Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March Wrap-Up and April Plans

Can you believe we're already done with 1/4 of this year?! Eesh.

This month I sewed 8 garments and used 17.75 yards. Only I would think to myself "gee, I thought that number would be higher with sew camp..." :)

I made:
  • Burda 7/2017 #115 shirt - 2.5 yards
    • black & white wide stripe cotton shirting
    • sew-in snaps
  • RTW rub-off top for my daughter - 2 yards
    • mustard poly crepe
    • teal arrow print shirting
  • Simplicity 8601 top - 2 yards
    • blue & white striped cotton poplin
    • button and elastic for loop
  • Burda 7/2017 #106 pants - 2.25 yards
    • tan suiting (this fabric was WIDE!)
    • zipper, hook & eye
  • McCall's 7687 top for my daughter - 2 yards
    • mustard & white striped cotton poplin
    • 20" mustard zipper
  • Ottobre 2/2018 dress - 3 yards
    • black IKAT print jersey
    • black tricot lining
  • Ottobre 2/2018 top - 1.5 yards
    • grey & white stripe cotton jersey
  • McCall's 7724 top - 2.5 yards WIP
    • medium blue cotton chambray
    • blue & white striped shirting
    • buttons
Favorite: It's a toss up between my black & white top and my daughter's top. I have to get pics of it on her but M7687 looks FANTASTIC on her. It's just gorgeous. And I am totally stealing that sleeve for a top!

Accomplishments: I'd have to say her RTW rub off. I took an oversized knit tee (she's tiny and likes large tees) and made it from a woven. I was so uncertain about it (Never mind I didn't really care for her fabric combo!) but when she got home one day, she had it on, but I didn't even recognize it! I thought it was a top she'd purchased initially!! So that was a proud moment.

Fails: So far, this M7724 top. I don't know what went wrong. I let it out as much as I can. But I am just so unsure about what went wrong.

For Operation 365. I did not get pics everyday, but then there were several days that I spent in lounge clothes. It's still winter here so I still wore pants a ton. And dressed in 3-pieces about 40% of the time :) Here are my favorite 5 looks from the month:

Left: top-all RTW, bottom-S8601 and RTW pants
Center: Burda 7136 top and RTW pants
Right: top-V9032 pants and RTW top and cardigan, bottom-Burda 7107 top, RTW tank and pants

Absolutely LOVE those LOFT striped pants with my chambray top. Love. Love. Love.

My April sewing plans aren't sew in stone. I made a BIG list of spring garments that I want -- it has 16 items on it. I know...I sewed 8 garments this month so 16 doesn't seem like a big list right?

But I'm traveling twice this month and have some other stuff going on...plus I have 2 outerwear pieces on that list and a blazer. All fairly involved projects. I did discover in sewing M7724 that my hand is much happier cutting single layer so that may be my reality for a little bit. (UPDATE: I GOT AN MRI TODAY AND SHOULD HAVE RESULTS SOON!)

I want to sew the trench from Burda 4/2018 (scrapped the traditional in favor of this funky jacket!) and the short coat from Burda 8/2017. I WANT the trench now but we still have multiple snow falls predicted and a trench coat is likely to be unworn until May. And I usually need some type of outerwear in the morning through June. So I'll make the coat first. Plus, my black coat is in purgatory. (my sewing fails always seem to come back to back)

And I want tie-front blouses! As much as I love Burda, I do get a little burned out on them sometimes. So with plans to sew several Burda items over the next couple months, I'm going to my envelope pattern stash on this one. I am looking at Simplicity 8216 (which I've sewn before), Butterick 6378 (view A or B) and Butterick 6488 (view C or D) which is new to me.

I may end up making both of the Butterick patterns. They are different enough that I think I could own both!


  1. I always love seeing your plans! I am definitely looking forward to see how your blouses come out. I have S8216 in my stash and think it looks like such a great top. Your five favorite looks are really nice too!

    1. I know we both love sewing plans <3
      It would be such a cute top/tunic on you!

  2. Wow! And all I wanna do is sew a few more shirts...LOL! Since I experienced 4 of those garments and can testify that the shirt you made for your daughter is amazing so def use that sleeve on something for yourself. April is gonna be amazing!

    1. Thank you!

      YESSSSS sew all the shirts!!!!! :-D

  3. Wow what a month - and all very wearable wardrobe staples by the looks of things. I can't even seem to plan that many garments never mind get them sewn up. I agree with you though that it's good to mix up the choice of pattern company a bit.

    1. Thanks!! Yeah it's so easy for me to get fixated on Burda because by and large they work for me.

  4. What production! You see in reality like I see in my head.

  5. I love the chambray/stripe outfit too. Really productive month!

  6. Just a head up on 8216. A couple of reviewers have said the arms are really skinny! But it's a cute pattern.

  7. I sew Burda all the time. I often want to sew the big 4 but the thought of using 5/8' seam allowance just turns me off. I add 3/8 to burda when I trace. All that trimming and grading on 5/8 S.A. just seems like too much wasted time lol.

  8. Love reading your posts, always inspires me to get sewing! I saw one on how you adjust your back crotch on pants, just cut out a pair using your slash dàrt method, I think it's going to work out well. Thanks for the posts!


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