pretty on you. And I agree with you on "real" wrap anything. I have always stitched mine down in some manner.

  10. The dress and fit is fantastic!


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