Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Gift, a Fail + Randomness...

First up, my mom's late Mother's Day gift. I had some stuff happen that made me have to put it on the back burner but I was able to mail it the following weekend. She really liked it and I'm glad I chose this as I wanted one for myself :) 

V9305 was a little less interesting on the cover photo but the line drawings were nice enough to draw me in! And after Ann sewed her versions, I was sold

My mom loves the color brown in all shades and I decided this would be a great pattern to pair with Fabric Mart's designer linen (nayy). 

Ann is 5'9" and liked the length as is and it was LONG. I'm 5'5" and my mom is mayyyybe 5'2". So I knew it would need some major shortening.

I didn't want to use the l/s lines because I didn't want to chance the opening hitting too high on the body. I shortened it though the flounce by 4". If I made it for her again I'd shorten it 1" above the waist AND the 4" below.

I trued the side seam of the front and the outside curve of the flounce after folding out the excess

The neckline on this pattern is SO high. Eesh! I removed 2" on the paper pattern and ended up taking out a bunch more once it was sewn together.

My mom really hates stuff up around her neck and I didn't want to add a keyhole so she wouldn't have to fumble with buttons.

I was so glad I decided to bind the armholes instead of hemming them. It is such a nice finish.

This area came out so cleanly (ignore my extra threads)

It was a little big on her and still very long. For a long time we were the same size with similar measurements but very different composition. She also likes a loose fit (and I like close fitting clothes!) so it was pretty easy to sew for her before. She's lost weight now so I have to retake her measurements when I see her again. I can't wait to make my own!!!  Making hers allowed me to see what adjustments I need.

Fails...womp womp.

I was perusing the BMV site for missed opportunities and stumbled upon Butterick 6551. I thought it was such a cute little dress for summer and even though I had reservations about the shift on me. I'm also not a huge fan of A-line silhouettes on me but I thought mayyyyybe.

Well, it was a big ole fail.  And this is another of those times where I am over it and not looking for suggestions for this one. 

I sewed a size M with the dart lowered 1" and a 3/4" FBA. I did a full butt adjustment too (still don't have enough room). 

It looked really, really bad from the front so NO photos! LOL! The back catches up on my butt, makes me look super wide, the collar stands away from my neck. Meh.

And look how nice this hand sewing was!
AND I was channeling Carolyn and had used a piece of my Art Gallery knit for a backing for my label. Boooooo sewing fails!

Me Made May week 3!

Burda 8/2017 dress (now donated. I never liked it on me and this was just a reminder)
RTW coral sweater and Butterick 5760 TNT striped skirt
Burda 7136 chambray shirt and RTW eyelet skirt
RTW tank and Simplicity 2061 joggers (this was Sewapalooza Day!)
Burda 5/2018 top and RTW pants
Ogden Cami, RTW sweater and pants I LOVE THIS OUTFIT THE MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like this really captures my style...or at least the style I aim for :)
Vogue 1522 top and RTW pants

Lastly, I tried my hand at dyeing for the first time! Woohoo!!!! I am thinking of dyeing this version of Simplicity 8014 dress. I made it over 2 years ago, it fits beautifully, but I don't love the fabric and have actually never worn it.

Well me being me, I went crazy and ordered a bunch of stuff for dyeing. I ordered this Dylon tropical green fabric and decided my "classic white shirt" would become a fun green shirt!

I don't wear this shirt very often. And I thought maybe I just don't like shirts much...but I think it's the *classic* part of it that isn't my fave/doesn't fit in with my style. I'm going to plan to make a new white shirt that's a little more casual. Just a little. But it didn't seem right for this top to just sit in my closet when it's a pretty nice garment!

I followed the directions and you're supposed to stir for 15 minutes. OMG THAT IS A LONG TIME!! I liked the color but then told myself I have to remember that there's excess dye and it's wet. So I left it in almost as long as suggested. It's a bit deeper than what I wanted. I should have used half to two-thirds of the dye. But I do like it! 

I followed it up with some RIT Dye Fixative then washed and dried it. It did shrink *a little* so I'll bear that in mind for any possible future projects. It was easy but it was boring because I don't have a lot of patience LOL! Next time maybe I'll bring the iPad to the kitchen and sit on a stool at the sink because whew. I was #sooverit

I must have had a chunk of undissolved dye. Drats. It's on the front but kind of off to the side. You can see the princes seam right there to the left.

I'm not sure if that dress will fit in my kitchen sink easily. I'll have to consider my options...but I do think I'll try the blue dye on the dress. Fingers crossed. Otherwise I'll have to make a new one because that dress is so cute on me!

What's up next? I have no clue. I cleaned up my fabric stash and got rid of A LOT of fabric. Two bins were "other stuff"; fleece and flannels and kid prints that I swore I'd use for gifts. I got rid of almost all of my scraps; I only kept what would fit in a 12x12 IKEA cube. And I purged some other stuff.

I'm torn between the M7745 dress (I am not with hemming and gathering all that ruffle but I want the ruffle! Why couldn't it be a 'shaped' ruffle? Why just gathered rectangles!!? Ughhhhh :)  and starting the Burda trench. Decisions, decisions :)


  1. I love that you sewed something for your mom for mother's day! I still have not sewed my mom anything...the top is great, and such a trendy-looking piece. I can't wait to see what it will look like on you.

    I love the tropical green dye job on your blouse!! It just gives it life in a new way.

    Sorry about the fail! Glad you are moving forward.

  2. Thanks for showing the fail. It helps me to see that I'm not alone in mine. Happy Sewing!

    1. Thanks Natasha! And yes, we all have wadders.

  3. Love that first dress - and yes, dying is just so BORING...Now, a purge is a great idea - I should do the same.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! It was so super boring. LOL!!!!!

  4. I love your style and everything you make! However, with this post, something other than you makes caught my eye. Can you please tell me where you got the silver shoes you are wearing in the photo of brown tunic gift for your mother? They look like they would go with so many outfits! TIA

    1. I LOVE them!!!

      They have pretty low stock now unfortunately...they were selling FAST. But here’s the link in case you have small feet :)

  5. Have you tried machine dying? is so easy. In the uk we can buy dylon machine dye that includes salt fixation. You just put your wet clothes/fabric in the machine with the dye pot and run a wash program. Afterwards run an empty machine on a hot to fully clean the machine. Too easy, it is addictive.

    1. I have not. This was my first time ever dyeing anything. :)

    2. Yes I second this advice, no stirring required! I was nervous anything I put in the machine afterwards would also get dyed, but if you follow the instructions it works brilliantly.

  6. The way you shrugged off your B6551 sewing fail really helped me yesterday because B6333 is a sewing fail for me. 2 days of sewing and I ended up with a house dress. So thanks for that! I did the same thing, I used a silhouette that I haven't had success with before thinking it would be different this time - NOT! LOL! So moving on to a straight line shirtdress which will probably work better!

    1. Oh nooooooo!!!!! Booo! Well at least you have another project lined up so you can keep on sewing.

  7. Beautiful gift for your mom. I love your MMM wardrobe, I'm surprised you still wear RTW at all. You're so good at mixing and matching your clothing. Sorry about the fail. I'd love to see your version of M7745.

    1. Thank you! I know I'll probably never be 100% handmade but I also don't think I aspire to be! I like shopping :) I just shop a lot less now.

  8. Uhoh! I was going to try your fail with some awesome striped rayon I got from Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics. I thought the drape would work well with that pattern...What is causing the neck to not sit right? BTW, you could always turn that fabric into another Ogden Cami...its what I do with all my mess ups. :)

    Also, try a 5 gallon Home Depot or Lowes bucket for dying the dress. Should work great!

  9. Fabric dye!! Now why didn't I think of that! ;o) I love it!
    That Vogue pattern is amazing! I looked at it, but the line drawings and photos made it look so stiff. Thank You for sharing yours, its beautiful! It drapes so nice! And the tip on the neck is great. I don't like things around my neck either! I can't wait till I get my pattern in the mail!

  10. Love the tunic for your Mom! I bet she will love it. And a big thumbs up for dyeing the green shirt! I find that instructions on dye usually have you use way more dye and way more time than is really required. The last time I dyed some linen, I used just a couple of tablespoons of the liquid dye, and stirred it for 5 minutes. The directions would have had me use 1 whole cup for 30 minutes- yikes! A little dye goes a long, long way!

  11. What do you going to do with your fail? That looks really nice even though you don’t like it.

  12. You are amazing and an inspiration! I am so impressed, even what you call "fails" are amazing!


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