Wednesday, December 30, 2020

2020 -- The Hits!

I mentioned in my last post on my misses that I made 1.5 of my 9-square: Loungewear and I made a jumpsuit:

Loungewear: McCall's 7061

All made from M7061 (I'm wearing the heart-print top RIGHT NOW!). This is SUCH a good pattern.  The heart cotton jersey was a great pick from Fabric Mart long ago. The unicorn print, not so much. JoAnn Doodle knits. Meh. I still love the garments and wear them so, so often.

I still need to make a "real" version of the cowl top. It fits so nicely.

Jumpsuit from McCall's 8028 in a distressed french terry also from Fabric Mart. I wore this a ton this summer. Especially since post-reduction I don't need a bra for support. 

Here are 5 garments that I'm most proud of this year:

1. Butterick 6183

I scored this bit of silk twill from a remnant bin at SR Harris. I bought it to use as the cuffs for my lace hoodie (posted below) and realized I could cut this TNT from the <1 yard of fabric. Once I realized it was silk, I decided to make it worth it! I added some decorative trim in the horizontal seam and an exposed zipper and really, really love this make for the care put into it. 

2. Burda 1/2020

I loved the idea of this woven hoodie and when I decided to make it from lace well...swoon. I also had that lovely silk twill that I used for the cuffs.

3. Burda 2/2020 

I thought I had more construction pics but, nope. I finished this up about a week and a half after covid cases started rising here and never wore it. But it's such a GREAT item! The construction is tops and I am so proud of it. It'll appear here soon!!

4. Burda 3/2019

this was technically before it was finished

While I haven't worn this much -- I ordered swatches of twill from Mood and then once during a sale, I jumped on this Rag & Bone twill and it isn't bad it's a bit too stiff. But the jacket itself is a piece of pride!!

5. Vogue 1507

This pattern is so cool!!!!! And I love this fabric (SR Harris). It's a lightweight sateen, it's a vibrant print, the construction was SO fun.

And here are my most favorite makes this year!

1. Simplicity 1945

I love this pattern. The first time I made it I used a loosely woven sweater knit and I was a new sewer and it was not well done. This hacci knit was well behaved enough to sew well and I have worn it a gazillion times!

2. Burda 5/2020

The day I got this issue, I traced this pattern off and started sewing it! I later made it in an Ankara cotton but love this black cotton voile version MORE. It fits amazingly well, it highlights my shape nicely, it has those interesting sleeves...ahhhhh.

3. Burda 4/2019

I wore this on my birthday and a million more times over the summer. I had a really fun time planning out the stripes and sewing up this large-scale plaid. It's a cotton voile from Fabric Mart. 

4. McCall's 7061 

It's such a basic but it was EVERYTHING to me this year! I have worn it more times than I can even begin to count. A basic for sure.

5. Simplicity 8389

I think this is mainly a winner due to the amazing Rag & Bone crepe from Mood. They're comfortable and practical but cute!

6. Butterick 6378

I just finished this up recently but this pattern is well-loved and this fabric is amazing and so yeah, winning combo.

7. Simplicity 9011

I just finished this dress this month but it was another pattern that I saw and immediately knew I had to have. I used a rayon jersey from Stylish Fabric in a *perfect* teal and I never want to take it off!

Ahhhhhh. Good year for sewing for me!

I'll be back to update with my sewing stats for the year :-D 


  1. Wow, what a year! Wonderful clothes--the fit is spot on, and the styles suit you so well. You're a pro!

  2. What a gorgeous set of highlights, they all look fantastic! Can't wait to see what you create in 2021! :D

  3. Great tailoring on all of the outfits, which are accented by your fabulous smile! Happy New Year!

  4. Wow! Terrific patterns and your match to the fabrics. You’re a true sewist as well!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Absolutely brilliant sewing year; I wish I had even half your output! Particularly Loving the hoodie and jumpsuit...well done and here's to next year eh! Xx

  6. The outfits are great. You are adorable.

  7. I love so many of your creations. Just wish the patterns were still in print or that I could find them used online. I am not familiar with the Burda Style Magazine. Does it include the patterns?

  8. I am loving your hits! The teal dress is beautiful on you!

  9. You are adorable! And you do such a great job with fit! Impressive.

  10. love them all!! such fantastic makes here! that burda 02/2020... stellar!!
    i also love M7061. i had it in my que and then you made it and I just had to make mine. its so good


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