Thursday, January 10, 2019

In-House Patterns New York Mini Skirt

I've expressed my love of In House Patterns before. There are 10 patterns available for sale and I own 8 of them. They are good and the finished measurement chart is outstanding! IHP is a Canadian pattern company founded by Alexandra Morgan, a former pattern maker, designer, technical designer and fit technician in the fashion industry. (this is the kind of Indie pattern co. I can get behind!)

When I decided I wanted an ivory/winter white mini, I remembered this Rayon/acetate/lycra blend suiting I scored at Fabric Mart for $3.75 a yard! It has amazing drape! I took it to the last sewing meetup because I was like, "SOMEONE has to feel how amazing the drape of this fabric is!!!!!" LOL! Y'all know how I am.

It was SO hard to photograph the nearly white skirt.

I cut a size 14 and did a 3/4" full bum adjustment and at the last minute decided to add 1/2" to the side seams. After basting, I removed all of it plus a tiny bit more through the hip and had to take the waist in a couple times and actually think I need to take it in some more. Wah. I didn't trust my own measurements! Like pretty much every pattern company, I need one size smaller than my hips to fit my waist. So I should have cut a 12 graded to a 14. 

I had to enlist my husband for the pics because doing it on my own with the tripod, I got a bright white rectangle and that was IT. lol! It looked photoshopped!

Bathroom Selfies!

Everything went together beautifully, as has the other few patterns I've sewn from the brand. The pattern doesn't include a lining but the yoke is faced and so adding a lining is easy peasy. 

Look at how crisp the waistband is! This fabric was a JOY to work with! I was worried about using a white zipper but the pull blends right in unlike the blinding white zipper tape :)

I sewed the skirt 100% by machine. The zipper lining turned out well. The machine stitched blind hem is okay. I will probably end up sewing it by hand when I am able. It's less awesome than I want it to be.

So, my hand :( Although my most recent MRI wasn't helpful, I realized that the issues I'm having now are carpal tunnel related. I've had it since I was about 19 to varying degrees of severity. I showed him this pic which happened 2 days before I went in and he said that was carpal tunnel related. So we'll see how the EMG test goes next month...I'm going to go back to my old orthopedic doc (sighhhhhhhh so over all this!) since he's treated my CT since like 2004/2005. I've been wearing my brace to bed every night and it helps a ton. Helps me get through the work day at least!

Couldn't move my fingers and they were turning purple!!!

I hemmed my last Butterick 6621 dress on Saturday but haven't been able to cut anything out. I have a Burda blouse ready to sew but also didn't want to be using my hand if I didn't need to. I think I'll get to sew it this weekend, we'll see.

I was pretty committed to not buying fabric for awhile and lo and behold, I saw a fabric similar enough to the black watch plaid I've been stalking (and almost had in my hot little hands but it sold out at Michael Levine before my order got processed). This one was cheaper too! :-p

So hopefully I'll have a lovely little sheath soon!