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Vogue 1501: The "weird" Rachel Comey Dress

I know, right? Luckily, I've managed to learn to look beyond the pattern photo...and when it's a designer pattern, Google is definitely your friend!

Here is the dress:

IDK why it looks so much cooler on the designer's model but that happens often!

It's SUPER cool in a solid and I've decided I have to have a black one! Eek!


The movement in the skirt is wonderful!

Pattern Description:
Sleeveless dress has shoulder pads, loose-fitting, shaped, front pleated bodice attached to waistband (front only), front pleated skirt, side pockets, narrow hem, back neck slit, button/loop, and invisible zipper. Purchased bias tape finishes seams.

Pattern Sizing:
6-14 and 14-22. I sewed a 14/16/18.

14 neck/shoulder, 16 through the bust and waist, and an 18 in the skirt.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
It does and I love it! <3

Were the instructions easy to follow?
They were. I got confused by the bodice pleats though and mine are wrong. :( I stitched them (like release tucks??) on the wrong side when they're just supposed to be folded and basted.



FYI, if you aren't adding the gusset for the shoulder pad, you don't need to partially sew the front/back and facings.

When I sewed the J.Crew knockoff dress, I mentioned liking the 3-open-seams method of lining a sleeveless dress. This pattern sews the seams on bodice and facings, but leaves the shoulder seams open; and then they are sewn in the round. This works fine here because the shoulders are nice and wide. On that Burda dress, with those narrow shoulders, that would've been a bit of a nightmare (btdt).

All in one facings are prettttty neat.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
It's interesting, modern, and chic. It's actually fitted but doesn't look it. A really great pattern.

The front tuck detail is perfect and your body will be fully covered even thought that's the only place where it's connected to the skirt.

I have a pretty short torso! I have the skirt at my natural waist.

Now, getting out of it is weird...but it's worth it :)

Invisible zipper

The bodice hem has these angles that are kind of soft on mine because...poly blouse weight.

Surprisingly, it looks fantastic with a 1/2" shoulder pad! The pattern recommends 3/4" which is over the top (like the pattern photo). I'm going to make a self-fabric covered 3/8" pad and add it. I really like it with the store-bought pad, but it's too thick and bulky.

I had a photo but my terrible posture made it impossible to see the difference in the two.

The waistband was uninterfaced and the facing interfaced. I find it's usually the other way this to keep the outside "soft"?

Fabric Used:
Poly blouseweight woven from Fabric Mart. I bought 5 yards of this stuff, I loved the print so much!

It shreds so be careful if you have it...but it does take a press with a little steam. And OMG! My serger hated this stuff. I had to go with some crazy settings to get it to feed through without the being eaten.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:
The skirt has volume in front due to the pleats but it is actually semi-fitted through the hips, and fitted at the waist.

I used a size 18 skirt and waistband but ended up with like an extra 3/4" of fabric on my waistband (and facing!) so me thinks I did not do a perfect job on folding in those pleats - mark them carefully!!. As a result it zips at my natural waist but only at my natural waist. LOL!

I ain't French seaming pockets. That is not something I even remotely care it didn't happen.

I have a big head. There's a back slit at I can just get it over my head. Oh and I totally forgot about the fabric loop when I sewed up the bodice/facing and ended up just doing a hook & eye at the neckline.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others:
As mentioned I am making this as a skirt in the same print and would love to have it in black.

Highly recommend it and my biggest tip would be FIT THAT WAISTBAND!  Thankfully, the waistband piece has finished pattern measurements!

Oh! How could I forget...When I got ready to sew this, I started cutting the pattern pieces - I always rough cut, iron, cut - I got to the waistband and saw that the 14 was the largest size and the finished waist was 30.5"! My waist is 34.5"!!! I was hemming and hawing and a lightbulb went off...Vogue was on sale at JoAnn. So I went and got a new pattern!

I have NO IDEA why I had the smaller size range on this. Sheesh. But, if you want it, it's YOURS. I have to say US only, unless you're willing to pay for shipping. I would estimate, with an envelope, 4 oz (probably less but that's a safe bet), and you can check shipping rates at and use zip code 55401. I will use a random number generator based on comments.

As mentioned, a few pieces are rough cut (meaning all size cutting lines are still intact; and it's size 6-14).

**I'll post the winner for the pattern on Saturday, 5/13. So any comments through Friday, 5/12 will be included. Thanks!!**

Love. I really love everything about it. Even the higher neckline works! Bummed that I didn't get to wear it to my event on Monday (it snowed. Only a little...but it was 30 degrees and nighttime and way too cold to wear this. Booooo tundra!)


  1. Seriously? I would never have guessed your dress was made with that pattern. It's beautiful. Well done!

    1. I was just head over heels with it while in progress and couldn't wait to see it finished! :-D Thanks Graca!

  2. Love the dress! I'd be happy to take your extra pattern off your hands!

  3. Not interested in the pattern. I'd need the bigger sizes. Your dress looks great on you!

  4. wow that looks fantastic, love it. I was so tempted by that pattern but I have so many other things on my wish list (no need for the pattern here - hope someone else who wants to make it will get it). Great fabric pairing also.

  5. What an awesome pattern! I've seen a few makes now and I think I need it in my life. If Andekate doesn't take the pattern off your hands, I'd be happy to ;)

    1. Thanks Alexandra! I have loved every version I've seen too! Adding you to the list!

  6. This looks awesome, and I would love that pattern! I hadn't realized how many strange (but cool) details this pattern had before your review. Shoulder pads, the almost disconnected bodice... I love it! Also, the pleats in the front look good, regardless. :-)

    1. Thanks Karen! It does have some super cool details!

      Adding you to the list!

  7. I would love to have the extra pattern. Love the material you used.

  8. This is pretty on you and like you said the darker version is prettier than the lighter version. No need to include me in the drawing, the pattern is not my size but I'm sure you're aware of that! hahahahaha!

  9. Looks great on you! I have this pattern, but haven't delved into it yet. I'm having trouble deciding on fabric.

    1. Thanks Meg!

      Fabric is really important. Stable but with a bit of drape seems to work well!

  10. You did a great job with this pattern. I never would have thought it was this design which I thought was odd when I saw it but you are rockin' it!

    1. Thanks Tomasa!

      I felt like that the first time I saw it made up!

  11. Beautiful dress! I have this pattern, so do not need to be included in the drawing.

    1. Thanks Candice! Hopefully you love it if you ever get around to making it!

  12. I really enjoy your blog, and your dress is lovely. I'd like to throw my hat into the ring for the pattern drawing. It would suit my daughter.

  13. I like this dress, it always looks okay when made up - I think the fabric is the key here, the pattern picture does not do justice to the style with the pastel pattern.

    1. I agree; the fabric is so important and their choice is a bit odd.

  14. I love the sewing adventure you had with this pattern- thats what makes home sewing so fun, trying out styles that I wouldn't try at the store. I am like you, when I first saw it I thought, "weird, but INTRIGUING!" I would love to put my name in the hat for the pattern since I'd love to give it a whirl! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Adding you Elizabeth!!

      And yes, the adventure is SO fun!

  15. Hi been looking for you on ig.. are is still on

  16. I di not get this pattern at all when it was released, I often ignore the pattern photo and look at the line drawings, but was still a bit baffled! So thank you for sharing the designer originals, inspiring me to google image search other versions of this and of course for showing your version in that gorgeous fabric. It looks great, as do all the other versions I saw online - the dress on the Vogue model just looks far too big. It's still a weird dress, but I get it now and I agree another one in a solid colour is a must!

    1. THAT'S IT! It's too big on her, making it look a bit dowdy...

      It's totally a weird dress, LOL! But it works!

  17. Wow! This is so gorgeous and looks amazing on you.

  18. Funny thing is I looked at this pattern and thought it was a tucked top in a skirt and said no way lol


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