Friday, September 4, 2020

August Wrap Up and September Plans

Quiet month, as I expected. I had little motivation because as mentioned in last month's wrap up, it's usually the time I start sewing fall garments and wahhhhhh. 

This month I sewed 3 items and a total of 5 yards.

  • Simplicity 8389 shorts - 1.25 yd
    • Navy brussels washer linen from stash
    • elastic
  • Burda 11/2018 top - 1.25 yd
    • ivory rayon lycra jersey from stash
  • Burda 5/2019 dress - 2.5 yd
    • striped double brushed poly from stash
    • gold cord stops
Fave: I'll go with the dress because it was a vision come to life. That's always fun! :)

FAIL: Not really a fail. The Simplicity short was fantastic in crepe and a bit too stiff in this linen. But, linen will soften with continued wear/washing so hopefully they'll grow on me a bit more.

Accomplishments: I didn't sew up much yardage but it all came from stash! 

I really like this Burda pattern! I could have cut the armhole in a bit since I left it sleeveless. 
Something to keep in mind.

I also finished my second Burda 5/2020 top in the ankara (I'm going to review both, promise!)

I made up a few of the free Aplat masks for us. I had this fun Art Gallery print on hand (that I bought to make a cover for my knitting machine) and the mask doesn't take much fabric so I stole a little corner from my yardage :-D

I was looking for a mask pattern that didn't use elastic around the ears for my husband since he is back in the office full time. The pattern worked great for him as-is (he is 6'2" FYI). I found the original size to be too large on me. I removed 1/4" from top and bottom (technically, it should be taken out of the center). I added elastic to mine because I found the tie a bit fiddly. 

I found myself sweating way more in this fabric than my other style. I don't know if we happened to have uncharacteristically warm days when I tried it out or what but I wanted to rip it off when I got back to the car after grocery shopping. I LOVE the style and how quickly it sews up! Will have to test the comfort again to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

And, I got a new sewing machine! As we know, sewing friends are the best, and she so graciously sent me this Janome Skyline S3. I only managed to unbox it today (I don't test the limits of my hands if I don't have to) but will be setting it up tomorrow!

September Plans:

I finally fixed my jacket from last year's tailoring class! Now, I'm sewing in the lining. I still need to sew the sleeve lining (hem and vent) and sew in the shoulder pads. Then I have to do the front buttonholes (sleeve b-holes are done) and sew on all the buttons. I will finish this blazer because it is really awesome! 

I still need to make the baby blanket on the knitting machine. I just need to settle on a stitch pattern; it should only take a couple hours. 

I'm going to whip up a handful of nursing friendly pj tops for my daughter before heading to CA. 

Hopefully, I'll get to muslin V8890 for my husband. 

I hope to get pics taken over this long weekend for some old stuff. Things I can't photo solo like the ankara top and the black one, and the dress I just finished is bright red (with blue dots) but attempts to photograph it just reads insane brightness. 


  1. Yay for stash sewing! I've been stash sewing masks, but I need to actually get back to garments because using up quilting levels of fabric is not reducing the stash much at all...

    I also find it so interesting how different people are having different mask preferences. I tried the Aplat for my family, and my boyfriend, dad, and grandmother all really like the fit of this style, but my mom and I don't really care for the fit of it - it's too big on her and too wide on me. I will say it's my favorite to sew though because it's fast.

    And I'm so excited for you that you got a new machine! I hope you like it!

  2. I love that Ankara top, the colors are so pretty, and the style is great.

  3. I like the aplat/origami style too. I am also over sewing them.

    Love all your sewing and also love the feeling of using up stash.

    And - fantastic that you can lie on your front!

    1. I've sewn a dozen. Total. OVER IT! LOL!

      YESSSSSS. It is so different, being able to just "be"!


  4. If your garment is made of natural fiber, you can wash it in Coke in your washer and it will soften!! 1 can if you have a front loader and 2 liter for top loader and low water soap required. I have tried and it works great for linen and denim!!

    1. Not stiff like that...though I do have a partially constructed dress that could be finished and treated to soften.

      The shorts are from that brussels washer linen so it is REALLY soft. The linen just doesn't drape enough for this pleated style.


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