Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November Plans and SG 2018 SWAP

I really should stop writing these posts so early when I know how fickle and easily distracted I am! This list is SO outdated! :-p

November plans:

Okay so 3 of the 5 are still planned! And of course, I've already sewn my first project of November, V9022. (fickle!)

-Burda 8/2017 coat in red wool fleece (WIP)

The Burda coat is slow going. But that's okay. The first half (there are no side seams, there's a side panel) took FOREVER and caused me to break into an actual sweat with those pivot points! The second half is making more sense now that I see the completed section. It is blindingly bright and I LOVE IT.

Once I got to this point I was DONE for the day and didn't even bother to press it at all! LOL!

Because of the neckline, I decided I needed a scarf to match. I ordered this Kaufman flannel from Hancock's of Paducah via Amazon.

Most of my scarves are handmade (made from flannel, crocheted or knitted). MOST of them are printed! haha! I think I have a black one somewhere :) So I'm looking forward to whipping this one up in that awesome plaid!

It was 21 degrees when I left for work on Monday
I am wearing a handmade scarf...
...and a men's hat because I already told y'all my head is big!

-Burda 8/2017 wrap dress in black & white print jersey
I haven't tried it on again :( It is finished though! Hemming was quick work on the cover stitch.

-Burda 11/2017 skirt in camel heathered suiting
I really wanted to do the accent stitching by hand but that is not an option right now.

-New Look 6524 dress in pale grey crepe suiting
I love this dress so much! I may sew this after the coat. I already cut it out and I am temporarily burned out on tracing Burdas (and that November skirt has a lot of pieces) so it may jump ahead.

-Butterick 5760 skirt in black wool blend suiting with Bemberg lining
Next month...

-Burda 10/2017 top (unsure what fabric I'm going to use)
I didn't want this Burda top until I saw Chris' version!

I just have to search the stash for the right fabric!

I'm traveling for Thanksgiving but have a quiet month otherwise. I think those 5 4 items are plenty ambitious.


I came across the Stitcher's Guild SWAP 2018 on Ruthie K Sews blog. I liked the color-based rules and since I'd already planned to beef up my work-appropriate-neutrals wardrobe, I decided I should join in. Now, it is intended to run December 26 - April (with some leeway for a garment or two completed prior to the December start date), but I hope to get A LOT of it done during my long break from work -- I was already planning a blazer, dress and pants for that time -- so mine will be completed long before April. By April we'll be at the tail end of winter,  I'll be #sooverit and will be trading out dark clothing for brights, hoping that spring shows up. :)

I will move the Butterick skirt to December and that will be my item that I complete prior to the official start.

L-to-R: Burda 11/2007, Vogue 9201, Burda 6853, Butterick 6331
Butterick 5760, Burda 8/2017, New Look 6261, Burda 7/2017, Style Arc Emily
Burda 6/2017, Burda 4/2014
Most of these patterns are representative of what I want while some are actual patterns I plan to use. Shhhh, mine isn't necessarily intended to be a stand-alone collection as it is designed to fill wardrobe holes. But, most everything will actually work together.
My neutrals will be black and tan.
Black: blazer, straight skirt, black dress with simple shape but interesting lines (e.g. the seamed Burda dress) and an 'interesting' black knit top.

Tan: pants with tie waist (suiting) and trench skirt (cotton twill). I plan to modify it to copy a RTW trench skirt.

For a print I'll be using the black & white glen plaid that FM sent me by accident. That will be for the sleeveless sheath and the other pant.

The other print will be the tie-neck dress. I really love the lines of this Vogue; I'm just unsure if I have enough fabric for tie neck, long sleeves and pleated skirt. I may have to find an alternate pattern.

My accent color will be magenta/fuchsia (which I never spell correctly btw). I want a more casual jacket in the pink and a soft, flowy button-front blouse.

From reading on Artisan Square, there are rules but there is also your interpretation of the rules. So the accent items may be in the same color family but not "match".

The only thing I've added to my existing plan are the blouse and casual jacket. All of the other things were on The Big List of plans.

Are you SWAPing? Do you have concrete plans for the upcoming season?