Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Wrap-up and October Plans

This month I sewed:

  • Vogue 8750 skirt (contest)
  • McCall's 6654 skirt
  • McCall's 6844 cardigan
  • Simplicity 2061 pants
  • McCall's 7194 tunic (contest)
  • Burda 9/2017 blouse (WIP)
  • Burda 12/2015 (WIP, contest)

Favorites: The ponte skirt! I've worn it a handful of times already! It's such a great wardrobe addition.

FAILS: No true fails this mont, but, on the V8750 skirt I have to remove the pleather panels. As mentioned, they just collapse against the denim. The S2061 pants are too big in the waist. I need to remove the waistband (WAH!) and take them in. I need to fix the off-lower sleeve on the M7194 tunic from round 2 of the Bee, The Burda blouse isn't a "love" and needs some tweaks before it's finished.

I suppose I can blame some on "rushing" for the contest. ;-)

Accomplishments: I would say sewing for the Bee. Every year since it began, I would look and think, NOPE. Not interested. And each round, I've almost quit. But then I center myself, remember that I HAVE to sew something that I will actually wear, and then I've been able to continue on. So I've really stepped out of my box a bit with the contest and it's been fun!

For this round, after going back and forth and quitting the Bee like 5 times in my head, this coat inspired my entry that I hope to have completed tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

October plans:

I want to sew the coat from 8/2017 Burda for the PR wool coat contest. Our temps are starting to drop (I am wearing my cape or a light jacket in the a.m.) and by the end of the month, a warm snuggly coat will come in handy.

I HAVE to sew my daughter's M7627 first!!!

I also hope to fix my first 2 contest entries and would love to squeeze out these pants from the July Burda. One, that'll get me caught up this year for my challenge and two, I need more casual throw-on pants.

The fit on the Burda blouse isn't my favorite but the silk and the sleeve cuff?!? SWOON!!!!!!

Ahhh....(I purposely used the matte side of the silk for the bands)

So even though I don't love it, I'm excited to finish it. 

Come back in a few days for my Bee entry!!! :-D


  1. I look forward to seeing your bee creation! And those Burda pants are gorgeous!!! Love them!❤ You had a nice month.

  2. Awesome - when do you find the time to do all this?

    1. Thank you!

      At one point I just figured I'm a quick sewer. I don't sew everyday and do a little in a lot of spurts. Plus my kids are all grown up. :)

  3. I’m so excited to see your Bee entry! Good luck on finishing it!

  4. oooh can't wait to see what comes from that inspiration pic!

    sn: it takes sooo much motivation to fix stuff we already made doesn't it? lol like... that's supposed to be done..

    1. I'm excited by it!

      I KNOWWWWWWWW. I am just getting myself to accept that I have to do it. And I "can't" start my wool coat until I do. Because I want to wear them, not stare at them! :)

  5. Great plans! That coat will come in handy. I look forward to your entry into the Bee ! keep at it!

  6. Those pants are cute. I wonder if that's the one issue I bought this year....


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