Sunday, October 16, 2016

Finished: McCall's 7430

As soon as this one was released I had to have it. I thought the lines were nice and felt it would be fitted like M6886 which is quite a fave!

I initially planned to make a solid version of A and ended up deciding I did want sleeves on it. After I started cutting the pieces out and saw how large the collar piece was on A/D, I ended up going with B. View A/D has a true turtleneck collar and I couldn't see the ponte working well doubled and then turned over again.

I did my normal Big4 pattern grading; 14 for the neckline and shoulder and 16 for the rest. On the back piece I graded out to an 18 for the hip. I did a tissue fit and didn't need to lower the bust point - yay! LOL! I removed 5/8" from the front armhole (I often need to take a dart there) by shaving a bit off both front yoke and center front grading to nothing at the fold line. I also ended up sewing 3/8" side seams at the side back from waist down.

As mentioned, I decided agains the full turtleneck and went with the shorter stand collar. I added a little bit of width to it after taking measurements. I was planning on top-stitching all the seams but this ponte has a bit of a subtle stripe with black and the topstitching didn't pop enough on the yoke in my opinion to make topstitching the other 4 seams worthwhile.  Lastly, I cut the sleeves at the lengthen/shorten line. This was solely based on preserving the remainder of this cut of fabric. WHAT!?! You've never done that?! :)

I adore the shaped hem! It takes some finagling - I departed from the directions a bit and sewed a basting stitch at 5/8", gathering it just enough to ease in the fullness and did a double turned hem. I topstitched with a twin needle.

It's still a little snug across the butt and the sleeves don't feel tight on me but clearly they are pulling. I'll make note of it. 

After I cut the pieces out I was side-eyeing the center front and back panels thinking it was a bit short. So yeah, this is more tunic than dress for me but I really do like it a lot! And it is such a great item for my wardrobe.

I went to see Girl on the Train today, ran a bunch of errands and had a yummy dinner out at a new restaurant. 

I can't believe the weekend is over already though. WHEW! 

Other info:
$7 Fabric, thread from stash, no other notions
Primarily constructed on the serger; used size 11 stretch needle on sewing machine and twin stretch needle for hems.


  1. I had to do double take to make sure I was at the correct website, lol! I'm glad to see this one made up, as I've got this one in my que waiting to be made up. It looks so cute on you and now I can't wait to make my own soon, hopefully!

  2. I love the new blog page! I haven't purchased this pattern yet, but now after seeing your beautiful version of it, I have to run out and get it! Thanks so much for the review (and being an enabler, LOL!)

  3. This looks so comfortable and really suits you.

  4. Love your new blog!! And love this dress.

  5. Your dress looks great!! Definitely versatile, even if it is more of a tunic this time. ;-) I hadn't realized that the higher collar was a proper turtleneck though, and now I'm kinda "meh" about that part (although I guess it could always be altered to end up between the original and the other collar height). The length you went with for the sleeves is really nice (sleeveless dresses in double knits in F/W have such limited usage, at least in my life!) and I may have to copy you if I ever get around to making this pattern!

    Glad to see you back; yours was/is always one of my must-read blogs and I'm glad you're going to keep on sharing!

    1. Yeah I wasn't too pleased that it's a "regular old" turtleneck but you're right, pretty easy to adjust.

      Thank you! It is a nice pattern. I really like it!

  6. Very nice!! I think the dress looks great on you, and the hem is lovely!

  7. I have looked at that pattern I don't know how many times and NEVER noticed the curved hem, nor thought of it as tunic length-but I've been SEARCHING for a curved hem princess seam tunic. I love this! Writing this one down in my pattern buying notebook!

  8. Such a cute tunic and it looks great on you and so very comfortable.


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