Sunday, April 29, 2018

Burda 5/2018 #113

I decided I was going to take a pic at the lake...I mean, it's MN, land of 10,000+ lakes so there are lakes everywhere you look! I don't know what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting everything to be BROWN! LOL!!!!!!

Well, once again, I am glad I looked past a semi-wtf Burda photo to find a cool little pattern!

The May patterns aren't up on the US site yet. Here's a pic I posted on IG:

Their version looks so sloppy :/ But the eyelets and tie - and the other version with the tassels!! - got me. I knew it wouldn't take a lot of fabric and was aiming for wearable muslin. Well, the finished garment works!


I sewed a straight 42 and should have used a size 40 neckline like I usually do. I believe there was a secondary grain line that I missed (Burda does this often when the pattern can be cut either way) so my stripes are different but I'm okay with that.

I skipped the bottom band - I'm not a huge fan of traditional pullover sweatshirts and knew this would get more wear without it. I added 1" to the hem and hemmed it at 5/8". I could not get with the length. It was too long for the boxy shape. I should have gotten a photo. I removed 1" and hemmed it again at 5/8".

In this pic, I have the sleeve folded under. Theirs looked SO sloppy that I decided not to finish it as stated and just leave the sleeves loose. I like the longer sleeve but I also like it folded under. I'll wait until I wear it to decide if I want to change it. I'm leaning towards folding it under!

The Ponte is a little too heavy for le old half-tuck...

I'm using a black glitter ribbon for my tie. I like the idea of changing it depending on what I'm wearing with it...we'll see if I do it :)

Because I was using smaller eyelets, I went for 4 sets instead of 3...but needed an odd number and went back and added a fifth set. I used a 5/8" seam allowance on this seam only and 3/8" everywhere else. I serged the pieces beforehand and pressed the seam open. The seam allowance then served as a sort of backing for the eyelets. These newfangled eyelets claim to not require interfacing!  :)

I decidedly offset my stripes...

The neck binding finishes at about 1" and I didn't like it in the photo and didn't really want it that wide so I cut it to a more normal width, about 1/2" to 5/8" (I didn't measure, just used the stripes as a guide for the width). However, the pattern requires that taller binding or to bring the shoulder line in. I think it sits a little weird as-is.

The outtake:

This weekend I also finally sewed up a wearable(YAY!) muslin of the True Bias Ogden Cami using the same rayon challis as my M7757 outfit. I JUST barely eeked it out of the remnant. Woohoo! 

I posted a full pic on IG (@dressmakingdebacles). I will review it when I make the next version with my tweaks. 


  1. Wow, you have a gift to see beyond what is in the photo. I would not have given the Burda pic a second glance but I love, love your top. Maybe you should be sewing their samples for the photo shoots. Jean

  2. This is a great little top pattern. I already had my eye on that design from the magazine and it's so nice to see it in the flesh. Love it!

  3. This top is so you! And I understand about the brown lake...I was taken aback that the trees hadn't bloomed more around me too!

  4. Your top is lovely, but your hair is A Ma ZING! I am always in awe of the time and effort involved in doing so many little plaits.

  5. I love the eyelet top! You really did a super job with it, considering the styled photo. Line drawings are so much better, especially if you can conceptualize things well. As for me, I just like to copy, lol! The Ogden Cami is really making its way in the sewing community! It looks good on you, and I can't wait to see your next version.

  6. Very nice top with the eyelets!! It's on my sewing list!

  7. Your top is adorable.. Looks so cute on you.. Love the eyelets in it..

  8. I didn't even give that top a second glance in the Burda magazine, but your version is very chic. I love your hair! Wow!

  9. Love the t-shirt detail! (Loved Sharon's version with the tassels too.) Are you thinking of doing the tassels version?


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