Tuesday, December 1, 2020

November Wrap-Up and December Plans

THIS YEAR IS ALMOST OVER!!!!! I had such little mo-jo and then...THEN, I struck out and landed a new job that I start later this month. The day I gave my notice, a huge weight was lifted and I find myself easily able to get out of bed in the morning, more focused throughout the day, not eating mindlessly, wanting to sew. Ahhhhhhh. 

This month I sewed 3 items and 5.25 yards

  • Butterick 6378 top - 2 yards
    • animal print rayon challis from stash
    • elastic for sleeves
  • McCall's 6796 top - 1.25 yards
    • raisin/plum jersey from stash
  • Simplicity 2369 dress - 2 yards
    • olive cotton jersey
    • 2" buckle
FAVE: It's got to be my TNT B6378. It's such a good pattern. The forward shoulder seam with soft gathers, the open neckline, the length, the sleeves...I just love it. Review to come for these since they've all been made before.

FAILS: Kinda, not really. But somehow I missed how little stretch the knit I used for m6796 had. It isn't uncomfortable but it is a little snug! I could have altered things while cutting it out if I had checked!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I undid my FBA on the Butterick pattern and the McCall's top. Also, with the Simplicity dress, it became evident that the better option was to sew the dress on the machine (vs. zipping it through the serger). And since I didn't have a good match for coverstitching, I did twin needle finishes and it turned out really nicely!

I did buy fabric this month. I almost got out of the BF/CM foolishness but then Fabric Mart had $1 shipping in addition to their sale. I picked up 6.5 yards of fabric and am very excited about them! I had a TON of stuff in my cart and then whittled down. So proud of myself! LOL!! This is my first fabric purchase since early July. 

I've purchased 94.5 yards this year and I've sewn 120.5 yards (85.25 from stash). 

Here are a couple sneak pics of the above items:

This month, I will be working on updating my work wardrobe some more! I will have lots of video meetings in the new role until we're back in the office and I want nice tops!! If my hands cooperate, I'd love to make another jacket. I'm going to preemptively plan to make an unlined knit blazer. I have 2 cuts of fabric that would work - a black wool double knit and an emerald green (lovely!) ponte. We'll see which I decide I need more :)

I have a couple more knit dresses planned. Simple ones that can do that "secret pajama" duty. Put together but super comfortable. 

A(nother!) M6886 in a green and black floral crepe knit. 

Burda 10/2018 in an olive & black striped sweater knit

I'm also considering this cardigan from the 11/2020 Burda but we'll see. It isn't my usual style so I'm not fully sold on it. But I like it! 


  1. Congratulations on your new job!! That is just fantastic! And all the sewing...and no fabric since July...WOW!!! I only spent $30 on sewing/embroidery stuff in November, AND it was the first month my fabric use was greater than my fabric gains, so it was pretty big for me. Also pretty sad in a year that I started out saying I was going to REDUCE MY STASH and STOP buying fabric just because I like it!! So yea, I'm in awe of your accomplishments! :-)

  2. Congratulations on the new job! And so glad the new one has re-invigorated your sewing mojo. You've done so well with your fabric buying. I was going to use all stash this year but bought fabric like crazy instead. Oh well, it will go on the resolution list for next year again.

  3. congrats on the new job, a new bunch of people you can amaze by saying "yes I made this" :) and I recently came across a pattern I traced from Burda, a blazer designed for knit and I was thinking of trying it. In a stripe ponte. Do I dare?

  4. Congrats on the new job! That in itself is an impressive accomplishment in these times! Looking forward to seeing the knit blazer too. I’ve never made one myself either.

  5. Congratulations on your new job! I am glad for you and good to see the new sewjo! I love the animal print fabric and can't wait to see what it is! I almost purchased some fabrics and at the last minute I backed out. I have only made one purchase and that was in May. The fabric I purchased is more for spring and summer. Nice plans for December. And once again, congratulations on the new job.

  6. CONGRATS on your new job!!! Isn't it wonderful when we can show up with and wearing our own creations ... FIESTA :)

  7. What a bless, congrats on your new job. I so admire your sewing enthusiasm. Love the sneak of fabrics, looking forward to the makes. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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