Thursday, April 26, 2018

McCall's 7757 and Ottobre 2/2015

This was one of the few patterns from the latest release that fell into that "have to have" category. I thought it would be perfect for vacation and then saw a couple of inspiration photos and really "needed" to sew it! And then I found this pretty rayon challis, at

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I received the fabric, washed it, and it is FABULOUS. It's a really nice weight and it's opaque. I have to say, while I think the top is adorable, the pants will be a summer staple. So lightbweight and breezy.

On the top, the pattern pieces are quite rectangular and is gathered up once the elastic is inserted. I finished it and oh boy! I was trying to convince myself that it was okay but I couldn't. I had to open up the upper and lower and remove 9" of elastic from the top and 4" from the bottom. Caveat is that I probably stretched it out somewhat while inserting (it's a lot of fabric!) but not 9" worth. 

I guess I picked up the L/XL size range because I knew I was interested in the bottoms.  It is safe to size down in this pattern IMO. I am normally M up top and L on bottom. I ended up removing 3" total from the side seams of these pants.I had to remove 4" from the waistband elastic as well.

~9" removed from upper top
4" removed from lower top
~4.5" removed from waistband

I also removed 1/2" from the top back pattern piece, on the fold. On the pant I lowered the front crotch curve 1" and raised the back 1".  The pattern includes a 1 1/4" hem allowance; I hemmed them at 2.5". I am sure I'm more likely to wear them with flats or lower wedges.

I also decided I wanted a drawstring and inserted buttonholes in the front. I made the drawstring by taking a 1 1/8" strip of fabric (cut on the straight grain) and used my bias tape maker to essentially make double fold tape. I then stitched it closed.

insides all serged up, drawstring is hard to see against the print! :)
And they looked SO cute paired with a tank too!!! LOTS of mileage this summer, I'm sure of it!

Here's how I wore it on vacation:

I had plans to get some cute pics on our way to breakfast but a crisis call from work came and by the time we walked the ~1 mile to the restaurant (Playa Papaya - DELICIOUS!), I was over it. LOL! 

I'm totally counting this top in Faye's TOPS THAT POP! sew-along. But I knew there were a couple more knit tops I wanted to knock out before the sew along ends on Monday.

Ottobre 2/2015 is one I traced off of at sew camp. I ordered this Art Gallery cotton-lycra knit when I ordered the challis.

I don't like this top. :( I like the pattern but the top + this fabric = fail. And this fabric was expensive!
Well, I will wear it...more as loungewear...but it's too whimsical for my tastes. Whimsy is not bad! *I* just don't do novelty prints and such in my "real clothes".

ignore the antler-like light fixture :-p

I look like a nurse in the pediatric wing.
Shout out to nurses who work in the pediatric wing...we love you! But I don't want to dress like I'm heading to work side-by side with you. :(

And apparently I need an FBA? Or something? Because why is the neckline completely different on my body vs the drawing and on Lily?

Otherwise, I like the fit, the length and the overall style and LOVE the yoke / shoulder seaming.

But it needs some work to 'work' for me. I remember wanting so badly for the Maria Denmark kimono tee to work for me. I made several and I wore them, but I never liked them ON me very much. Perhaps this silhouette isn't for me? Or maybe I should try once more with an FBA? Decisions, decisions.

I've also discovered I'm not a huge fan of cotton jersey. One of those things that, you see it referenced so much but...meh. It always feel so thick and...cottony. LOL!!!!! I've found that for lightweight knits I prefer wool jersey or rayon/poly blends. I like that little bit of polyester in there to keep it from being too unruly.

In true upper Midwestern went from 16" of snow on the ground on April 14th to a solid 60+ degrees for the foreseeable future. My coat plans are trench will be first up in May. I hope to get to the Ogden tank before April is out. I have enough of the challis from the McCall's outfit for a wearable muslin I think!


  1. I think the neckline looks different on you than on Lily because you have complete shoulders and arms. You might need a FBA, but I also think your shoulders are making the cap sleeves ride up a little moving the neckline in towards your neck.

    1. Ah. Good point. I'll have to think about the right adjustments...or try a couple of different things. I have plenty of knits for wearable muslins!

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic - and stylish - trip! I suddenly want to make some printed summery pants! I actually really like the scooped neckline of the Ottobre top on you although I see what you mean about the print, still loungewear is good!

    1. Thank you!!

      I think you should make swishy printed summer pants!

  3. The pants/top out fit is beautiful.. Looks so pretty on you. Great job..
    Had to laugh at your nurse out fit... haha... I went to work for years[Respiratory Therepy.
    and I promise you.. this fabric did look like, lots of the scrubs suits in the hospital.. smile

  4. I love the rayon pants. They look great! g

  5. I really LOVE the M7757 combination! The fabric and top/pants pieces look perfect together, and you look amazing in them! I hear what you are saying about whimsical prints. Sometimes it can be hit or miss. Thanks for the feedback on that Ottobre top.

  6. Now you have a brand new cute little top to lounge around in!

  7. Your vacation outfit is really great! I agree about the cotton jersey & the print. I normally use cotton jersey for children's clothing and the rayon blends for adults.

  8. Kimono sleeves are all the rage at the moment and they don't suit everyone, including me. I need a proper set in sleeve. I like the print, and on me it would make for a delightful pyjama top.
    I love the floral print outfit - gorgeous on many levels.

  9. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog post searching for any reviews on Mccalls 7757. I'm pretty new to sewing (I started late last year) and i purchased this pattern to try it. I do have patience and determination so I might be ok (fingers crossed!). But anyway, this looks soooo cute on you!


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