Friday, December 11, 2020

McCall's 6796 and Burda 12/2016

I actually finished these pants way back in March! Right after I made the navy blue pair in ponte. I wore them today with my new McCall's top so - yay! Photos of both!

Now vs. Then (and look at my 'fro!)

I really like this pant! Flat front, side zipper, straight/slightly tapered leg...easy to sew and wear! On the ponte pair I'd taken 3/4" side seams and sewed 1/2" side seams on this pair (seam allowance was 5/8"). 

I didn't make any other changes from the blue pair: size 44, removed 3/4" from the CF and added 1" to the crotch extension in back. I had some wrinkles at the thigh but they're far more pronounced in the suiting than they were in the ponte. I have to adjust the shape of that crotch curve. 

They are a little more tan than camel which makes them a bit less versatile in the wardrobe. Fabric is a wool suiting but I'm not sure where it's from. It's been in the stash for a bit.

M6796 is an older pattern. I'm pretty sure I sewed it in the first year or so after learning! I love the top though and it had details I wanted. I used the remnant of fabric from this dress (M7358: one of my faves!)

I cut a size 14 and did a slash and spread at the hip to add 1/2" in front (+1") and 3/4" in back (+1.5") for a total of an additional 2.5" at the hip. I did a 1.5" bicep adjustment -- I used the Singer method and did 3/4" on each side. Somehow, I thought it was supposed to be 3/4", undid it and changed it to 3/8" on each side. Aaaaaaaand, biceps were too tight. Where the sleeve hit made it look a little worse than it actually was (it was tight but not uncomfortable but it appeared too tight) so I added bands to the sleeves. It works!

Also, this fabric had a bit less stretch than I remembered. Like, I checked SEVERAL times to make sure I had cut the pieces in the right direction. So that didn't help the sleeve fit or the collar going in. It's a little rippled in front and on one side in back. Booooo. 

Oh! And when I remember to do it, I make a forward shoulder adjustment on tops and dresses and it makes such a big difference! I forgot this time. Ehhhhhhh.

You can see the shoulder seam sitting wayyyy back at the sleeve side vs. neckline. 
Will definitely update the pattern to fix that.

I liked this color combo together though I'd like it more of the pants were a deeper camel color but it worked and this necklace was the perfect way to tie it together. 

This week I said goodbye to my employer of 5.5 years (that's the longest I've EVER worked anywhere), and embarked on a new journey! Cleaning out my office was bittersweet and I know the transition was made just a tiny bit easier by being at home for so many months. 

There were some great people here and that fact (plus the <6 mile commute) kept me here longer than I should have been. My new company and position are both AWESOME! It's a fast-paced, high-energy org and I am really able to better use my skills, and I'll get some fantastic resume builders here (and make more money!). 

This (and I'm sure the bit of stress of leaving / starting anew) led me to BUYING ALL THE THINGS. I bought fabric (after JUST patting myself on the back for not having purchased since July). I bought stuff from Wawak (but I NEEEEEEDED that Gutermann thread chart!). I bought organizational bits for my Cricut stuff and my new workspace (hence the changeup of photo location and you now get to see the terrible structural decisions of this townhouse, LOL!). 

I ordered from Stylish Fabrics for the first time and will review once I've washed and sewn with the fabric. I will say that while it's a nice weight jersey, "heavyweight" and "ultra heavyweight" feel like misnomers. I'm not complaining though! I reserve the right to later :-p

Fabricmart had $1 shipping, which is basically free, and I saw this suiting, which I had to have! :)

It's a viscose/poly/lycra in a beautiful blue and black pinwheel (reads as houndstooth) pattern and feels lightly textured. I plan to make a dress from it!

The last time I almost bought fabric, this was in my cart.  It's a crepe knit but it's very lightweight and slightly translucent. I planned to make TNT M6886 and I know my black slip works with it so I may go forward with that plan. 

And this brocade suiting sealed the deal on the purchase. I was only able to snag 1 yard but, that's enough for an awesome skirt!

I just finished up another older pattern, S2892. This is one of the first patterns I ever bought (like, seriously in the first 20) and I sewed it back then (not well, LOL!) and wore it until I couldn't. I had to grade the pattern up to make it work (I did it though - yay!) and I'm excited to finish it.  


  1. Sometimes we're our worst critics.(LOL) Your outfits are Beautiful and so are YOU! Love your fabric choices. Happy Sewing.

    1. Thank you!
      Totally not critical, I just make observations. I use my blog as a sort of sewing diary and am always going back to see what I did on projects. It helps me for the next time!

  2. I know you are standing still but I feel these photos give off a "spring in your step". Completing the job hunt successfully will do that to a person :) that burgundy top is a great color on you. and pants fit - so good.

  3. Congratulations on your new job.
    The pants look good. I searched your post but couldn't find style #. Are they Burda 12/2016 #126? They were the only ones I found in this issue that looked like yours.

    1. Thank you! Probably! LOL! I don't always note the style number and since I'm blogging these 9 months after sewing them...totally don't remember off the top of my head.


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