Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pattern Repeat: McCall's 6886

Still no sewing :( It's been 20 days. Unreal! My hand has improved quite a bit --I'd say I'm 75%-- but is nowhere near healed. I don't know what's normal for a hand sprain; most everything I find is about wrists or fingers specifically. I may follow up next week if I'm  still unable to perform normal day-to-day tasks!

So I'm sharing the 8,132nd McCall's 6886 that I made and wore to the Twins game on my birthday! LOL!

I've made this so many times already that I knew it would be super quick. Even with stripe matching it took maybe 90 minutes and I made it the night before.

I have this cut out in a size 14 neck/shoulders, 16 bust/waist and 18 hip. This time, I used the longest view. The fabric is an amazing jersey from the precuts that were at FabricMart this year. I wish I would have bought one of everything because I love every single cut I've sewn thus far!

I don't want to belabor the point on stripe-matching; there's a gazillion tutorials and tips/tricks out there.

I use notches and the l/s lines to line things up.

Have to be extra careful when cutting on the fold that things are straight.

And since I typically use the serger to construct jersey knits, I check that everything is good to go.
I got it right on the first try here - very rare! :)
Not too shabby!

I've NEVER bothered much with trying to line up sleeves. This time I did and did okay. I did realize something though...

When I participated in the FabricMart challenge, we caught some flack week 1 for our "horrible sleeves" on our Grainline Scout tops. 1) I think that pattern sucks. I tossed it after the contest. 2) The criticism came because the blogger assumed we were chosen to compete because we were supposed "experts" or something. Nope, it was all in good fun! But from that, I did gain something! She'd mentioned that many sleeves don't have enough height in the cap. I'd not given it a ton of thought until more recently, and then worked hard to match this sleeve and finally got it.

If there was another inch in the cap height, the striped would match all the way. The stripes on the sleeve would be perfectly horizontal as well vs. slanting upward. Not a huge deal for casual wear...but I am curious to test it out. I have enough of this fabric for a t-shirt and will use my TNT M6964. Not sure when...but it's a plan.

This pattern calls for a turn and stitch neckline but I've never finished it that way.
I measured the length of the opening on this scoop version and then depending on the stretch in my fabric, lengthen or shorten as appropriate. I cut the strip at 2 1/2" which gives me a ~5/8" binding.
at the game!
I didn't get any type of decent photo but again...I've made this pattern so many times before!
I love the fit of this pattern! I'd better buy a back-up copy at the next sale.
I've also bought a little RTW that makes my heart sing! I was going to a concert last minute and wanted something cute to wear. Surprisingly, I saw NO jumpsuits out 'in the wild'. Lots of rompers still...and ALL the cold shoulder / dramatic sleeves. The cold shoulder ain't leaving anytime soon.

I wanted to try this top on but my big a$$ head could not fit through this opening.
supremely amusing!

But this top was a winner! AND it's a bodysuit so extra, extra points.

So Simplicity 8385 will definitely happen before summer is out. I was unsure about the style on me but obviously, I can rock it!

Back in April I was looking for overalls and finding nothing. I tried to leave these in the store but I just love every single tiny detail about them so they had to come home with me and be my pretty!!!! I wore them on Sunday and just did not want to take them off!

No, I'm not wearing a shirt - sorry (not really).
Which is why there are no photos of the back! LOL!

The leg has a boyfriend cut which I love. I went down a size because I didn't want saggy diaper butt. So they are fitted through the waist and hip and more relaxed through the leg. Adore!! (so I don't say again that I love them!).

I feel sad (on the inside!) that I can't sew right now. Sigh. Hopefully August is productive. I want things!!