Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ottobre 2/2018 Two-fer

ignore my broken down boxes in the background 
(says the lady who has gotten way too many shipments lately!)

There were many patterns I liked from the 2/2018 Ottobre issue and I wanted to make this top immediately! As I looked closer, I thought I might make the dress too...and a few versions popped up on PR and I was sold. I traced the pattern off and took it with me to Sew Camp.

I've only made a few Ottobre patterns so far. I am a size bigger in Ottobre patterns than Burda; I use a 42 neckline and 44 through the body. I'd imagine for pants I'd need a 46 but I haven't sewn their pants yet. I also felt they ran a little long on me. However, this one was just right. Go figure.

I tissue fit the pattern and decided to add to the waist. I add 1/2" to the side seam on front and back by slashing and spreading. On the dress, the front and back skirt use the same pieces. I created a separate back piece and made a 1" full butt adjustment (via a wedge) and graded the back skirt out a little through the hip. I added 1" to the sleeve length.

I made the dress first. I had this Fabric Mart precut jersey in stash for awhile and wasn't overly thrilled with the look of it after washing so I figured it could be a wearable muslin.

The front has a cut-on facing and there's a shaped facing for the back. It's finished by top stitching.

I had to line the skirt and when I went to put it on, I needed to remove every bit that I added through the waist. I had to do so much unpicking. Wah. But I got it done and really like the fit afterward. I really prefer it belted and so that's the only way I took pics!

It was 13 degrees F this morning...spring is never coming

It is tiny roomy through the back but I didn't want to take it in too much.

Oh my gosh my coverstitch HATED this fabric. It just chewed it up and eventually I did not care one bit. I just wanted it finished.

I was going to take new pics of the top but I can't find it. lmao! I wore it the other day so...:shrug:

When cutting the top, I decided to leave the additional at the waist. The grey and white stripe is a cotton lycra. Also because of that, the bias doesn't really stretch and it's a little snug through the bust. Grrrrr. I advise only cutting on the bias if you have 2-way (4-way? haha) stretch.

It's snug but not uncomfortable. I really like the length and the new sleeve length.

I will DEFINITELY make the dress again. Perhaps the top too...but I have a knit that would be fantastic as a dress from this pattern.

I am actually almost done with my coat; my hand has been killing me :/ I had cut out M7724 and started working on it. I was dubious when the first half was done but it's the off-shoulder side so I wasn't too sure about the fit, but thought it seemed small. So I didn't serge the side seams. I finished the other side, basted the CB seam and it's SO small.

back photo only because otherwise people will see more of me than they need to :-p

I am not sure what I did wrong. But I did a 1" FBA rotated into the existing pleat and it absolutely does not fit. It does not does not's just way too small. I can easily get 1.5" ish from the seams but blehhhhhhh. It's in time out for now. 


  1. Oh no! I love the quirkiness of that second shirt pattern, what a pity. The dress is gorgeous!

  2. Happy Easter! I am sorry to hear your hand is aching again. Mine still hurts off and on...I hope you get relief soon. I love the Ottobre dress on you, AND the top too!!! You make me excited to get started on my Ottobre pattern!

  3. Beautiful dress. Can't wait to see the next version. The top is in the laundry :D So sorry about the other shirt - the pink one I'm making is the same. g

  4. Sorry your hand is bothering you again. The dress looks great and the top is so cute. This Ottobre issue was a winner! So sorry about the McCall's pattern.

  5. The Ottobres look great, and the McCalls top looks smashingly good from the back!

  6. I love the Ottobre dress! Someone on GOMI mentioned that Ottobre was offering free shipping worldwide. I 'bout lost my mind and ordered 8...wait...10 magazines. I need to jump from my current bandwagon onto this one. The chevron effect on the knit is boss.

    I don't understand the McCall's shirt at all. =) When it first came out, all I could think of was Theo's Gordon Gartrelle shirt. What is up with it not fitting even after a 1" FBA?? The finished measurements suggest that there is plenty of room. Maybe there is a serious drafting error?

  7. Great dress and top pattern - sometimes I think the Ottobre patterns look kind of basic and uninteresting from the line drawings, but they turn into really great wardrobe pieces, looks super versatile to me and both look great on you. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the McCall's pattern, hopefully you can save it and redo the front maybe, but I understand wanting to put it aside for now.

  8. The dress is super cute! I always love when people make Ottobre, even though I’ve yet to make any myself. I hop you can figure something out for that top, I think it’ll look great when it’s done.


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