Monday, December 19, 2016

McCall's Early Spring (and a quick note)

I think I have a sewing plan for my break!
  • 2 pair of V9032 (taupe and charcoal). I'm thinking of making one of each view.
  • V9210 dress (plum or this burgundy/white print I picked up at FM recently).
  • 2 versions of M6612 (black/white print and a solid). I just finished a version of this pattern and am seriously loving it.
  • Black knit vest (pattern TBD)
  • B5760 in camel wool
  • Knit top in a leopard print knit (pattern TBD)
It's a lot but if anyone can sew 8 things in 11 days it's me -- and Carolyn! ;-)  This made much easier by only 1 or 2 patterns being new to me.

While we do have some stuff planned, the fact remains, I live with teenagers! :) Which means at least a few hours of sewing time most mornings while I'm off. Plus free time while they're working/hanging with friends. They both plan to work "a ton!" over break. Neither has worked this school year.


It's been awhile since I reviewed a new release, but there's lots to love in this collection for me!

*Early Spring* makes me giggle a little. It was -21 F in Minneapolis yesterday; with the windchill factor, about -32. Today it is 21 and feels downright balmy!

Starting with my must-haves:

7546: I'm not sure I'd try the cold shoulder?? But I love the tunic, the dress, the side slits, the belt, the concealed buttons. LOVE!!!

7547: I love overalls. I won't apologize! :-p I also love the slim pant and the flared pant.

7538: I want this. I want that top today. I am saving scraps of jersey that I have in those colors! I'm going to make this top! I also love views B and D.

7537: I mean, seriously. Swoon. I love them all, especially C and D.

7542: One of those "I probably shouldn't make this but I will". It's boxy, the sleeves will have to be lengthened to past my bust (can't have the volume of the sleeve right there) but I like this as a casual/weekend top.

ETA: This has cup sizing! Woohoo!!

Other CUTE things that I don't think I will buy...unless I see a fabulous version out in the sewing world:

7540: That 2 piece is everything. But would I ever make this? Unlikely.

7534: Again, it just looks a bit basic which isn't bad, I just don't think I need it (hahaha as if that has ever stopped me).

7531: Bodycon Learn-to-Sew dress

7536: Dress with a few neckline versions and a couple skirt versions

7535: I like the tan view D but feel certain I have something like this already.

7548: Lots of bang for the buck here in this casual / activewear pattern. A tank, tee, capri, skirt and cardigan!

7543: The off-the-shoulder trend continues! I made 2 versions of the Style Arc Cara top and wore neither. Maybe this fully elastic version would work better for me. My large bust + narrow shoulder didn't work so well. I do like the little sleeve ties. That is a cute detail.

7549: I LOVE the quilted one. I would never make it though. And I'm not much into boxy little jackets. But it's cute.

There are a few other boho-ish tops included and just two patterns that caused major side-eye:

7541: Uhmm. A cape top?  Seems hard to wear.

7539: That jumpsuit does not look chic. All those patch pockets look unfortunate. The dress looks okay but I will pass. And scuba is a recommended fabric. Go ahead and melt in your scuba-car-mechanic-jumpsuit.
So, what are your picks from this release?


  1. I keep reading these rave reviews of this set of patterns and I'm like meh. I feel like I'm the only sewist that saw nothing new and exciting in this review. BTW, I only have 5 days to sew during Christmas this year so I won't be making 11 things! However I will be eagerly anticipating what you make.

    1. I do think there were a lot of basics included. But then for someone like me who isn't a pattern manipulator (I'm not a creative...), it's the details that catch me!

  2. I love seeing your take on the Early Spring release from Mccalls! I really like A LOT of patterns, but I am so behind with my own plans that I will probably be sitting back watching everyone else make these. I do LOVE the top you are saving scraps of jersey for, and the overalls with the slim cut pants option.

    1. Yes, it is so tough to resist the pull of new and shiny!!!

  3. If only I could sew as quickly as you!

  4. Haha I liked the caped top. Don't own one. Never worn one. But probably gonna have to make it at some point just to see if I can pull it off or not.

    1. Haha! :) Well, I say go for it! You never know what will become love!

  5. Thanks for this fun blog post, I think you are right about the scuba knit and paired jumpsuit! I will have to have that boxy quilted jacket and boxy shirt with fun sleeves, just the sort of things I love to make! I think you've given me inspiration to get the knit dress with contrasting panels too! I'm easily enabled!

  6. I like a few of these 7547 - love the sleeve details, 7540 - that skirt is fabulous, 7538 - love the crossed fabric creating a slenderizing effect, and 7549 - kind of a Chanel-esque look depending on the fabric and details. I like what you said 'for someone like me who isn't a pattern manipulator (I'm not a creative...), it's the details that catch me'. That's me too I love seeing tops, skirts, pants and dresses with added details that spark my interest. Sewing, like cooking, can become dull and routine without adding flavor, details, spicy fabrics, and other eye candy. I don't buy patterns like I used to (I have between 250 to 300), but I still love window shopping, pinteresting what catches my eye, and applauding other sewists who continue to be inspired by the details.

    1. Yes! I currently don't have a storage issue so while I buy fewer patterns than I used to, I still buy a lot. One day I may have to pare down but today isn't that day! :)

      I love seeing people do wonderful things to patterns but that just isn't my strength (or interest!). It's all about the technical process of putting it together for me so I continue to buy new patterns for that one special thing!

  7. Nice selection of patterns there. I think the cape blouse would work as a one off evening gown. Off the shoulder tops in my opinion are better with straps, more secure. Even a wider one to hide bra straps. and I quite like the pockets in the jumpsuit - in a very tall, thin person they would work, but for most of us, I agree, a big no. And no to scuba as well. Too much like wearing rubber.

    1. I'm so not convinced when people post their scuba-knit garments. I'm certain I would combust!

      Oooh, the cape blouse could work lengthened to a dress. We shall see if it makes the rounds!

  8. I laughed at you comment re mechanics overalls. I wore jump suits in the day but not now... I love the off the shoulder top, but that's the only one (with the cape top) I'd get.. at least I can afford the McCalls patterns. (when they get out here to Australia that is)

  9. Wow, I love a lot of these patterns! M7540 is my favorite. I wish I could sew as fast as you do - 8 items in 11 days is truly amazing! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all the best for the new year!


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