Sunday, January 21, 2018

Simplicity 8424; Loungewear post 1 of 2

When this pattern came out I wanted every single piece. EVERY PIECE! I wanted to make this for a fall loungewear wardrobe but then I sprained my hand (which, 6 months later, isn't fully healed but is better).

I started with the leggings with the ties, in this grey cotton knit from Fashion Fabrics Club. This is the only pic with the ties because I promptly removed them. Actually, I pulled them really tight and snipped them right off on the outside. Can't even tell!

They were ridiculous to put on each time and they are too wide which makes them too thick. Plus, I have thick calves and they were too short to wrap as instructed but too long to skip a go-round. Meh. I wouldn't add them again. The tie waist felt too bulky as well. I left that one and may use it again, but under normal length tees it's too bulky.

Review on the top to come! :)

 The leggings pattern itself is decent. Like most Big4, it seems to not get the fact that they should taper from thigh to knee and back out at the calf! LOL! But a little fitting solved that. After fitting the first pair on the serger, I shaped the legs of the pattern pieces.

I used a size Large (18-20) with is typical sizing for me with Big4. I usually cut my woven pants in a size 18, so I found that consistent.

The waistband is finished by zig-zagging elastic on the inside waistband, and then attaching the waistband as a unit. This is my favorite way to finish casual/athletic wear pull-on pants.

The tank is really short and I got lazy about lengthening the pattern pieces and just skipped it. Plus it's hard to consider sewing a tank in the dead of MN winter. The wrap top was reviewed by a blogger and she gave the top an "okay".  That prompted a closer look at the pattern and I decided to pass on the wrap top.

The hi-low top is really cute and made better by this SUPER COZY heavy jersey knit fabric. It has a "denim look" and I honestly was convinced that the light side was the right side...and then when I went to put a pattern piece on my dress form, I wasn't so sure anymore. So I decided it didn't matter! #asewersperogative. I added interest by using the other side for the neck binding, a visible CF seam (so the dark side shows)  and displaying the looper thread on the hems.

I really love this top! I used a size medium neckline, shoulder (which is also the upper sleeve) and a L for the rest.

Review on the joggers to come!

I've been taking photos randomly since they were finished but's everything! LOL!

Tomorrow I will post my review of Burda 6659 and Butterick 6427!

He's such a baby :-p

Burda 6659 and Butterick 6427 reviewed here


  1. That top is just to cute!! Love the finishing you used.

  2. This is very nice! great jpb!

  3. I love big orange kitties! So cute.

    I like the ankle and waist ties, but I can see how they would be annoying in a practical sense. Good colors/fabrics. Where did you get the denim knit?

  4. I really like the joggers with the high low top. The color combo is great.

  5. My version of the leggings definitely has the baggy knees problem. I hadn't thought of just taking out some width there, so thanks for that tip! I also agree that the ties are too wide and thick, making them awkward. It's a cute design, but not well executed. They look great on you without the ties!

  6. I really like the whole "vibe" of your loungewear!


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