Friday, June 30, 2017

June Wrap Up and Mid-Year Check-In

Is anyone else so confused at how fast June passed? Or how we're already through half of 2017?? Anyone??!

June Wrap Up: This month was epic! :-O
  • McCall's 6519 tops x2 in rayon challis
  • McCall's 7465 dress in magenta rayon jersey
  • McCall's 6996 cardigan in coral poly jersey
  • Vogue 1501 skirt in yellow poly crepe
  • CC Nettie in ivory ponte (possible wadder)
  • Burda top in blush silk (wadder)
  • Burda 2/2017 in denim
  • Sew Simple 1523 (also S1716) in magenta rayon jersey (to be blogged)
  • McCall's 6752 top in print ITY (tbb)
  • Burda 5/2017 in yellow/white polka-dot cotton lawn (tbb)
  • Burda 6/2017 dress in black & white suiting (wip)
New (worn and unblogged!) tops
Favorite(s): Hard to choose a favorite this month! All the non-fails really make me happy for different reasons. The McCall's tops in that they are nice and cool in that challis and easy to wear. The McCall's dress makes me grin. I love the color of the cardigan and Vogue skirt. The denim dress is just so much fun...The Burda tie-front top is adorable! June was a good month! And I swear I'm moving on from tops.

Wait. Not yet. A couple more to go! :-p Definitely want S8385 in white after seeing Erica's version.

Accomplishments: I used grommets for the first time ever and I 'done good'! :-D

Fails: Oh that silk Burda top. Forgetting to add seam allowances was such a bone-headed move. Woe. Is. Me!


Recap of 2017 goals and progress thus far:

1) Buy patterns thoughtfully; cull at some point (early) this year.

Hmmm. I think I've been doing this. Ehhh I just checked. I've purchased 29 patterns so far in 2017. I guess that isn't too bad. An average of 5 per month. I haven't culled yet.

 2) Continue my Burda challenge (okay fine I didn't mention this but I'm totally doing it again). I will sew a Burda a month from that particular month; but from any year.

I scratched this option and wanted to do the traditional challenge. So far, I've sewn from February-May and June is in progress. I have a January project planned so I should be back on track in July.

 3) Consider dropping Ottobre depending on how spring/summer looks

I like the issues I have; yet I've still only sewn 1 thing from all 3. I have not decided on my subscription yet. The sub is relatively cheap and I don't lack in storage space. I know I've just been being lazy. With Big4 and Burda I know what size to use and what adjustments to do. I will have to start from scratch on these things with Ottobre.

 4) Buy fabric thoughtfully. Limit fabric purchases to $500 for the year; excluding lining and interfacing.
hahahahahahaha! Thoughtfully. I wish. More like, I'm pretty sure I NEEEEEED that NOWWWWW. I am hopeless. HOPELESS!!

I've spent $506.65. Oops. That's a lot...109 yards of fabric. And I'm feeling o.v.e.r.w.h.e.l.m.e.d!! by my stash right now. So we will see what the rest of the year brings.

5) Sew a fitted, lined blazer
Not yet though I got a PERFECT black wool suiting from FM to do so. I should do it in August before the temps start to drop.

6) Sew 3 new outerwear pieces
Three? I said that?! Well, I have a jacket (B6141) that is going on year 3 as a UFO and every time I see the photo, I want to finish it and wear it because the metallic cotton faille is just a dream.

Isn't it cute!? And so fall like...

So, I hope to finish this, make the Closet Case Patterns Clare coat(?) and the coat from the 8/2017 Burda (pictured in red). My trench coat dreams will have to wait again. A trench will have a very short period of wear for me, but it will come in handy so I want one (my RTW one is technically too small...I wear it open; I can't button it). But a lightweight wool coat is more appropriate for my spring/fall weather so it keeps getting put on the back burner.

7) Finish my daughter's quilt

Have done zero, zilch, zip, nada on this. I feel like an awful person. It's going to be finished in 2017. IT WILL!
I have 14 of these 14x14 blocks.

I just had an epiphany! (haha!)  I can just make it a lap quilt as it was originally intended to be!

Initially I was making a quilt for her full-sized bed. But that will never, ever happen. So TWO MORE BLOCKS (insert cry face) and then I'll sew 'em together and get it ready to be quilted (BY SOMEONE ELSE!!!). The one quilt I actually completed, a baby-sized jelly roll race quilt, I quilted myself and hated every minute.
I thought it was so pretty when I finished it!
I thought it would ignite a burning desire to quilt! It did not!! But I didn't hate constructing it.
So perhaps only JRR quilts are for me as piecing is awful and tedious??
 8) Create a bodice sloper

Not yet. Though I'm happier with my tops than I've ever been. I still want to do a sloper including a sleeve drafted from scratch (there was a Threads tutorial that I downloaded).

 9) Lose the danged 30 (ish) pounds

I started the year having inched back up near 200 lbs and am solidly 185 now. This is really hard for me not just because weight loss is hard...but I actually really like my body the size that it is! (well, not my arms. My arms are huge and drive me crazy). But knee pain. Blehhhh. I'm going to really try.

10) Be more positive  

A few things were touched on; leaving GOMI -- I did return to the site and there are good discussions at times (and really, more bloggers and PR'ers than you realize also post there. No, really!!) but you can't escape the other stuff and I end up rolling my eyes and logging out. I think the discussions involving pattern companies is fair game; the echo chamber of #IndiesAreTheBest is removed. 

PR is much better for me now than it was. But I believe that's because I keep my use limited. I post and comment on reviews, vote in contests, and avoid a few of the forum areas.

I've deactivated Instagram which I thought would be SO HARD but it wasn't, at all. I actually don't miss it. I think pre-algorithm IG would have been hard to quit but I have not once revisited since deactivating.

FB was deactivated for a long time but 1) my family is spread out and it really is the one place everyone "is". It's easy to say just keep in touch by phone but I have a sibling here, siblings in 2 other states plus their families. Adult nieces and nephews plus extended I was okay with going back at first, which I did this May but am back to limiting my usage. Current events have me in a bad place and it's hard to escape.

11) Be more social in real life

Recently, I had several events I was TOTALLY going to go to! But then they were changed or canceled. The universe is messing with my 'socialize in real life' plans. I'm still trying though. Still trying. Even

Lastly, I'd mentioned some other personal goals. I had to push back my testing date for certification. I will be testing in December now with promotion on the table for April 2018. I'm excited about that.

As much as I do not want to shell out for grad school, I can't shake the itch of wanting to get it done. I have found 2 programs that are accredited and not insanely priced. So perhaps the application process for that will begin in 2017?? Mayyyyybe 2018... Ha!


My tentative July plans:

Turn 38 (well, can't stop that one! :-p )
Sewaholic Saltspring dress
Lakeside PJs
1/2017 Burda athletic pants
7/2017 Burda top
Simplicity 8424 loungewear

Seems like a short list but there are 5 items I plan to sew from that Simplicity pattern (all 3 tops and the 2 leggings with details). Plus, aside from this weekend, I have something going every single weekend this month.

Hopefully the rest of 2017 is nice and calm and quiet.


  1. You had a great June! I am amazed! You must have heavy bones (seriously) because you carry the weight well. Get some off for your knees but go by feel not by looks because you already look good. Love all your pattern love! I have maybe bought 7 or8 since January and that is a ton for me. Hope you have time to go through them. I just did mine and loved seeing so much inspiration. A few went to the thrift store (what was I thinking when I was buying!) I too am going to sew a Clare coat and just found out my daughter wants one too! Onward and upward!

    1. Thanks Paula! I totally agree! BMI Charts say I am obese and should weigh 50 lbs less. Well THAT AIN'T HAPPENING! :)

      I really need to do a sort. I have mine catalogued on Pattern Review and I look there sometimes and think, "WHY did I buy that?!"

    2. Oh, as an aside. I'd NEVER guess you're weight. I'm in the same boat as you. But, part of me now is just like, "I'm in better physical shape than I've ever been. Ignore the numbers."

  2. Beautiful! I love the colors for your daughters quilt. I've quilted for years & am at the strictly baby & throw size so much easier on this old gal. Turning 38! Piece of cake! If your knees are a bother 5-10 lbs will make a huge difference also much easier to loose than 20. I still have misses when I sew usually because of the wrong fabric even though after 30+ yrs I should Know better. You accomplish so much sewing every month, I'm amazed. Also your outfits are gorgeous & beautifully done.

    1. Thank you Bec! I was eye-rolling the doctor when he initially mentioned weight loss and then I found an article that said every pound loss is a 4lb reduction in force on the knees. So i'm going to try really hard to lose a bit more!

      I am looking forward to finishing the quilt and gifting it to her. WHEW!

  3. Your June was definitely phenomenal! I look forward to the unblogged tops! Also, I love the Mid-year wrap up. It it a good way to stay on track. I will do one too at some point. You are an amazing seamstress, and I enjoy reading your posts, as well as seeing what you create. I do hope you get to make the Clare Coat this year! :)

    1. Thanks Vanessa!! Can't wait to read your recap.

      I'm so excited to show my new tops on my body <3

  4. I love how thoughtful and organized you are in your sewing goals. Your productivity is making me jealous- I am out of school and on vacation and I still can't manage to sew more than one item a week, if that! And congratulations on the weight loss- that is amazing and you look great!

  5. You had a MEGA June! So many great garments. I always love reading your blog (do miss you at GOMI but understand why).

    1. MEGA! :) Thanks Thornberry. I still read often; just don't post as much.

  6. You never cease to amaze me with your productivity! Good luck with all of your upcoming plans!

  7. I love your organization and review of the year thus far- its inspiring! I love the tops, tops really are (besides jackets) my favorite thing to make and I feel your pain with the quilt, I am working on a scrappy quilt for my daughter and it is!

    1. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see your quilt!

      I totally LOVE looking at them; I just wish I enjoyed it as much as I thought I would.

  8. Your June was on fiya! I'm a shameless fangurl and can't wait to see what you sew in July.

    I love the three tops you made. I even love the organization of the pictures; they look like the start of an awesome SWAP wardrobe.

    I'm with you on GOMI. I read the sewing forum and have often had comments. In the time it takes me to look up my password, I completely give up and deem the effort not worth it. =) I'm still on Instagram, but I don't post as much; I comment here and there on some photos. I think I'm all social-media-ed out. My FB account was deactivated due to non-use and I could not care less. I read some comments about the Cashemerette FB group and immediately got annoyed. Who needs all that drama? Online drama? Really? Oof. My eye is twitching just thinking about it!

    I will now end this comment of epic length.

    I look forward to reading your comments about S1716. Happy July!

    1. Thank you! I love those doggone tops! The colors just all make me HAPPY!

      I am so, so over online drama. The real-life issues are big and bad enough.

  9. I did notice you left IG and I'm glad you said a little something (not that you owe it to anyone). I'd quit FB too. But, it's really the only way for me to keep in touch with people. That said, I limit my time. And, I've made my IG trim and sewing related only. IT was such a time suck that I no longer make excuses about what I do and don't do there.

    I'm also thinking about the Clare coat. I was going to make the Grainline Cascade. But, want to teach the Clare in a class. I figured I should make it myself first, lol.

    1. I have the cascade too! I want to make that one for my daughter; a duffle coat is really her style.

      I will have to muslin the Clare. Boohooooooo. I was hoping that by now there'd be more (non-tester) versions.

  10. That was a lot of sewing for June! I had a week off in May and managed to get a lot done. If you are interested in recommendations for spring/fall coats, I highly recommend the Style Arc Josephine. I added a lining and made it in a navy wool. I wear it any day the temps are 40's-50s and it's perfect.

  11. Wow you get a LOT done. If you learn like you sew grad school will be a cakewalk. Success to you!!

  12. Your productivity is always amazing, and it certainly makes some of us look bad, lol! You gotta finish the jacket this year - the fabric is gorgeous. It'll be great for fall.

  13. I'm with you on social media - I do it, but less and less enthusiastically. I think it has to be used for a purpose, so I am rethinking what that may be. Love your makes here, and fully think that it is a good idea about going back to grad school - you are young, known in your field, and this will only increase your future options. How you will fit it all in is another matter, but I am sure you will. Thanks for still reading my blog, I appreciate it. I always read yours too.

    1. I agree Sarah Liz. I feel like I do more time wasting than anything productive too often.

      I am excited about grad school. Next fall my son will be in college so I am thinking I may apply for fall admission!

  14. FB and IG are the biggest timesucks I have ever experienced... I can pretty much do without FB but I really do love IG lol

    I really like your 3 tops! I need some myself so I will be stalking your posts for more top pattern inspo :-)


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