Sunday, May 19, 2019

FINALLY organized my fabric stash!

I moved almost a year ago. As it goes, I ended up with WAY more to pack than I thought I would, and ended up tossing a ton of fabric into two huge black lawn trash bags.  And there they have sat.

Sigh.  And yet I had piles of fabric EVERYWHERE.

I tend to use my Expedit for in-season fabrics, and keep a bin in my sewing room with "immediate" plans (plans as in, the things I think I'd like to sew but it doesn't necessarily happen!). I started with the loose fabric. I sorted by season - spring/summer vs fall/winter. Some things that might technically be "spring" but I knew I had no intention on sewing this summer.  After that, I put all of the out of season stuff away in bins.
(just realized this photo is blurry-sorry!)

Left: Lining fabrics (I have a different plan for these), lightweight knits, heavier knits
Middle: Heavier knits, specialty fabrics (lace, swimsuit fabric, athleticwear fabric),  (crazy thick sweater knit that I'll put in with my coating fabric since it takes up so much space).
Right: Both have bottom weight fabrics. Mood bag has some fabrics I'm going to take to our next meetup.

Then I sorted the "summer" fabrics and put them on the Expedit

On top is random stuff :) and remnants are rolled up in the basket. 
Thank you to whoever mentioned this on IG! Very smart way to store them. It's easy to see what you have and easy to keep them under control. E.g., for me, if they don't fit in here it's time to purge.

Top Row:
The open cube will be for my lining fabrics. I ordered some 9"x12" thin corrugated sheets and will create "bolts" for them.

Lightweight printed wovens that are more stable (cotton, shirting, etc):

Lightweight solid wovens:

Such an exciting pile /s

Lightweight printed "silky" wovens (challis, poly/poly blend blouseweights):

I didn't get a chance to fold these slippery fabrics nicely. I was over it ;)

Middle Row:

These are sweater and sweater-ish :) knits:

Solid lightweight knits: 
Another exhilarating pile :-p

Printed lightweight knits:

Solid heavier wovens:

3rd Row:
First cube has several cuts of denim

Second has striped bottom weight wovens. I knew I would run out of space for printed wovens and separated the striped fabrics!

Printed bottom weight wovens:

The most exciting - NOT! These are solid neutral wovens.

IDK why I have so much white and cream. NO CLUE. And that grey on top? 
I have another cut that's nearly the same color and is the same crepe suiting.

Bottom row:
The left has some random stuff - batting, polyfill, extra rolls of tracing paper. I plan to buy two bins - one for knit muslin fabric, one for wovens. And there must always be a shelf for a cat :) I'll find something cozy so he can hide in there when he feels.

This took so much longer than I thought it would!!!!!!! There was SO MUCH fabric! There were so many pieces I'd forgotten about! Oh and not pictured is the 7 cuts of silk I've acquired and the summer fabrics that were featured in my last post which will be stored in my sewing room.

Also, over time, I had about 5 or 6 random containers (boxes, bags, bins) full of patterns. They are either patterns that I'd recently sewn or purchased that hadn't made it to the pattern cabinets. 

I have a lot of patterns. BUT! as long as I can store them, I am fine. I will not collect more envelope patterns than can fit in these two cabinets. 

Left cabinet: Small bin on left has men's / kid's patterns, larger bin has Indie patterns including Jalie and Style Arc, and printed but not assembled. 

Top drawer is all Simplicity, bottom drawer is all McCall's. I catalog my patterns on Pattern Review and according to my online catalog I have 174 Simplicity and 212 McCall's. Eesh!

Right cabinet: Magazine collection! <3 The first is (stuffed with) some old Burda mags I was gifted from 2007, 2011 and 2012, a Patrones, and the defunct US Edition. Next is my Ottobre magazines, then my Burda collection. I started subscribing in 2014 and have every issue from Feb 2014 to present. For 2013 I am missing such a random assortment, lol! I don't have April, June, or September. 

Top drawer is Vogue, Sew Simple, and Kwik Sew. Bottom drawer is Butterick, Burda and New Look. 

My next task is to audit the pattern stash. I pulled a ton of patterns to donate but I'm not 100% sure that I deleted them from my pattern catalog. Also, I know, unfortunately(!), that I haven't added everything that I've purchased. 


With all that, I got the Burda 12/2009 tee cut out and adjusted, and the fabric was washed. Hoping I'll get to work on this week.

Me Made May

Last Sunday was Mother's Day here in the states. Hopefully you had a fantastic day. Big hugs if you are without your mom <3

We had brunch at my brother's house (it was delicous!)

I wore McCall's 6886 'hacked' into a t-shirt pattern with McCall's 7745 'hacked' to a wrap skirt.

Monday: New Look 6107 top with RTW pants and Butterick 6244 jacket
Tuesday: Simplicity 2369 top with RTW pants
Wednesday: Butterick 5760 skirt with RTW tee
Thursday: McCall's 7465 dress
Friday: No handmade clothes but I did wear my Minoru jacket (I wore the Minoru or B6244 everyday this week!)
Saturday: I spent the whole day in lounge clothes with the sorting job! Wearing Simplicity 8424 leggings and a RTW tee that was embeliished with my Cricut


  1. All looks wonderfully organised, enjoy!

  2. Wow! Great job getting organized! Hope enhances your sewing having the seasonal fabrics out where you can see them. I just re-organized my fabrics and put spring/summer fabrics in my shelving, too.

    1. Thanks Catherine and congrats on getting yours organized!

  3. You did a LOT of work! But it was worth it. Everything looks neat and well organized.

    1. Thanks Summer! It was SO MUCH WORK! Thank goodness for podcasts and Netflix! :)

  4. You've inspired me to get a handle on my fabric stash. I love your cubbies--great idea! I think I'll try that. I'm ashamed to say I really have no idea what I have--it's all packed away in cedar chests and closets.

    1. It's simultaneously exciting and aggravating. YAY! I didn't know I had this...UGH! I didn't know I had this! LOL!

  5. Your storage is so pretty. I want to come shop your seasonal stash 😉

  6. Great job getting everything organized!! I have set the same rule for myself regarding pattern envelopes. I will not buy any more if I cannot store them into the bins I already have. Cause that area has gotten completely out of control. I purged a lot of them, but I probably need to do some more. I love that hacked Mccalls skirt you wore!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Definitely have to have SOME bounds because it's easy to overdo it.

      Thanks so much. Every time I pull the dress out I get so sad I used my beautiful fabric for it. I need to make some changes to make it work because I otherwise love it.

  7. Great job on organizing. What’s the average amount of fabric you buy of each?

    1. Thanks KiKi!

      It depends. Usually, if I buy a fabric, I have at least a vague idea of a project and buy based on that. Other times I just know I plan to make a top or a dress or pants, etc. And then there are things I consider staples. Good quality ponte, I'll usually buy 4-5 yards at a time, especially in black, because I know it'll get used eventually. For tops I buy 1-2 yards depending (long sleeves or some design detail like ruffles or a tie neck...vs a sleeveless top). For dresses 2-3. For pants or a jacket, 2-3. For outerwear, 4 although I probably need to buy 5 to be safe.

      Personally, I don't really like having much leftover fabric after a project if I don't specifically intend to make more than 1 garment from it. And I don't really colorblock...and I have no small people to sew for :)

  8. Whew! You did so much work! Your stash looks well organized and ready for action. :) Happy belated Mother's Day, and thanks for thinking of people without mothers - it's so sweet that you do that. My mother is alive, thank goodness, but it speaks well of you that you think of others. <3

  9. So organized and awesome! It must be super inspiring to be able to see all that fabric.


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