Friday, May 19, 2017

Custom Labels and Friday Miscellany

First...Eeek! I finally got custom labels!!!!

Abby from Dutch Label Shop had contacted me previously about reviewing their custom woven labels. I had way too much going on and never even responded (oops!). When she followed up with me last week, I was definitely interested.

You've probably heard of Dutch Label Shop by now and have seen their products in blogland and on IG. I've started a couple of labels myself over the past few months but could never decide on the "right" label and this time, I still couldn't. So I ended up designing 3 different labels!

There's a few different offerings in their shop and plenty of room for personalization. For the basic woven labels:
  • 3 sizes available
  • Up to 3 lines of text which can be aligned left, right or centered
  • 19 label colors
  • 23 text colors including 4 sparkly options(!)
  • Notification of your label and text don't have enough contrast
  • 51 (I think) font options
  • A plethora of symbol options!
  • You can also choose sew on or iron on
Some of the extras do come with a fee, about 4 cents per label each (e.g, adding a symbol, choosing sparkly text) and the iron-on labels are more expensive than sew-on. The display label updates in real-time as you make changes.

I placed my order on 5/10, received a shipping notice on 5/15 and received them on 5/18. They are really nice! They're a nice size, the stitching is clean and the colors are vibrant.

I just think this font type, the sparkle and the needle just go with my blog name! :)
I like this basic label. I also think it can work vertically if needed. On this one, I went with the double white background option. This is suggested when you are using white background with dark text.
I actually completed this one first and was TOO excited to see that glittery gold was an option! 

I also ordered some stock labels, the Made in USA, in black and lime green. I didn't get as many of the lime ones and I do prefer the black. I think the contrast between the bright lime and white text don't work that well together. The text isn't as easy to make out.

I intend to use these for things I may not want a label in, like pj pants (of which I still need!), but need to distinguish front from back easily. 

I am pretty happy with my labels and glad I finally 'bit the bullet'. 

Dutch Label Shop  is offering you all a 15% discount on your purchase. The discount is available for the next 30 days, using the code sewcraftychemist15


What's Friday without a little randomness?

Gifted Apparel NYC just continues to get my money. This is my 3rd purchase from them. And I totally want the "IDK & IDC" sweatshirt!

Wilson the cat is so adorable right??! <3

I'm addicted to Snapchat filters :-p

(I don't use Snap publicly...only with friends and family)


Last but not least, the winner of Vogue 1501. Using the random number generator...the winner is Karen!

Please email me at sewcraftychemist -at- gmail -dot- com with your mailing address!

And yes...I still sew. Well theoretically! Life has been CRAZY busy and I haven't made it to the cave in a week and a half. I just put a couple of fabrics in the wash and the Nettie bodysuit shall be miiiiiine this weekend! Come back Monday to see how it turned out!


  1. I love your custom labels! That is the same place I got mine from, and I was impressed. I don't need any more right now, but will definitely order from them in the future. I look forward to seeing your Nettie bodysuit soon.

    1. They are so good and so reasonably priced! I too have enough to last awhile now but I can see how one could get carried away. They're fun to create!

  2. Cute labels. I really need to restock my labels. The company I used to order from went out of business. Will be checking them out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yaaaayyy!! I'm so excited to make a Vogue 1501! Emailing you now. :-) Also, love the labels - the font on the silver ones is so perfect.

    1. WOOHOO!!!!

      I thought that font worked so well with the name! :)

  4. I love that you got 3 different kind! I wish my one track mind would have slowed down to think of doing that.. or at LEAST doing white AND black lol

  5. Love your labels - so cute. I have a stock of labels on hand now but I will keep Dutch labels in mind next time I want to order.


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