Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Vogue 1522: More New Pants!

Casual pant 2 of 3 done!

Erica sewed this pattern as an outfit and I fell hard for the top especially. I made the top last fall and the pants were always in the back of my mind as a possibility.

I have raved about this Telio jockey Ponte before (used for NL6530) and again, I am so happy with this fabric. I've worn the skirt from this fabric countless times and the top quite a few times. I knew this fabric would work really well as pants.

(I am a Fabric.com affiliate and purchasing through my links or banners will result in a small commission for me)

I cut a size large (16/18; I am normally an 18 on bottom). I added 1" to the back rise, 1/4" to the crotch point, and did a 3/8" knock knee adjustment.  I also lowered the front rise 3/4" and used twill tape instead of self-fabric tie as drawstring.

I basted before sewing (this is a thing for me now! hahaha!) and sewed the side seams at 3/4". I feel like mine fit similarly to the modeled photo and the lushness of the fabric makes them a bit more drapey.

The porkchop pockets are affected by my lowering of the front rise. They puff out just a bit right where the pattern was adjusted.

 Not much else to see on these as far as details!

One thing I did not like and could have easily adjusted if I'd read the directions beforehand(!) :) The waistband finishes at 2" and it calls for 1.5" elastic and topstitching along the upper part at 1/4". 

I could have easily made the waistband just a bit smaller. I don't want to topstitch an elastic waistband. Blergh.

And so cool!

(My posture is so bad. sheesh!)

I think they fit close enough that they can be worn for nighttime/slightly dressed up.

I just want to wear them all the time!

I think I'm all caught up with finished projects - whew! Wait. No. I have my black B6330 to show and have finished item 1 of 2 for my concert outfit. 

More later!


  1. Really great fitting, KS_sews! You look so comfortable in them. Nice work.

  2. You pulled off an awesome fit with this. You will get so much wear from such a classic well fitting look.

  3. Why don't I ever remember to use your fabric.com link? I've been ordering quite a bit more from them because I love the Telio line and they carry the largest quantities and broadest selection of this line. These are great pants and I love how you're taking more pics outdoors!

  4. I might have to copy you exactly on this one...

  5. You are basting now?!?! I love it! Whatever it takes for a beautiful garment, and you definitely achieved a nice pair of pants! The pockets are my favorite.

  6. You basting!!!next you will be making muslins for every garment!!! Love these pants, I have this pattern, so I am going to have to make it up soon. Look like great weekend loungewear pants.

  7. I like these pants. Really look flattering on. I need to get over my pant/shorts phobia and try something. This looks like an easy pant to try. Basting-wow!

  8. Great looking pants! I'll have to check out that fabric. And remember to use your link in the future.


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