Thursday, February 1, 2018

Giveaway Winners! And January Wrap-Up

I love this part!!

I printed out all of the comments -- THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE! I loved hearing everyone share about patterns and fabric and bits about their own sewing journey! -- I then sorted by the preferred prize pack and did each drawing separately.

As mentioned, I'd love to get these in the mail by Saturday, 2/3 when I run my other errands. If you have ever awaited a mailed item from me, you want me to get to the PO right away also! :-p

Without further ado:

Prize A Winner: R Trittel

Prize B Winner: SewPaula

Prize C Winner: Linda C.


Prize D Winner: L

Prize E Winner: Regina Gee

You may contact me via the Blogger form on the right or at sewcraftychemist {{at}} gmail {{dot}} com!

Hopefully everyone enjoys their prize pack!!


This month I made 9 items (I may have used one pattern 4 times. :-D) and sewed 15.75 yards.

  • Burda 6853 dress - 3 5/8 yards
    • black and black print suiting
    • pongee lining
    • Notions: invisible zipper, piping, bias binding, hem tape
  • Burda 1/2018 #119 hoodie - 2 1/4 yards
    • grey double knit
    • athletic knit lining
    • separating zipper, twill tape, bias binding, eyelets, cord stops
  • New Look 6314 top - 1 yard
    • floral fine French terry
    • twill tape
    • eyelets
  • Butterick 6031 slip - 6 yards
    • floral print ITY with black/white lace
    • grey jersey with blue-grey lace
    • black jersey with blue-grey lace
    • black jersey with black lace
    • lace, elastic, lingerie slides/rings
  • Simplicity 8424 leggings - 1 3/8 yards
    • black jersey
    • elastic, Cricut HTV
  • McCalls 6886 dress - 1.5 yards
    • pink ponte
I'll do a combo review of my two additional nightgowns (yes, I love this pattern dearly, already!) and the leggings.

Favorite: C'mon! :-D B6031! I am pretty stoked with how each version turned out and how they all managed to be SO different! I am not sure I've slept in anything else aside from needing to do laundry and therefore being forced to choose! :)

FAILS: I made a rookie mistake (or two!) on my leggings but luckily they are an extra loungewear item so no harm, no foul.

I bought fabric this month. DOH! Soooo, what had happened was (LOL!!!!!!)...I am going to the Carriage Corner B&B Sew Camp in March. And that includes a trip to Fabric Mart (IN PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I am going to PA by way of NYC plan to not buy fabric until May 1? I am not going to even PRETEND like that will hold. So I will have to reassess that 2018 goal but I do not plan to go crazy.

I ordered some shirting during FMs 70% off sale - 7 yards total. I will call bringing in less than half of what I sewed a quasi-fail.

Accomplishment: Maybe I have to stop patting myself on the back for 'make it work' moments but *I* am surprised I did not toss Burda 6853 aside with all the grief it gave me!

Also, I PASSED MY CERTIFICATION EXAM! Woot woot!! And because I am the only 'me' I know how to be; I had my boss! to discuss my promotion within hours.  >>this girl<< is not shy about it!

Also, I did not buy ANY patterns this month. Yay! I did spend money I did not intend to spend though. A notions coupon got me...and then I placed a Wawak order that included 5 yards of hair canvas and various threads. BUT I have several outerwear projects planned so the hair canvas will carry me far.

Month 1 into my personal "Operation 365" challenge where I take daily outfit photos (for myself, rarely shared...)

My most worn items this month were:
Navy M6996 wool jersey cardigan (3 times)
RTW white sleeveless knit top (4 times)
RTW navy corduroy pants (4 times)
RTW denim button front shirt (3 times)

There were lots of items worn twice and  I repeated one outfit completely: M6996 + NL6301

I wore pants a lot; but it is January in MN...And I wore topper+top+bottom 3 pieces 13 times. It is SO my go-to. Soon it'll be light enough in the morning for non mirror selfie pics :) And the lighting in my office is so weird with the yellow-brownish walls that I can only take pics of certain colors in there.

At any rate, here were my favorite combos from January:

    • white B5678, green Burda 7107, RTW navy corduroys
    • all RTW outfit: black cardigan, navy and black top, navy/black/gold pants
    • black M6844 cardigan, RTW white sleeveless top, RTW teal skirt
    • navy M6996 cardigan, NL6301 dress x2 (I wore this outfit on exam day :-D )
    • RTW animal print cardigan, white tank, V9032 trousers
    • M6886 dress
    • RTW denim jacket, RTW white sleeveless top, M6654 skirt
February plans for now are:
  • Burda 1/2018 hoodie for my daughter
  • Closet Case Clare coat
  • Butterick 6427 tee
  • Butterick 5789 cardigan (I have this fleece-y type knit that may be awesome or may be a giant fail. We'll see!)
February is a busy, busy month. I have something going on like 12 of the 28 days. I'm exhausted thinking about it! We will see what gets accomplished this month!

WHEW! Well, that wraps up an epic post of epicness! :-p Until later!!


  1. Congrats on passing your certification. Clearly you approach sewing the same way you approach all aspects of your life. LOL Go for it!

  2. I was looking at your navy 6996 yesterday when I did a search for reviews of the pattern in wool. I have some wool jersey that I want to use for the pattern but I had in my head that it's needs more structure, like a ponte. Not true?

    Jealous of your trip to FabricMart. I only live three hours away so I'm hoping to get there before we move in the spring.

    1. Ooh hopefully you can make the drive soon!

      I would definitely say jersey for this pattern. I've made a few, all in jersey. For M6844, the older popular cardigan, I like that one with Ponte. Now, perhaps the belted view of 6996 with a heavier knit? But I love all of my jersey versions!

  3. Congratulations on passing your certification exam!

  4. Congratulations on passing your exam!
    I love that you are working on the Clare Coat for February!!
    Your daily pics look awesome!
    That Butterick slip was amazing!
    Congrats to the winners!

    1. Thank you so much Vanessa! :-D

      I'm hoping the Clare will work for me. I do have a sort-of similar Burda as backup. But I have all of the yummy delicious extras for that coat. Black and 'gold' zipper, gold piping, a tassle kit. I'm excited!

  5. Congratulations on passing your certification. I also bought some fabric from fabric mart and Joann’s this month. I will most likely buy some fabric this month as well because it’s mh birthday month and people keep sending me coupons lol 😂

  6. Congratulations to you on your certification - go boss lady! And congratulations to me for winning one of the prizes. Woo hoo! I am off to email you about my goodies! Thanks again!!

  7. Congratulations on passing your certification! I am fairly new to your blog, but absolutely love it :) Thank you for taking the time to do this in a very busy life. I look forward to you in my Inbox.

  8. I have that fabric your new look dress is made up in, now I know a great use for it!!! Congratulations on your exams and all the best with your promotion!

  9. Congrats on passing your exam. I hope you get the promotion.

  10. Dress + cardigan + boots = WIN! Even though I love all of the looks, this is my favorite. =)

    Congratulations on passing the certification exam!

  11. And here I am thinking I did something using over 9 yards! LOL! Yeah for Sew Camp and shopping in NYC! And I'm positively amazed that you managed to take a picture every day...AMAZED! Finally congratulations on passing your certification - go girl!


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