Monday, July 31, 2017

July Wrap-up and August Plans

Well this month was almost bust! But both projects were a win so there's that.
  • McCall's 6886 dress in striped  jersey
  • Burda 1/2017 athletic pants
Accomplishments: I used my new coverstitch!! When I bought my serger it took me 4 months to use it! I was a newbie...but still. I was so eager to get going this time!

I had to travel back home (Chicago) this past week...

Amazing view of downtown from my room <3

10.25% sales tax!!!! :-O We don't pay tax on clothing and shoes here in MN.
So even though I cruised the Magnificent Mile and found stuff I wanted, I couldn't pay an extra 10% for it!

I did get this though! #FlyTheW #GoCubbies!

Wilson the cat was SO happy I came back home.

Update on my hand: Mehhhh. It's now been just over 3 weeks. Sad face.
See the wonkiness between the ring finger and pinky (right hand)??

The circled area is where it still hurts. 

Sighhhh. I want it to get better :(

August Plans Wish List (written before I realized my frigging hand was never, ever, EVER going to heal. WAHHHHHHH!)

I almost always move on to fall sewing in August with the occasional end of summer project thrown in. Our average high temp for September is a balmy 71 degrees and that drops to 58 by October. I like to be ready! One wardrobe hole is outerwear. Well, I have a TON of outerwear (lol!!), but not what I want for those in between times...Even now in the dead of summer with 85-90 degree highs, it is often about 65 degrees when I leave home. In early fall that can easily be low to mid 40s. So for August (and September), I want to focus on outerwear.

*Finish Butterick 6141 jacket

*Liesl & Co Woodland Stroll cape
I have this blue and brown plaid cotton coating that I love! I bought it to make a blazer but it is  coating and way too stiff. Should make for a perfectly casual little cape!

*Burda 8/2017 sweater coat (this coat is unlined and intended for fleece type fabrics)
IMO this has to be in a solid color. I fear that any print/pattern will read "bathrobe" on me.

*Burda 8/2017 jacket
I have a camel/caramel? piece of coating that could work.

That should do it, right!?!? :) The butterick just needs the collar added, lining bagged and closures. Shouldn't take too much time to finish. The cape should be quick and the sweater coat too. Well that's what I'm telling myself! Hahahaha!

I (really!) want a new trench coat, and have fabric for it too! But I do think I'm going to stick with the plan of pushing this to spring. I'm very excited about the plans for fall!

I am in LOVE with the Named Isla trench but put off buying it and now they aren't printing it anymore. And, there is no *bleeping* way I'm assembling a PDF for that coat (no copy shop option from what I can tell). I'll have to use what's in stash or find another trench pattern.

The Closet Case Clare is still planned. I was holding out hope that there would be more non-tester reviews by now but I haven't seen much. This is intended to be more coat than jacket, even with the bracelet sleeves, because it isn't "cold" here until we're flirting with single digits. Well, you just don't allow yourself to think of 20 as cold when you know you've got another 30-40 degrees (or more!!) to drop!

So because I want that for cooler weather and am using a heavier wool and plan to line with Kasha...I'll bump it to later. Hopefully I'm not all outerwear'd out. :)

We'll see how far I get on these plants and how much OOH! SHINY! interferes. if my hand ever returns to normal. (pinching motions or anything requiring my whole hand to grip hurts. So both shears and rotary cutters are a no for now)


  1. Great fall sewing plans! My dad is from Chicago, and I can't believe the sales tax there! Wow! I am hoping your hand continues to heal.

  2. Stay strong! Healing takes time, sorry it's taking so long and keeping you from sewing! I had a though the other day about the dark green top with the cut out neckline in your last post - add an exposed (or invisible) zip to the back! It would look really cool, and you'd still get the cut out neckline from the front. Not that I want to make your to sew list longer or anything... :)

    1. Thank you so much!

      I agree, that is an excellent work around. It would zip right up through the collar. Hmmm... :)

  3. I'm just wondering--do they pay state income tax on top of that high sales tax? If they do, yikes! Who could afford to live there.

    1. They DO! And that just increased like 30% to 4.9%! Their property taxes are astronomical as well (well, compared to MN! Though our income tax is pretty high). I don't know how people do it. Not to mention all of the other taxes. There's a "bag tax" in Chicago city limits (it costs 7 cents to get a bag from a retailer). There's an impending "beverage tax" of 1 cent PER OUNCE on sweetened beverages.

      Oh gosh and the TOLLS! LOL! I have a small car and drive there round trip for about $50. I spend about $18-20 on round trip tolls when I'm there. Granted, it's half price if you have a transponder, but still. Eeesh.

      Mind boggling.

  4. I was SO hoping to read that you were making one of the dresses from the Burda 8/17 issue. I'm brand new to Burdastyle mag, but traced off 111 yesterday and cut it out this morning. Just. Can't. Wait. BTW, I love reading your blog because I feel connected to you because I'm a lab tech. Hope your hand heals fast!

    1. Hi Kelly! I'm glad you're sewing one of them! :) I'm sure I'll circle back around because August was just so fantastic.

  5. I really hope your hand heals soon! Cause this is taking quite some time...

  6. I hope your hand goes ahead and heals too! Make sure you do everything the doctor says to do.

  7. I know a good hand dr. In chicago. Hope it heals soon!

  8. Blackbird Fabrics ( ) has 3 Isla trench coat print patterns in stock. They are selling them for $29.64.

    1. Thanks Mari. $30 is a bit steep for me. I will likely end up using the vintage Simplicity I have and seek other details from a Burda or something. I have a few trenches in my mags but the thought of tracing a trench coat pattern (and all the accoutrement sounds daunting!)

  9. I always love reading your sewing plans. I plan and then change my mind... Anyway, I hope your hand heals soon and doesn't give you too much trouble.

    1. Ha! I love making plans!! Sometimes I actually *TRY* to follow them ;-)

  10. I like the sound of your plans - hope the hand heals quickly so that you can get started :)

  11. Your poor hand! So many good plans too! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery! I wonder if soaking in Epsom salts would help? That's my solution for everything :)


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