Saturday, May 4, 2019

New Patterns!

I posted this month's Pattern Roundup on the Curvy Sewing Collective blog the other day. There were SO many new patterns released, and I did NOT capture them all, so be sure to check back next month! As mentioned there, some of them are already in my stash!!

There were a few Big4 releases that had some decent items but that didn't move me much. Today, at my monthly sewing meetup group, I happened upon new Butterick patterns and WOWZA!!!! I ~love~ this release!

6675 - A wrap dress with some interest...I'm a huge fan of cut-on sleeves for summer dresses and the shape on the skirt is beautiful. Don't eliminate those seams!!

6676 - is very cute though not quite my style. Without the faux-belt or split neck it isn't terribly original, I know. But if you don't have a simple fit & flare already...

6678 - is similar to the V9311 that I *just* picked up. I do like the Vogue version more because, cut on sleeves! :-p I don't care for the sleeves on the Butterick but love the sleeveless versions and the flounce options!

6679 - I am on the fence about this one. I just worry about the FBA to get that top part to fit correctly. There is nothing worse than seams bisecting the bust. But the twist front is SO CUTE and I love all 3 skirt options!

6681 - Lisette patterns have always worked really well for me. I haven't bought too many of her latest designs. This is a bit too boxy for me though I like the denim/chambray version pictured.

6673 - I really like this and it's on the maybe list for me. I do feel like I could probably find this in a Burda mag. 

6685 - I really like this top! I love the cut-on sleeves, rounded hem, and the tie waist. I just bought a very similar Burda envelope pattern though so will pass on this one.

6688 - Is one that's "not quite" there for me. It looks a little too full/boxy for my tastes but I was drawn to the gathers and split-neck.

6687 - I am a sleeve frill kinda lady so I like the idea of this one. But like 6688, it's a bit too boxy and that neckline worries me a bit. It looks very different in the tech drawing vs. on the live model vs. on the artwork.

6690 - I love how well this fits the model! I don't make a lot of raglan items but definitely have some patterns in the stash that have been made before, so this one isn't a must-have for me.

6684 - is right up my alley! Aside from the cut-on sleeves, it is very close to my beloved B6378 which I might love a little more because of the shoulder gathers :)

6689 - I am all for the Tilton "art teacher chic" aesthetic. This one is just a bit too roomy for me, but I love the neckline frill and cool pockets.

There was also a caftan pattern, a retro pattern, and a costume pattern that was on the 'meh' list for me.

What made it to my OMG I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!!!! list? :-D

I have been after "this" pattern for awhile. Button front, princess seams, full skirt (that CB seam is necessary!), scoop neck...I LOVE IT. The pockets and optional neck frill are extras. I really like both lengths too.
The maxi version is kind of giving me life -- Both versions! It's a simple dress but in the right fabric, quite impactful.

I am calling it. I think this will be very popular. It will work for so many body types, can be dressed up or down, has options for colorblocking...

I said I like cut-on sleeves! :) Really love the back yoke with gathers and I like the sleeves on B and C (D less so).
Now, this jumpsuit is designed for wovens. I 'just say no' to woven jumpsuits without closures. No, no, no. I'd make this in a knit though!! I also like the kimono quite a bit. The contrast band is fine for me though I'm not a fan of the contrast sleeve flounce. 

This is pretty much the entire Butterick release, lol! But it's just so good!!!  I think I'm up to ~40 patterns for the year. Doh!!

I didn't make an official MMM pledge...I do wear handmade near daily and as I've said before, I really enjoy being introduced to new patterns, seeing everyone excited about their handmades, and being more conscious of what I'm wearing (or not wearing) and outfit combinations that I like (or don't like).
Day 1 (lower left): Butterick 6464 skirt with RTW tee and blazer
Day 2 (lower right): Burda 7136 shirt with RTW corduroy pants
Day 3 (upper right): Ogden cami with same RTW pants and a denim jacket
Day 4 (upper left): McCall's 7812 top with RTW pants and a denim jacket

Days 1-3 I was in the midst of a migraine and look so out of it! Today is *much* better though post-migraine symptoms are pretty sucky in their own right.

In other news, I registered for Beth's jacket making class this fall at Hello Stitch after stalking her and the store and I am PUMPED! I have made a handful of jackets but have always been way too overwhelmed to do full tailoring (even speed tailoring) and there are some parts of construction that I've still never fully grabbed. Caveat - the recent B6641 Lisette jacket had really great instructions and I learned a lot making it...but it will be nice to have some professional hand-holding. Beth will be using the Closet Case Jasika - I have unfortunately sworn off CC for anything on my upper body. Every one has been a fail for me. But I will be sewing either a Burda magazine pattern or Vogue 9099, the extremely classic Claire Sheaffer blazer:

Are you as geeked over this Butterick release? Are you summer sewing yet? Participating in Me Made May this year?


  1. That’s fantastic that you’ve signed up Beth’s jacket making class! I wish I could but California is too far from Toronto.

  2. What is the number for the caftan pattern?

    1. Oh, I don't know any of them off the top of my head. But they are on the Butterick site.

  3. Both Butterick and Vogue have some patterns in this month's release that I'm excited about. Ready to get sewing!

  4. I'm so glad you are coming to CA in Sept! You are so right about the Butterick 6680, it's going to be popular, it's very cute and a great quick to sew summer dress. I might have to buy that one. the other two that you like are so similar to patterns I already have - remember there are no new patterns :)

    1. So true - no new patterns. I think I am getting a lot better and looking beyond and seeing what elements are contained.

      I can't wait!!

  5. I am so with you about cut on sleeves. They are my new love and I haven't a clue why. I guess I just tried one top and it was all over. I love pretty much what you love. That chambray shirt looks killer on you. As I sit here with a migraine I can sympathize with the afterglow and will plan for the dishrag feeling. Hope by now you are all better. Great post.

  6. Alright!! Butterick came through! I have been disheartened with the Big 4 pattern releases, and your roundup just brought some me some joy! I think I want to sew maxi dresses all summer, lol! If only they didn't need so much fabric. Beth's class sounds like you will learn so much!!!!

    1. Your most recent dress is FANTASTIC! I am with you on #teammaxidress :-)

  7. I love this release too! When I just glanced at the announcement page I was like, yeah, whatever, more dresses, but the more I looked the more I wanted *everything.* This is the best release they've had in a long time!

  8. There are some really nice patterns in this release but I'll wait and see what makes it over to the UK. Only now are *some* of the winter 2018 patterns turning up! I'm not sure what has caused the delay and I hope its an anomaly but we shall see!

  9. I enjoyed reading your round up of patterns. There were a few I may consider buying; I still have too many in my stash now.

    1. It is so hard not to be roped in constantly! I keep telling myself though, as long as they fit in their drawers...I'm fine. :-p

  10. Thanks for the roundup! I'm intrigued by B6680 - it doesn't match my style or fill a hole in my wardrobe, but look at those design lines!!! Waow!

    Have so much fun with Beth :) I bet you'll learn a ton!

  11. I really like 6677 -- I can see that being a comfortable staple for me. But like everyone else, I found this release to be full of interesting options! I am running out of storage space for patterns though, so I should be a little more careful than I used to be about buying new ones. Ha! We'll see how that goes.


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