Saturday, September 23, 2017

Simplicity 2061 and Some RTW Love

There isn't much to say about S2061 honestly. I've made them a handful of times. I cut a size 18, added 3/4" to the back rise, scooped out 1/4", removed 3/4" from the front and otherwise, they are sewn from the pattern. I am thinking on my black pair I may have slimmed the legs down a little. I was okay with he width but I wore them yesterday and realized they're too big in the waist. They kept slipping down. So I may remove the waistband and slim them down. 

These went together lightening fast. I used my machine to stitch the pleats and the elastic. They were constructed on the serger and the hem zip-zip-zip done on the cover stitch.

I love having a coverstitch!


Before getting the Brother 2340cv, I'd see reference to difficulties in removing the fabric. I was worried! Before mine came I watched tutorials and read blogs and on and on. And then I had some fits and starts trying different methods. So when 2 months passed without me using it, I had to look at tutorials AGAIN. I was having a tough time. You know what I did? I took out the manual. And followed the instructions. And it's easier and simpler and more straightforward than any blog post or YT tutorial on removing the fabric!


You do NOT need to turn your needle tension dials to 0.
You do NOT need to pull forward the threads and all that.
Just do what the book says.

Raise needles to the highest position, lift the presser foot, hold down the thread release on the needles, pull the fabric back, snip the needle threads, keep pulling (gently!), snip the looper thread(s).

Easy peasy.

BTW, the day I took these pics I wore my skirt. I freaking love this skirt! 

Tossed on the cardigan with the pants for a quick photo. I can't wait to pair the cardi + skirt/pants with a bright top (someone needs to put their excessive amounts of now wrinkled laundry away).

I am working on the teal silk blouse from the 9/2017 Burda mag now!

As luck would have it, I ran out of tracing paper with one pattern piece left to go. BLEHHHHH. I use Bifeng paper and Amazon will deliver a new roll post-haste! :-D

Now, you all know I'm not anti-RTW. But I do shop at like, 2 places. I don't like having to try to figure out fit over and over again. I know that at LOFT, I wear a 12 in their Julie (curvy) fit. It's perfect. In their 'straight' fit, I need a 14 and to have the waist taken in. I cannot wear their Marissa. I usually go straight to the Julies but I saw these (straight fit) pants and had that 'sharp intake of breath' moment!!! I do need to get them taken in at the waist, which I don't do alterations (shot out to Tara! haha!) but these are a definite WIN.

Yes, I have on two different shoes. I think they are adorable with boots and will wear them both ways through fall, winter and spring (I think they may be too heavy for summer). Just cover half the pic for the effect...LOL!!!

The pants are black with a navy stripe and then a mustard stripe centered over that. The mustard actually lends itself to a variety of combos aside from well...mustard. It works well with bright yellow, and with yellow-toned cream and beige. Of course black and navy but they were also really cute with a chambray shirt. I'm excited! LOL!


  1. Ah, everything looks so good! Simple, chic, and stylish.

    1. I was ready to say the same thing! Everything is classy and CLASSIC, simple and works beautifully. Love it!

  2. Both looks are great. If I could walk into a store and buy pants long enough, I would! But they never have tall lengths in the store. I have to order them. And I can just sew up a pair while I'm waiting on delivery. Those RTW pants remind me of Simplicity 8389.

  3. I love the pants; they look great with the cardigan. The RTW pants are so cute and stylish.

  4. First, you look radiant! Second, the pants are nice.

    I think your skirt looks so sleek and stylish on you, I see why you love it.

  5. Your wardrobe is really coming along! Love everything you're sewing...oh and I buy RTW too. Everything on my bottom now is RTW. I've been to lazy to figure out my pants pattern since I have soooooo many other things to sew!

  6. Wow!!!...Thank You for the info about the Brother 2340cv Coverstitch....Those instructions are much better to achieve and understand.
    I was having the same problems also trying to remember the removal instructions and will be easily remembered.

    Sew Grateful

  7. Looking terrific, chic, and comfortable all at once.


  8. Love your pants and skirt, they both look really good on you! And those RTW pants are super cute with both shoes and boots (boots are my fav!). I purchase RTW on occasion, but very seldom. However, if I don't get moving in my sewing room, my entire wardrobe may end up RTW!!

  9. RTW!! The blasphemy! :) Your pants look great, love the skirt; but that cardi! Oh I like that cardi. Great job getting on with your coverstitch. It sure makes hemming look nice. :)


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