Saturday, October 15, 2016

Testing, Testing, 123

For a host of reasons, none that really need to be discussed right now, I am starting anew!

I know I'm giving up lots of followers and will have little interaction to start...and maybe in time I will move my old content over...but for now we're starting from scratch! Besides, all that really matters for me is discussing my "makes" and interacting with the community.

I keep saying I hope blogging isn't dying and I had to analyze if I was giving up blogging completely. BUT I DON'T WANT TO!

So here I am! :-D

Funnily, I never considered "prettying things up" too much but I was excited to get a cute template and want to get one of those cartoon-ized images of myself done for the blog. I think they're adorable.

I finished my October Burda and it's okay. 

I cut a size 40 straight -- I typically grade to a 42 through the body -- and I cropped it. But I cropped it too much! I wanted an 18" length so I measured it 18". oops. I didn't add a hem allowance. I was going to add a band to the bottom but didn't want to bother with trying to match all the circles so I just went ahead and hemmed it.

My Burda jeans are in progress! I cut these out quite awhile ago and finally got back to them. I got them basted and needed more room through the hips and thighs. 

When I initially tried them on here, I didn't love them. But then I realized I was hiking them up like "normal" when they're boyfriend jeans! Eureka!! I let them hang on my hips and now I love them! LOVE!!! 

Still need to finish them with belt loops, buttonhole and button and hem.