Sunday, December 11, 2016

Burda Challenge: 11-2016 #102

My November Burda challenge project is the flounced skirt 11-2016 #102. I went back and forth on what to choose for this month and decided on the skirt 1) because it really is cute and 2) because it's the sewing lesson (they're so much easier to trace!).

I used a size 42 and graded the back to a 44. I chose this pinstripe RPL from the stash for contrast between the serious pinstripe and flirty skirt. Everything went together really well although doing the narrow hem on that flounce took FOR-EVAHHHHHH plus a day. SHEESH. 

((I made the skirt then a Swoon cardigan then the Simplicity top all 3 requiring miles of narrow hems. I don't want to hem another thing.))

The RPL is nice as-is so I opted not to line the upper skirt and drafted a facing from the skirt pattern. I am so proud of myself for doing so! Go me! 


The right side finishes in the same seam as the left. And then something weird happened at the intersection. I'm just going to blame it on my seam allowances maybe not being perfect where everything came together. 

Look at that facing!!

 Oh! Also, it is winter. So it's dark when I leave home and dark when I return. I spent forever taking photos in various parts of my house trying to find any decent lighting. I settled on the basement with the lovely wood paneling as background!

No details to be seen but you can see the overall silhouette of the skirt fit.

Slightly better exposure and lighting here. Ah. 

So while it totally emphasizes my boxiness, I love it! It's just fun to wear. The day I finished it I was wearing tights and it looked really cute with black tights and a cropped sweater.


  1. Very cute. But then I am generally a sucker for anything flouncey.

  2. Great job! Love the skirt and you wear it very well.

  3. What a cute skirt. I love the pairing of the suiting with the flouce. Great idea!

  4. Really cute skirt on you. I think it really enhances your curves. Love your fabric choice for this business like flirty skirt.

  5. Nice skirt! The flounce looks great, and I think the shape works for you!

  6. Looks gorgeous, and with the right top on (to hide the boxy bit) will absolutely work perfectly for you.

  7. You are so correct Ms. Nakisha, this skirt looks so fun and adorable on you! Don't you just love when a creation ends up something you really like?!! I can see this skirt with a lot of other cute options too! Nice Job!

  8. What a cute skirt! It looks really great on you. I love the flounce!

  9. Cute.cute... I love it.. It looks so cute on you .. Happy sewing.

  10. I love the skirt and your blog. And I'm glad that I have someone to reach out to when
    I get confused or can't understand some things while sewing.

    Dee with BWHAT!
    Bust Waist Hips and Thighs


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