Friday, September 1, 2017

August Wrap-Up and September Plans

This month I sewed:

McCall's 7627. 

Yay me! LOL!

I do actually have sewing plans for September. It may be wishful thinking, but I have a few holes that now need filling. Not surprising though; basics wear out faster than everything else, right?

 My beloved Fabric Mart has failed me!!!! WAHHHHHH!  I got my order today and the ponte wasn't there. There was a cut of grey suiting with the sticker for the Ponte. And it's gone from their site. I am very, very disappointed. I know they'll refund me and are unlikely to ask me to return the suiting, but I am still left without the 4.5 yards of charcoal Ponte. 

I knew Chris would make it right!!! My ponte is on the way!

...and I have a few things I've been wanting in grey so now is the time! All three are patterns I've made multiple times before, so easy does it on my first full month sewing again.

I suck at sketching. I bought one sketch book before realizing this. AND, it isn't something I enjoy. I was journaling, as I do, and slipped my phone in the book...and realized I could see the tech drawings pretty easily. SCORE!

Anyway, this is what I WAS going to make:

Butterick 5926 made 3 times 
Simplicity 2061 made 4 times
McCall's 6654 made I-don't-know-how-many-times

Nice way to kick off fall, no? I saw this muslin of V9267 on McCall's Facebook and onto the wishlist it went. I would also like to make this in this fun textured suiting with pleather side panels.

I decided to jump into the Pattern Review Sewing Bee because challenge 1 is a pencil skirt (inspired by music). Hopefully I can get a nice jump on it over the long weekend.

Remember I said I bought a ton of fabric? Sigh. (yes, I said that part too!)

I got these Telio ponte knits from Fabric Mart. They feel fantastic! But like a heavy jersey, NOT a ponte. The navy is a different Telio line and it has some heft to it.


I wear the knit houndstooth print skirt from M6654 all.the.time and really liked this print, even though it was a poly/lycra ponte. I also want to sew this sweater from the fall/winter Ottobre and I think it'll pair nicely with this skirt. That's planned next month.

Other knits:

4 prints


solid (a MESS of black cotton jersey!)

I could not decide on the two shades of grey and they are subtly different in color and texture. The 2 yard length (I could have sworn I got 2.5 yards of both...) I plan to make this new New Look dress from. I LOVE THE SLEEVE!!! and that crepe will look gorgeous and in that icy grey will make for a nice not-so-basic basic.

For my daughters M7627:

I honestly have no reason to buy fabric again the rest of the friggin YEAR. SIGGGGHHHHHHH. I just put myself on a serious budget (for life! Not just sewing) and since I know it may be a little while before I'm fully back to normal, I really, really do not need more fabric. I've even unsubscribed to emails!!


  1. You have so many good things planned! The Sewing Bee looks like so much fun--I know you will do well.
    How awesome that you will be sewing some things for your daughter too!
    Btw, I trace technical drawings too.

  2. I hate when that happens with my fabric orders! Getting exciting about one fabric and then getting the order with that exactly fabric missing! I hear you when you say about heaving enough fabric, I get the same when I get in my sewing room :) , we plan to move and so I will be 2 hours away from the place where I buy most of my fabrics...and he does not sell online :))). Good luck with the Sewing Bee.

  3. Looks like you are getting back into full swing again - good for you. Better to sew from stash than to stash not to sew, if you get my meaning!

  4. Hey I thought we were on a fabric buying fast lol
    I'm on a budget myself however I will partake in this weekend sales I "think" then I'm on my life "budget"
    Adulting sucks sometimes right lol

  5. You bought the same rayon challis that I bought and used on my wide legged pants. And you do have a nice amount of fabric - made my fabric buying senses slobber! hahahahaha! But I'm with you, so much more has come into the cave than has gone out so I'm not buying fabric for a minute too.

  6. Four and a half yards of Prince of Wales plaid? It's still lovely and enough for a suit!

  7. Oh - shame about the mix-up with your fabric, but the suiting looks very nice!

  8. So sorry about the Ponte knit.. Hate when that happens.
    You really found some pretty fabrics.. I am trying to stay away from fabric sights, and use what I have.. Mercy!!! it is hard. smile. Best wishes.
    Looking forward to your new makes.. Happy sewing. Hope your hand gets completely well , real soon.

  9. Such lovely pieces!!! I too need to unsubscribe to all fabric emails, LOL!!! FIESTA ;)

  10. So sorry you did not get the grey fabric you wanted but all of the other fabric you got look pretty amazing to me. And I know you will make some beautiful garments with all of them. Glad to see you are sewing again!


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