Monday, January 22, 2018

Burda 6659 and Butterick 6427; Loungewear post 2 of 2

I had B6427 in the stash and planned to compare it to the Dixie DIY Summer Concert Tee. I was unsure about this type of tee on my frame and never proceeded.

Well, I love it!

I used a size medium with a small for the neckline (it's SO low and wide!) and this black cotton-lycra jersey knit from Fabric Mart. It was a Sue's Pick I believe, by Maggy London, and I bought 6 yards! After sewing this top I realized I wouldn't like it as much for actual garments. It's thick and attracts lint like some crazy, deranged lint magnet! But for loungewear, it's fine. I plant to make another S8424 legging from this fabric.

I decided to make this my first Cricut HTV (heat transfer vinyl) project!!! I have a couple of official Cricut posts coming soon (early February and early March). I plan to do a tutorial on making heat transfers for tees so watch for that in a few weeks!

One of my favorite phrases is being 'unable to adult' :) If you're familiar with the show 'black-ish', the oldest kid from the show is now off to college and has a spin off called 'grown-ish'; my tee is an ode!

This, not surprisingly, was constructed entirely on the serger and coverstitch. Easy. Peasy.

I like the hi-low hem and the side slits. The sleeve bands are a bit snug for my forearms; I'd increase them a bit (probably to the equivalent of a large).

The neck binding on S8424 was perfect, this one was a little too long and I have a wavy neckline in front (and yes, I used the right size!!). Luckily, it's loungewear. My next iteration will be out of fabric that's more lightweight so I will likely need to size that down a bit.

The joggers! I had these in stash for DD and the 3/2014 issue of the magazine has a very similar pattern. I decided cutting this out as the lazier option over tracing from the mag :)

I used a size 44 on the blue pair and cut down to a 42 for the star pair. I shortened the front rise 3/4" and lengthened the back 1". While I love when there are multiple rows of elastic in patterns like this, I hate doing the work!

I decided on eyelets (because I am the eyelet queen now!) instead of buttonholes. I interfaced the area but must've cut it open too much. I've since found that with knits I just need to take the awl firmly through it and immediately place the eyelet; I don't need to cut them open. When they were finished and I went to try them on, I pulled the twill tape and ripped the eyelet right out on one side! I did a hack job replacing it AND they aren't even. DOH!

On the star pair, I felt the thicker french terry would be REALLY be a joy (/sarcasm) to thread two rows of elastic through and decided on a ponte waistband in black. I also narrowed the ankle just a tad, cut the leg band down to a size 40, and attached it with a 3/8" seam instead of 5/8". I love them!!!!


I don't need more joggers right now but once I wear these out I'd definitely use this pattern again.

Fabric for both pair of joggers came from Fashion Fabrics club. The blue is a lightweight french terry (beautiful! drape) and the star fabric is heavier. This kind of fabric was my first experience with french terry and made me say I hate this fabric. I'd made M6884 and absolutely hated that loopy wrong side. I don't mind it as much in joggers but probably wouldn't look for this heavier terry again. The lightweight version? LOVELY!!!

I've ordered from Fashion Fabrics Club off and on. The biggest deterrent, aside from their outdated website, is I hate that I can't use PayPal. It isn't even a security concern just that I hate having to actually pull out my card. LOL!!! So sad.

In this order I'd gotten both of these French terry fabrics, double knit for my hoodie (coming soon!), the denim knit used in the s8424 top, 3 T-shirt knits (white, ivory and cream), a black t-shirt knit and an apricot colored lightweight French terry. I did not receive the last two items.

I received a notice with my order that the apricot fabric had sold out. I asked about notification of sold out items and was told I have to ask to be notified at checkout. Sigh. Whatever. Okay, give me a refund. I did not receive the black t-shirt knit. I notified them on 12/20, had to ask again on 12/22, and it was 1/2 before I realized I never received the refund on the black knit. I was NOT HAPPY and they were going to be off the list. (I went 3+ years without ordering from because of screw ups). HOWEVER, all of the fabrics I received were pretty much amazing. And their pricing was so good, that I will give them another shot.

I have worn these items NON STOP! :)

I've said a million times before that "my colors" are blue, black and grey. Uhmm...yep! LOL!

Simplicity 8424 leggings and tee reviewed here


  1. You've made yourself some really beautiful loungewear sets. They look so comfy; I'd be wearing them all the time, too. I saw in the news that some parts of MN got more than a foot of snow and I thought of you ☺. Stay warm!

    1. Thank you! Oh yes I had the joy of digging myself out of over 10" of snow!

  2. These all look so cozy! Lounge wear is not the most glamorous sewing, but for me it’s the most useful, so, always worth it. Your set look stylish and functional.

  3. Nice loungewear! I love the Adult-ish t-shirt. Nice style.

  4. That's good to know about FFC. I ordered from them once but ended up canceling my order before it arrived because of horrifically rude customer service. I don't know that I can get over that (especially the issue over the refund - yuck!) but now I'll probably check out their site again. I've noticed they also sell through Amazon and wonder if their CS is better through that site (I do now order from after a long hiatus, but only via Amazon).

    1. Oh I had no clue that they too are associated with Amazon!!

  5. They all came out very nice. I need to make me a few of lounge wear garments. As for the Adult (ish) - ON POINT!!!

  6. Your loungewear set is boss! Yes I have that Burda pants pattern and yes I am going to make it after reading your review. =P Ya know, you could just SEND ME your clothes! =)

  7. Okay loungewear done so what's next!?! And are you bringing this with you to Sew Camp?

  8. I love the joggers! The star fabric is so awesome, and all of the pieces look wonderfully done! You will be the best looking loungewearer in the neighborhood, for sure!

  9. These look amazing! It helps that it's so dang cold that I just want to cuddle under a blanket all the time

  10. I just made a stack of lounge wear equivalent clothes for a very hot climate. Swim shorts, bikini and two rash tops (I am photocopy paper white and burn so easily). Not difficult or tricky sewing, but worn a great deal and VERY comfy.

    Your cold weather is just inconceivable to me.


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