Sunday, May 12, 2019

We're Zooming Through May!

Week 2 of Me Made May wrapped up.

Sunday: Orange M6964 tee with RTW jeans
Monday: V1522 top and V1411 pants
Tuesday: M6519 top, RTW pants an B6141 coat
Wednesday: Top and pants were RTW but I wore my B6141 coat again
Thursday: RTW sweater, NL6189 pants and Burda 10/2012 coat
Friday: Burda 7/2018 tee with RTW jeans and my Minoru jacket
Saturday: Wearing my Baste + Gather Kendall skinny jeans (not available to purchase) and tee (SKI U MAH!)

We went from having a lazy Saturday to cleaning up the patio area. We rent, so not interested in putting TOO much into it, but it was looking pretty shoddy. And I didn't want to go another summer with it full of weeds and half-dead grass. We ended up laying down mulch for most of it and planting some flowers in a small patch.

I'd never pulled weeds!
I don't think I've ever actually used a rake.
I planted flowers!
And today my hamstrings were on fire. LOL!!!!

Have you guys heard about The Beatrice Form? It is a 3D custom form so not an entirely new concept, I know. Ditto Forms is pretty popular too. I don't have either and would sooo love to have one. Biggest differences just reviewing their sites:

  • Beatrice just looks better to me <3
  • I like that the Ditto form scan is done in person vs with an app (and custom suit) for the Beatrice. 
  • I like that the Ditto includes at least part of the legs. So while they both capture the butt, the ditto might (*I'm not sure) be helpful for fitting crotch curves.
  • Beatrice includes a (very nice!) stand, Ditto does not. The Beatrice stand is cast-iron, on castors, and has a foot pedal to easily adjust the height.
  • Ditto will fix an area (singular) if your measurement changes an inch or less, within 1 year of purchase. They will cover EITHER shipping to them or shipping back to you. Beatrice will do a new form for half the cost.
  • Both forms are foam and pinnable. Both include covers - Ditto is jersey and Beatrice is double knit. Ditto offers custom covers for $25.
  • Beatrice costs $1,295, Ditto costs $1,495. I believe the Ditto price includes shipping. 

It's a huge commitment at that price! WHEW! Maybe after I get me new machine...but I am super interested.

My hand is doing a lot better! I am going to start some PT soon though. At our May meetup, I was talking with a couple other sewers who had the surgery and they did not have this much downtime. I know everyone is different, and even my return to work took longer than anything I'd read online (for office workers not doing routine heavy lifting). But using scissors is still difficult for me - like, using scissors for ANYTHING. I've never been huge on using rotary cutters for sewing; I prefer shears. So we'll see. I have a busy couple of weeks ahead but I have my fingers crossed that mayyyyybe I can sew something in June :) I've been browsing the stash and dreaming!

Dress fabrics:
No plans for this diagonal panel print

Striped fabric will become S2446 (Here)

I have definite plans for this floral too! B6621 (Here)

Bottom weights:

Deep orange linen: I'd like to make NL6606 but only have 2.5 yards and it's 44". 
(View A calls for 2 5/8" of 45" fabric so we'll see.)

Khaki cotton twill: A pair of shorts probably use S1430 (Here)

Yellow denim: Style Arc Sandra jean (Here)

Rayon/linen blend: Burnside Bibs


Striped poly woven: No plans but some sort of shirt that will showcase the vertical stripes

Chartreuse silk crepe de chine: NL6560 (I would love to make this asap!)

Striped jersey: a simple henley tee from Burda 12/2009

This 100% rayon suiting was scored from Fabric Mart's $1.99 section.
I bought it in 2015 and never used it. I was going to purge it but...DYE! I ordered this teal (fiber reactive Procion) dye from Dharma Trading and am looking forward to this project! 

swatch of dark teal

I'd like to make a jacket (from M7876 hopefully!) with this fabric. I think the drape would be perfect.
I love the shorter version with the ruffle. Hoping to squeeze this out this summer!!
I love the Deer & Doe Pensee top SO MUCH! I bought this pattern pretty much for the top <3

I bought a blue linen from Craft South to make S8641 and I really want it but also think it's a garment that would work for early fall so I don't mind if it comes later.

I have wanted view A of M7601 since forever! And I have a couple smaller cuts of rayon challis (or even the 2nd cut of that striped poly fabric!!) that might be perfect.
And since I'm dreaming BIG dreams! :) I hope I can get the jumpsuit from B6330 in the mix!

WHEW! Have you started your summer sewing?


  1. Sorry to read the hand is not 100% yet, hopefully PT will help. Don't compare to others' recovery, listen to your body (of course, I learned this one the hard way, lol). I wish you a speedy recovery as I'm sure you want to get to all those sewing plans and I can't wait to see those yellow denim jeans made up.

  2. Ah, the slow recovery must be frustrating. I hope that when it happens, that's it, and you don't have to worry about this anymore. Love that rayon/linen stripe.

    1. Thank you Masha! I have a lot more functionality than I used to though so I am hopeful!

  3. Take the time to heal properly. You will be glad you did. BTW, you have SO MANY Beautiful Pieces in your wardrobe. Thank you for sharing!

  4. You got a good workout in the garden or backyard. It kills by body just to pull a couple of weeds :-). Glad to see your recovering and the material, all of it, beautiful. I love the shades and patterns.

  5. I really hope your hand is working better soon! You have some great sewing and wardrobe additions planned. I hate using a rotary cuter too but would probably revert to it if that was the only way I could sew. Will you change up?

    1. Thank you!

      Well, I've never found it to be much easier on my hand than shears (looking back at all the time I sewed with my hand issues)...and blades are so expensive. I pretty much only use them for straight cuts, curved hems, and knits I intend to leave un-hemmed. It's been <3 months so I'm okay with giving it more time.

  6. So many good things!!! I love the orange/lace top from your MMMay recap. I remember when you made that, lol!

    Your fabric stash is just AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see some of the things you want to sew come to life. I am really interested in where you got the yellow denim from. I really want to sew a pair of jeans in a colored denim. I usually buy black and blue.

    I am so glad your hand is feeling better!!! I hope that PT helps you regain what you need for scissors to be an easy motion for you.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I love that orange top SO MUCH! :)

      I got the denim from Fabric Mart, but a few months ago. Checked the item number and it's gone (they don't have ANY denim on there right now!). I have a pair of thrifted jeans in a mint/aqua color and love them.

      Mood has a few bright stretch denims. Might be worth it to order some swatches!

  7. OMG dying the fabric sounds like a fun project! Hopefully the hand will be back up to speed soon, but at least it's super fun to plan all the projects you want to work on in the meantime. Also, I've been super enjoying everyone's MMM this year - your outfits look so great!

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