Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mega Fail + Quasi Fail

Worse news first.

This top from Burda 7/2013 was on my want list for a long time.

I didn't have a stash fabric in mind and decided to use the blush silk georgette (?? I think it's georgette based on it's hand..."dry", matte, nice drape, semi-sheer until it was doubled) that I'd gotten from SR Harris when I was going to make the wedding guest dress. I was so excited. I practiced my french seams and everything!

I was sewing the lining to the the exterior and it was kind of wonky. In that moment I realized my error.

I have this issue of Burda but I had also purchased this pattern as a download way before getting the magazine. I decided for this simple silhouette, assembling the pdf would be faster. Well having that "paper pattern" messed me all up. I forgot to add seam allowances! I didn't add them ANYWHERE and had done french seams in front, back and sides. I knew there was no way it would fit and decided to finish it anyway. Well, the lack of seam allowances really throws the neckline completely off and it isn't salvageable.

So. So. Sad.

RIP almost pretty blush silk blouse

Quasi fail...I really loved the feel of this ponte when it came. It washed up nicely and the color was just right. I cut out the Nettie, widening the shoulder 1/2". 

I went to try it on and it was INSANELY long. Like several inches. But I really liked the scoop neck so I tried to make it work.

I pinched out the excess and measured. I also did a swayback adjustment at this time. I removed 1" from CB alone and then 2.5" after that from front and back.

And I was okay with this because I took it quite low and the seam would always be concealed by my bottoms. But then I tried it on a couple times...this fabric has terrible recovery.

Wah. Wah. Wah.

We'll see if it hangs around.

eta: The Nettie isn't the bodysuit for me. :(

I have some good news!! I have this cute RTW top that I must've put on a bad hanger and the lacework got a hole in it

It was right at the shoulder and was very noticeable. I was going to consider this a loss but luckily, I came back to it! I got out my embroidery floss and did a patch job on it! Yay!!

From now on, this one will hang on one of the Joy huggable hangers! :-D


  1. Way cool on the crotchet!!! Or is it knitting. I'm so slow. But that silk burda blouse. I was anxious reading to see what happened. Then I fell out laughing. You are too funny. Loved how you gave us the full story. I enjoy your blog. Sorry I don't comment much.

    1. I have no clue what the original work is. It's not either though I don't think.

      I am so dramatic! Hahaha! :-p

      I follow so many blogs and don't comment nearly enough. I get it.

  2. I get the fabric sucking, but wow, that Nettie looks fantastic on you. Would you consider making it again in a fabric with more recovery or as a fitted tee? I just feel like the neckline and overall close fit look like too good to waste.

    1. This is my second go at it. I think it's just too fabric dependent -- the bodysuit aspect -- and you'll never know beforehand. I mean, you can try to gauge it but it could easily be too long or too short depending on the amount of vertical stretch.

      I still don't like the overall fit as a tee. I feel like I would be better off hacking M6886 into a tee. This still fits weirdly around the armhole. But I do like the scoop...but then the failed dress from Burda 4/2017 has a beautiful scoop neckline and fits better through the armhole...


  3. That's too bad about the Birds top. I made that one too - with French seams - and although I did remember to add seam allowances, the top didn't work because the arm holes were very low. I want to try to fix it somehow but haven't yet.

    1. BURDA not Birds - stupid cell phone spell check!

    2. Hahahaha! Always "birds"! :)

      There's probably not much to fix for low armholes on that one after the fact. Hiking up the shoulders would ruin the front...

  4. I think the Nettie looks good on you. Give it another chance. Now that you know what the challenges are, you can perfect it. I know the feeling when it comes to fails! I love your work!

    1. Thanks! I don't dislike it; I just have better fitting tops with a similar silhouette. And in general, I just do not keep working on a pattern over and over again when I feel it isn't working...Not my sewing "MO" :)

  5. Sorry that the Burda top didn't work out! It is gorgeous! I love the twisted armbands, and maybe it will be worth it to try again in the future. That said, I have not even looked at a PDF pattern in months, maybe even last year, lol! I am figuring out that I lean more toward paper patterns, but will go PDF on occasion.

    1. I definitely prefer paper patterns and tracing Burda to assembling a PDF. I think this one was maybe 10 pages. Super fast!

      I will try the top again because it has so much potential!


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