Sunday, December 10, 2017

Burda Challenge: 10/2017 #127

I kind of hemmed and hawed over my October Burda project. I liked several of the dresses but just didn't "need" them. And then I liked the cool top with the integrated tie waist. But I cannot find any fabric in the stash that I really want to use so I figured I'd better let it go for now. I don't want to force it and end up with a garment I don't really like or won't wear (ahem; looking at you nice 8/2017 wrap dress from nice black & white fabric that gives me the sads when I put it on). (also, I took pictures of the dress and still don't like it. It's been almost 6 weeks though so I'd better review it. Soon.)

I fell in love with this very simple top/tunic immediately!

I've always used a 40/42 on top for Burda and figured the plus 44 would be too large. Then I wore the top I made for the PR Sewing Bee, remembered I had a chunk of fabric left, and wondered if I could squeeze this top from it. The pattern calls for 1 3/4 yds of 55" fabric which is closer to 1.5 yards of 60" fabric-I had 1 yard and a large scrap. They had you mirror the pieces and cut single layer. I decided that if I used 3/8" seam allowances instead of 5/8" I'd be able to make it work. And I did! Without using the scrap piece!

Regarding the sizing, I figured 1) it's a "sweatshirt" so a little oversized is fine and 2) I just measured into a 46 on bottom vs my "usual" 44. I graded the neckline and shoulder to a ~42 and traced a 44 for the rest. I added 3/8" seam allowances throughout.

This was quick work on the serger and coverstitch (WHY DIDN'T I BUY A COVERSTITCH SOONER!?!?). You can see it's a very simple construction; sew the shoulder seams, hem the neckline, attach the lower front and back (the fronts cross over slightly), side seams, zippers, hem the armholes. I hemmed the armholes last...if I did it again I'd just coverstitch those while it's still flat.

I like their styling with a long sleeved tee. This is the only one I own and it's too small.
I'd just added 'long sleeved tee' to my sewing list. 

I bought these zippers in my last Wawak order for this top. I was going to use the animal print knit I used for V9022, which the weight of that fabric would've worked nicely. The sweatshirt knit must have some rayon in it - it drapes nicely and it wrinkles if you happen to share the same airspace with it.

Somehow the details of the line drawing escaped me. This happens to me a lot. LOL! It tapers in toward the hip. Whyyyyy Burda?! Why!!!

Yep, totally just like the line drawing. Doh.

So mine is snug across the butt and gets hung up.

I took the pic on the left and was like, eh, it's okay. But the picture on the right is totally my normal posture! LOL! I had a New Year's resolution once to try to correct my posture. Fail!

BUT, this is totally a casual at-home type of garment for me. No judgment here, just my own personal comfort level...I don't do athlesiure. Lounging at home - yes, please! And I definitely need more loungewear. I've been saying it for FOR-EVER! I'm going to make it happen this time though. I have a loungewear mini-wardrobe planned!! :) Oh, all that to say that I'm not happy it's snug across the butt but it isn't a deal breaker. 

I could have sworn the model was drinking coffee in the shot and my mug of coffee was there and...
...I went and checked and nope. She has her phone in her hand! :)

NL6530 is stalled. I have to do some unpicking so wahhhhhh. This morning I started tracing the jacket from the 12/2017 Burda. I hope to get those reviews up while I'm working through the jacket. And I made my black sweater knit M6886 though and luuuuuurrrrrve it.

As always, more later!


  1. I think the top looks cozy, and I like the zipper feature.

  2. Nice and cozy, I could use one right now.

  3. I can see why you overlooked the line drawing. The photo totally does not give the snug hip vibe. Yours looks like a great top for snuggling at home. Who cares about butt Velcro at home! :-)

  4. I just made this one too! Looks great on you! Nice job on the zippers too. I ended up leaving mine off because I couldn't get the right color, but wish I had them.

  5. Oh yes! I agree with Faye, it looks nice and cozy and I want one for this chili Florida weather! Very pretty and the zipper detail is awesome!

  6. This is a pattern I hadn't really noticed before, it looks great and I'm loving this idea of layering simple pieces at the moment. The zipper detail is very cool, they look like they are functional, could you just open them up a bit if you want more room at the hips?

  7. Such a fun top -- love the zipper detail!


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