Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Miscellany aka Sewing Plans

June is the Sewing with Lace contest and I am thinking of finally using my navy blue cotton lace to make a skirt. What pattern? Oh, what else but B5760 (now OOP - boooo!). I was doing some closet change over and pulled them all together:
All of these have been such fantastic additions to my wardrobe and I can't wait to sew the lace one! I have no hope of winning; it's a straight skirt...but sometimes it's nice to get that little push of a contest to get something done.
Speaking of skirts...I am head over heels in love with that V1501 as a skirt (as if you couldn't tell). While cleaning and arranging stuff to donate, I came across this really bright yellow pleated skirt that I'd bought a long time ago. It was a size 10 which totally should have fit at the time but didn't. I could never quite fit it and didn't return it because I would "totally get into it eventually!!". Well, that was probably 15-20 pounds ago! :-p It was time to let it go. But I never stopped believing I needed a bright yellow skirt because it was gorgeous.
Then I landed a really amazing ponte and made a skirt from M6654...
But then it got ruined in the wash :/
So I finished that V1501 and thought, wouldn't it be AMAZING in bright yellow?! Yes, right??
(nod your head yes
So this crepe is on it's way to me!
And May's Dress-a-Palooza did not get started but Top-a-Palooza somehow took it's place.

It all started the other day, when I pulled out this top, which was sewn in 2013, 3 months into my sewing journey! I told myself to stop fighting my inclination towards b/w prints and blue - those are my colors! 
Do you SEE that look of smug satisfaction!? hahaha!
It's such a nice cut on me and rayon challis makes it perfect for warmer temps. The black and white challis on the end and the colorful sandwashed rayon will become M6519 tops.
Then I couldn't stop thinking about the S1280 that I made for mom, so I pulled that out.
And I know that by now, you've seen ALL the versions of M7542 and I want mine! And lo and behold...I had already cut the pattern out and made all the adjustments to it! YAY! It is currently awaiting sleeves and a hem!
Dress-a-Palooza is still on and remember, it is a long term project ;-) If you look back at the photo of the 3 top patterns, you'll see V1329 peeking out.
That will be happening along with Burda 2/2013, in this cotton sateen.
A very good friend passes Vogue fabrics daily on her commute and got me a few yards of 2" Petersham. I feel the silhouette of the dress is otherwise a bit formal for my casual workplace (which I do NOT dress casually for because I don't dress casually for work...). I felt a fun color or print would remedy that.
I feel like this would make an AMAZING wedding guest dress but alas..
no weddings to attend this year for me.
And, OHEMGEE! I bought 8 (10?) yards of lining fabric at one point. I lost them. I found them when I moved last year. I lost them again!
I was searching for a lamp shade (RANDOM) and I FOUND THEM AGAIN! Score!!!! This time, I put them with the lining fabrics! (sheesh...)
I was going to review the new Sew Sew Def Magazine today but this post stretched on (Have you met me? Not yet? I blog like I speak. Hahahaha!) so I'll do that separately! 


  1. I swear way too much of my fabric collection resides at your house. Blue/white print crepe fabric - got that! Black 'n white with green polka dots, got that too! Yellow wool crepe is there too..maybe I should sew some of it so we can match! Hahahahaha!

    1. TWINSIES!!!! lol! :) I love getting the same fabric as others and then seeing how we all use it. It can be quite amazing to see how different fabrics "read" in different projects.

  2. That yellow skirt is great! So sad it got ruined in the wash. Looking forward to seeing the next one!

  3. Looks like lots of great things going on...yes to the yellow skirt, and finishing up a top you started in 2013!! Winning!

  4. Your skirts are always well fitting. I like your sewing plans. I have that blue/white fabric and pulled it out of my stash recently to make a Style Arc dress. Enjoy your sewing time!

  5. Always love your posts!
    Always feel exhausted by your productivity too. You must be an amazing employee.

  6. I stopped reading blogs for a while, and somehow missed your blog change. It hit me the other day that I haven't seen you on IG forever, and had to search around. SO GLAD I found you again!!! Have you left IG completely? Gotta trim the blogs in my feed so I don't miss moves like this again!!!

  7. "I told myself to stop fighting my inclination towards b/w prints and blue - those are my colors!"

    On Friday, I began swapping out winter clothes for summer clothes and noticed that most of my skirts are black and white or blue. Those are my colors too! It doesn't help that I sewed six skirts this month (!!!), five of which are blue, black, white, or a combination of the three. D'oh.

  8. What fun sewing plans - I look forward to seeing all of your creations!

  9. As always. Your plans amaze me. Love all the skirts and I think that Kay unger dress is gonna become a favorite!!


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