Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Stilllllll Planning :)

In one of my prior whiny vents, I mentioned not having a comfortable but put together weekend style. It seems I vacillate between slightly dressed seems wrong to wear "work clothes" on the weekend...or completely and utterly slothful. LOL!!! I totally don't go outside those days but it also seems wrong to lounge about all day on Saturday in my men's 2X sweatpants from the U of M. 

I knew that 1) I needed another pair of jeans. I have 2 pair of bootcut jeans in a longer length (for heels) that I sometimes wear to work, and 2 pair of skinny jeans. My boyfriend jeans bit the dust last year (you ladies with full inner thighs know what I'm talking about!). I found this Burda and had to have it. It is a Burda young pattern which IMO is cut a bit differently. I also knew I had to have the Butterick 6244 sweater coat (there are TONS of reviews on this one).

And then lo and behold, Sew Over It released an e-book with a capsule wardrobe. And I got all excited. THAT'S IT! *THAT* is a cool weekend wardrobe! But it was all pdf patterns and that made sad so I decided to sit on it. And then realized I had a similarly-styled pattern for each and used it as the inspiration for my casual weekend wardrobe. I swapped boyfriend jeans for skinnies and a pullover dress for a shirt dress. I have a knit and woven shirtdress TNT but don't really equate them with "easy" weekend wear.

McCall's 7392 | New Look 6230* | Burda 6798 | McCall's 7430 | Butterick 6244 
*the Burda below it was scrapped due to fabric constraints. It is from 8/2014
The skirt is awaiting finishing (buttons and buttonholes, and belt carriers)
The jeans are too (I need to fix waistband gape and sew on the carriers and hem)
The tee is cut out awaiting finishing (whipped it up tonight)

The dress is complete and reviewed here
The jacket hasn't been started
I am SO excited about this! Hahaha!
Now, never mind that it's blues and greys after I just finished a mini-capsule for work in blue. Sigh.
I'm not making my Clare coat right now. Time got away from me. I was certain I'd be ready to start but forgot my daughter would be home for fall break and then didn't sew much while she was home. I flip-flopped and decided I would start it but realized I had forgotten to order the interfacing. Ah well. Soon. Soon...
I need to:
Finish the Ottobre sweater for my (final) Fabric Mart post
Make the Swoon cardigan for my friend

And then I'll go back to the wardrobe above and do all the finishings. I think I'm going to need to get another spool of thread for the jeans/skirt (they're from the same fabric) to finish the topstitching.

The new McCall's were released and I have placed two(!) fabric orders this week, plus I am thinking about revisiting some of the awesomeness from this years' Burda issues so I'm going to push the "brown/cream" mini wardrobe to late winter.

As usual...more later!


  1. I like that you found patterns in your EXTENSIVE pattern collection to emulate the Sew Over It look. Not that I'm trying to take money out of her pockets but PDF patterns...*sigh* This will be fun to see when it's all finished!

    1. Hahahahahaha! So extensive! :-p

      Yeah, I had a mini internal battle but decided it would be different if I were say, packaging a set of patterns and somehow profiting. I'm just sewing! Plus I made some tweaks so then I felt better :)

      IDK about the skirt. I like it but probably should have gone with traditional denim. BUT also, it's not like these are the only items I'll have in my wardrobe. I'll have to finish this and then work in existing items to make some complete looks.

  2. Oooh! So excited to see your finished Ottobre sweater!! Also, I just checked out the new Mccalls, and I like a lot of them! I have bought a LOT of sewing things this past two weeks, or else I would indulge.

    1. Hi Vanessa! It's up on the FM blog! :)

      There have been so many new purchases over here too that I am on fabric and pattern buying hiatus until year end!

  3. Hooray, found your new blog, always one of my favourite reads. That looks like a wardrobe I would wear. I live in ITY jersey dresses all summer and need a winter easy dressing equivalent so your McCall's dress is looking very inspiring.

    1. Hey Allison! :)

      I really love the McCall's dress and am thinking of doing it again in a sweater knit!

  4. I lost your blog! So glad I found the new site.

    I like the idea of using the Sew Over It capsule wardrobe as inspiration, PDF patterns don't appeal to me either! Planning to raid my pattern collection for ideas..


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