Sunday, March 20, 2022

Some updates...

Last Wednesday I placed a Fabric Mart order and it shipped the following day. When the shipping showed estimated "March 22", I was like, "ughhhh! that was "so far from now!" It was Friday night when I realized that was just a couple days away. Oy! This month has flown by!

Speaking of FM, I ordered 4 cuts of fabric:

-The top is a multi-colored dot print labeled as 100% rayon challis but it is very tightly woven and crisp, more like poplin. I haven't completed a burn test yet to determine if it is actually rayon.

-Fabric 2 is a cotton/rayon washed look shirt weight. I LOVE IT! It has great drape, is just opaque enough, and the washed/distressed look is really cool. I ordered 4 more yards (it's 54" wide) to make a jumpsuit - probably Simplicity 8060. I like jumpsuits, I own quite a few, I have no issues going to the bathroom. LOL!

-Fabric 3 is a really pretty floral rayon/modal/lycra jersey. And it's 66" wide - score! 

-Fabric 4 is a ditsy floral print that's also rayon/modal/lycra and it's 64" wide. 

I have 11 days left this month, as anticipated, I won't catch up on my Dozen Drafts challenge this month, but I think I'll hit the rest of my plans, which included making a black cardigan and finishing a WIP. I plan to finish this oversized shirt from Burda 10/2019 that I started December 2020. My gosh! I think I was bothered that the (odd) pockets didn't quite turn out, and the fabric is really stiff. Now, I am on board with an overshirt style...and will attempt to soften the fabric in the washer once the shirt is done.

I also had a goal of completing two machine knitting projects. For one of them, I went WAY complex! 

I saw a pair of wrist warmers in a plaid pattern and thought they were incredible. I commented and asked a question and lo and behold, the maker is here in Minneapolis. She introduced me to a local machine knitting (MK) community and I've already joined, attended a meeting, and am thrilled to have found the group. If you follow me on IG, you've probably seen my MK adventure with this plaid. It's a pattern made using hand-manipulated intarsia and slip-stitch on the main carriage. The first took many hours to actually finish and the second one was done within 3 hours. 

I find the pattern SO striking!!! 

My mom text me to ask me to make her a sweater using the technique. hahahahahahahahahaha! I love you but, NO!

Speaking of sweaters, Rebecca has this sweater as inspiration and I will totally be knocking this off in my own way, once I am confident enough. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

One of my earlier sweater attempts, a slash-neck style, isn't going to work. I was trying to decide if I should complete it, but seeing it on Lily, there's just not enough room at the waist and hip, and it's too long. So I feel okay with letting it go. I'm sure the yarn is acrylic, so I probably won't unravel it or try to save the yarn.  

I bought this adorable little stuffy this weekend, and named her Lola! Haha! It's so squishy and soft!

I picked up this cute magnet too: