Sunday, December 25, 2016

Finished: McCall's 7251

Last we "spoke" of sewing plans I was planning a Swoon cardigan and a wrap cardigan using NL6301. Well those were both serger projects, things I'd made before, and both black so those were zip, zip, done. Contemplating what to sew next, faced with a -22 degree F day last Sunday (sew day!) and knowing this past work week would be a busy, I decided on something that would take a bit of time to work through.

I'd wanted this shirt since it was released. I just love the details of view B and had to have it. I bought a nice pumpkin colored cotton twill for it and was ready to go!

And then I decided the shirting was far too crisp and reached wayyyy back to this cotton shirting I got from SR Harris back in April 2013. After playing some pattern/fabric tetris, I decided the facings of the front bands would have to be cut from contrasting fabric. I had some plain black cotton shirting in stash that fit the bill. Also, while the yoke is intended to be single layer, I cut the inside from the black shirting because you should burrito whenever you have the chance! :-p


black facing and yoke


This pattern has some minor issues.
-The tech drawing doesn't even show a yoke. But it does exist!!
-Matter of opinion but I don't think the drawing in the instructions show how dropped the shoulder is. But the tech drawing is accurate there. It's low.
-The instructions for the sleeve placket are WACK and WACKY.

I cut a size 14 and after extensive flat-pattern measurements decided I didn't need any adjustments. I did...I needed to slash and spread for butt room. It's not too bad but (with leggings on especially), the shirt does get caught up on my butt. I left off most of the top stitching as it just wasn't showing up well in this fabric. I only used 3 buttons in front instead of 4. And I left off the roll-tabs for the sleeves.

LOVE the side slits, actually like the tunic length (it looked super long when it was in progress), love the dropped shoulder and neckline fit. The collar stand doesn't have much shaping, giving it a nice, casual/relaxed look. The collar falls open nicely.

Meh on the pockets. They are what attracted me to this pattern but they are awkward. When I put it on they have to be arranged 'just so'. Again I ask my more experienced sewing friends - could the one piece pocket be the issue? You know how often there is a pattern piece for the "yoke" and the pocket and pocket bag are separate? It's all integrated into one piece and while it doesn't exactly sag, it does...something...

I don't think the fabric reads in photos anywhere near how it looks in person. But checked fabric often does that whole optical illusion thing.

Lighting situation in the tundra is horrific! And today it's been raining so no chance for outside photos. 

This was a fun project and if asked I would say YES! Make it! It's casual and cute.

Up Next:
I am finishing up Simplicity 1322 (this was a quick one!) and just some more vacation sewing!!! :-D

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays!


  1. It's a really nice shirt /tunic KS.

  2. It's a really nice shirt /tunic KS.

  3. I like it--including the fabric--and it fits you well. My kinda tunic.

  4. SO cute.. Looks great on you. Love the check fabric. Happy sewcation.

  5. I like the pockets and agree that this looks really good with leggings.

  6. I really, really like this top! Looks great on you and I don't have a lot of woven tops. This looks like a nice quick one to add to a wardrobe.

  7. Beautiful! This looks really great on you. I love the fabric you used way better than the one on the pattern.


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