Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Remakes: B6378 & S2369

As part of my build-a new-work-wardrobe plan, I wanted to get a few things sewn up because I have a LOT of video calls and have been bumming it most of quarantine. 

And you know my thoughts... when you need new things, in short order, turn to TNTs! I’ve made both of these several times and aside from removing my FBA on Butterick 6378, there are no material changes. 

The top is made from a rayon challis that I picked up from Stonemountain & Daughter when I visited San Francisco. I LOVE this fabric! The color scheme is so me; it’s very versatile and works with tons of bottoms in my wardrobe. 

My main adjustment to this pattern now is the 1” bicep adjustment and using whatever elastic I have on hand in the sleeves :) This time it was 3/8”. And I find such joy in the neatly finished binding! So glad my hands cooperated with me.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this top!!!
This version of Simplicity 2369 was made from a cotton jersey that I got from Mood. I like the fabric, I like the color, I'm not sure it was a great match for this pattern. I may stash this one away until spring. 

It's a little snug though I basted before sewing! (thanks pandemic), the color is kind of washed out on me, and I didn't like it with any of my boots. So maybe it'll fare better in the warmer months with heels/sandals. 

I also sewed this one by machine, serging after I sewed. I just find cotton knits to be thick even when they're lightweight and knew it would turn out better constructed on the sewing machine. 

The only other change from prior versions was using the buckle - hate it. I have decent scraps of this fabric and may just cut another tie and swap that out. It feels a bit outdated for me...we'll see!

tried here with a more casual boot and jean jacket. Eh. it's fine. 
Love the dress, I just don't think it's working for winter. 

Aaaaaaaand... After a wee-bit of consternation, I bought a new serger! 

For $1,000 I want a scrap catcher thingy! 
(those were out of stock too and my name is on the list. sigh.)

It's my new-job-gift to myself. It's a YAY! Our finances don't completely revolve around kids anymore! gift to myself. I was really going to go with the Juki MO-654DE; it's a really great machine. It is powerful and a lot of machine at the ($400) price point. 

I've been able to sew on Brother, Juki, Babylock, Bernina, Husqvarna-Viking sergers. Never tried a Janome or Pfaff (still want a Pfaff machine :drool:). I liked the Babylock - of course! My biggest ask was auto-tension - I KNOW everyone loves the air-threading and it IS cool! But I've never had issues with threading the serger. Before I bought this one, I timed myself (hey, I am a scientist at heart, everything is an experiment!) on my 1034D. 92 seconds. That's how long it took me from start to finish. It just wasn't a big factor for me in choosing a serger. 

After some research, I also decided the auto-tension was a nice-to-have. I just have to get to know my serger. I am on point about 80% of the time with my Brother. I've had it for so long (~8 years!), I've sewn everything on it, and I can judge the adjustments based on the fabric itself as I'm handling it. Like I said, most of the time, I'm spot on. Occasionally, I have to make additional adjustments after sewing a sample.

I tend to RESEARRRRRRRRRCHHHHHHHHH. Then, when I'm ready to buy, I'm READY. No doubts, both feet in. I wasn't fully ready but the pandemic has caused 1) some price gouging and 2) scarcity. I first visited the Babylock dealer in the summer, and they were running 6 weeks out for machines. Last Friday, she called and told me she had a Celebrate and can put my name on it and I said, YES! Then, I didn't call to finalize the order on Saturday because I didn't feel certain. But on Monday, I decided what the heck! Go for it! There's no rules! I can buy a different serger down the line if I choose! I can upgrade to another Babylock down the line if I choose!! 

I got it set-up and threaded, and ran some recent fabrics through it. I have a M6886 on my to-sew list and it'll be the Celebrate's maiden project! :-D


  1. Oh, have fun with your new serger! I'm impressed that you can thread your 1034D in 92s!!! I wonder how long it would take me. I would have to factor in a lot of minutes just in procrastination. And a few more minutes to walk downstairs and get my "good" reading glasses.

    Your top is cute and I like the pants you are wearing it with. I think that dress color is a bit tricky for anybody to pull off irl, but the style looks fab on you.

  2. Love your new blouse, looks great on you. I'm with you on the stone coloured dress, maybe better with a pop of colour in a layer/necklace etc?

  3. CONGRATS on your new serger🥳 Loving your top and the fabric ... FIESTA 🤗

  4. Congratulations on your new serger! That's awesome! Both your top and that dress look fabulous. Happy sewing!

  5. Congratulations on the new power tool! And that dress does need to be worn with some color somewhere. Or maybe the boots are reading a bit heavy compared to the dress to my eyes? The top turned out great.

  6. I am just falling in love with you! I love your work, your sense of style, and your attitude!

  7. Congratulations on the new serger and the new job! You seem happy and excited and that's a great way to begin a new year! Love your blouse! It's fabulous. You've got the figure for the dress and it fits you well. Great sewing on both counts.

  8. I hope you love your new machine. I love both pieces and it’s a shame to put the dress away til it’s warmer. What about a shawl/scarf?

  9. Love the makes! Congrats on the new job, new serger and new grandbaby!!!!

  10. What a wonderful gift for yourself. And I love your top outfit. That rayon challis is beautiful and pairs perfectly with the trousers. Nice job. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Be safe.

  11. I love the outcome of all of your garments. You truly have a knack for finding just the right fabrics! And I LOVE your gift to yourself - that wonderful serger. Now that I again have a new sewing room, I just might take the plunge myself. I've been sewing for a very long time (work wardrobe, especially) and recall when sergers first arrived on the scene for home sewers, but never bought one myself. Now might be the time, and you are my inspiration!

  12. Congratulations on your new serger! Sounds like a great self gift to me!I am sure we will be seeing lots of great garments in the new year with the new job. I always picture you working in a well pressed and starched white coat over a really sharp outfit. Am I right?

  13. Love your top and the fabric used. It looks great with the pants. The dress is nice but a pop of color with it would make it even better. Love your self-gift. I normally give myself a Christmas present, this year I just wanted some new fabric and ordered a few pieces from Fabric Mart. Happy Holidays to you and your family! Hoping and praying that 2021 brings some joy to all of us.


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