Saturday, October 15, 2016

Testing, Testing, 123

For a host of reasons, none that really need to be discussed right now, I am starting anew!

I know I'm giving up lots of followers and will have little interaction to start...and maybe in time I will move my old content over...but for now we're starting from scratch! Besides, all that really matters for me is discussing my "makes" and interacting with the community.

I keep saying I hope blogging isn't dying and I had to analyze if I was giving up blogging completely. BUT I DON'T WANT TO!

So here I am! :-D

Funnily, I never considered "prettying things up" too much but I was excited to get a cute template and want to get one of those cartoon-ized images of myself done for the blog. I think they're adorable.

I finished my October Burda and it's okay. 

I cut a size 40 straight -- I typically grade to a 42 through the body -- and I cropped it. But I cropped it too much! I wanted an 18" length so I measured it 18". oops. I didn't add a hem allowance. I was going to add a band to the bottom but didn't want to bother with trying to match all the circles so I just went ahead and hemmed it.

My Burda jeans are in progress! I cut these out quite awhile ago and finally got back to them. I got them basted and needed more room through the hips and thighs. 

When I initially tried them on here, I didn't love them. But then I realized I was hiking them up like "normal" when they're boyfriend jeans! Eureka!! I let them hang on my hips and now I love them! LOVE!!! 

Still need to finish them with belt loops, buttonhole and button and hem. 


  1. I have never tried sewing a Burda pattern. I'm very intimidated by them.

    1. I would start with something simple / like something you've made before, so you can already have an idea of construction in your mind. Their instructions can be confusing. But Burda has such fantastic designs, drafting and their sizing is so consistent that I'm glad I finally bit the bullet a couple of years ago and started using them!

  2. Wow I just happened up on your new blog while doing my nightly surfing. So glad I found you!

  3. Well I am so glad to have found you!!!!! I opened my email today from Fabrics Mart and saw a photo of you, but on a different blog site. I am happy you are still blogging, and looking forward to seeing your cartoon image, lol! Beautiful work on your clothing. I love the wardrobe you are working on.

  4. Also glad I found you. Like the new template, and looking forward to seeing all your new makes.

  5. Thanks so much everyone! Hate to be all 'secret squirrel' but it's for good reason.

    Welcome to the new space!

  6. Hey 👋🏽! I will have to add you to my reading list now! Love the new blog... I wrestle with giving up my blog too (plus my readers are limited lol) but I thought this is the only outlet I have I can freely discuss stuff so I'm hanging on in there. I would love the cartoon characters one day
    Look forward to reading and stalking you once again :)

  7. Glad I found your new blog sooner rather than later! LOVE the new format :)

  8. I was wondering why i hadn't seen recent posts from you - so glad to find you again and catch up on all your makes (was missing my fix!)


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