Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Getting Back To It...

My doctor told me to sew! :-p

"Usually if it is an activity like sewing or cutting, it is a deconditioning problem. That just means it takes a while for the little muscles and tendons to get used to the level of activity that you were previously accustomed to. You are definitely welcome to get into some more formal therapy to try to speed this up, however, it usually happens as you keep trying that specific activity over and over again until you build up a tolerance."

So...I have sewed a thing! A year or so ago I made NL6314 and it has been a FAVE!

Figuring a serger/coverstitch project that I've made before would be a good start, I made another! I hope to get pics this weekend!

I then traced a henley tee from Burda 12/2009. I was SO confused by the placket directions that it halted things. I did some searching and did a mock up today on some scraps. I did an okay job and hope to get back to the tee this weekend.

I totally meant to shorten this before cutting it out. It's SO long. Geez Burda!

Does Burda think everyone is like 5'9"? Eesh. 
Dear phone: Stop correcting my words! I meant placket not plant!

I have made some plans for June sewing. I'm thinking of Vogue 9311 for my birthday dress - we'll see if I have enough of the fabric I want to use for it. And I'd LOVE to sew the D&D Pensee top. Lastly, either B6621 and S2446 (both??!) since they are knits and patterns I've sewn before. We'll see! 

Me Made May is almost over!!

They're in reverse order. oops.

Saturday: A quasi me made day. I was in Memphis with my cousins and we all had tees made paired with denim shorts. My shorts were refashioned from some boyfriend jeans once I wore through the thigh. I sewed lace to the overly distressed bits (like the giant hole in the back pocket that my phone would always slip out of).

Friday: I spent 14 hours in the car and wore Vogue 1411 pants. That night, I attended a graduation ceremony and wore the SUPER popular back in the day S1803. I made this dress in 2014 and still love it!

Thursday: I ran errands and got my hair braided in preparation for the weekend trip. I wore my Burda 1/2018 hoodie.

Wednesday: I wore S2061 pants (black-on-black).

Tuesday: I wore this top and pants but with a cardigan. I didn't get a pic that day but later realized I had on the exact outfit as when I reviewed the top from Burda 8/2018.

Monday: I wore another TNT fave, McCall's 6519.

Sunday: I wore my Ottobre 5/2017 cardigan (that I almost got rid of!)


  1. Yay sewing! Hopefully your return will be triumphant and not result in too much pain as your muscles build back up.

    1. Thank you!! I'm so excited!! It's been almost 4 months! :-O

  2. Alright to sewing!!! I like the top! It looks nice. The Henley with the placket is coming along nicely (love the stripes). Your Me Made May looks like it went well!!!

  3. Woohoo! Great to hear that you can start sewing again. I look forward to seeing what you make!

  4. Terrific to hear you are back sewing!


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