Monday, December 28, 2020

2020 -- The Misses

 Let's start with the failed, through no fault of my own, 2020 plans!

I sewed loungewear and one jumpsuit. Thanks Covid! :eyeroll:

I had a couple sweaters on the list in that blog post and then early in the year (*right* before Covid hit) I scored my knitting machine. I have a sweater that is mostly done (I dropped a stitch when rehanging for the collar and don't know what to do with it). I just can't hand knit anymore. My hands are unable. And machine knitting is an entirely hobby in it's own right and I am still learning. 

It's further along now!

Also, I set a fabric budget of $250 for the year. I spent $535! Obviously, "Failed" there but I am not too broken up about it. I spent WAY WAY WAY less than I normally do and even with my new Babylock serger, I spent less on sewing, overall, than the past 3 years. I'll take it.

I'll speak more on that in my "Hits" post because I sewed a good bit from stash (65% of my makes!)

So, the garments. Ahhhhhhh. I know it's popular to list 5 hits and 5 misses and I don't usually work to adhere to that. It's whatever the numbers work out to be! But this year, I have 5 misses to share.

1. Vogue 8772

excuse my dirty mirror and too-big jeans. LOL!

I usually muslin Vogue patterns because I find they fit a bit differently than the other BMV blocks for me. I muslined the bodice and fully intended to muslin the sleeve, and forgot. I added 1" (clearly not enough!) so while yes, the bicep is still too small, there's ALSO the problem of the relationship to the bodice (compared to my body).

I have finally accepted that I just don't care for chambray. I feel like I should but I have never really cared for any finished garments from it. I have one shirt that I really love now, after it's been broken in.

I still have the top because I want to love it - and think it would be a cute layering piece with some dresses - but we'll see. I may try the trick I use with denim garments that I don't wear often, washing the garment every time I do laundry, even if it's unworn.

2. Simplicity 8948

I actually completed it but never photographed it, so this is the best shot I have to show the style.

Sighhhhhhhhhhhh. This is a gorgeous pattern. The collar is beautiful! The pleats at the neckline, the front slit, the back closure (4 buttons, very elegant!), the loose sleeve gathered with elastic - love.

I used a polyester georgette. Why? Whhhhyyyyyy?!?! I can only surmise that I was done-in by the print. I sprayed it with Best Press starch and still had some issues with cutting out. Also, I did not adjust the hip and I should have known better. It goes straight down from the bust and my bust is a pattern size 14, hips an 18. Also, Covid-gain has made it too tight across the back. I am going to remake it!! I have a weightier rayon crepe and I know what adjustments to make. :fingers crossed:

3. McCall's 7476

I know I'm always gushing but, I was SO excited about this cardigan! SO EXCITED!!! And then I got near the end of the project and tried to topstitch the flapping facings and GRRRRRRRR. I don't know why I even faced it. I really should have known better and just bound it. This ribbed sweater knit was NOT cooperating. I've tried to fix it a couple times, with a couple of tricks, and now I can't be bothered to unpick the stitches again. I think about it ever so often because it's CUTE! But, ugh, I don't feel like it.

4. McCall's 7547

Another extreme disappointment. I saved this denim for awhile because it was the perfect yellow. Not too pale, not too "primary", not too bright...And then I didn't have enough for my TNT (Style Arc Sandra). I should have just held off but I went ahead and sewed it up. I had muslined this pattern before, intending to make the overalls from a black cotton twill, but never got around to it. 

The jeans were pretty tight when I finished them but fit fine a short while later. The rise was SO long. It was ridiculous. I don't remember my adjustments anymore, unfortunately, but I know I shortened the pattern in front because I always do. Also, I knew better than to use that straight waistband, that just isn't an option for me. 

5. Simplicity 8890

There's nothing wrong with it, I just don't like it and wish I'd sewn the Burda swing dress I was considering. The design choice -- relatively straight back piece with a sharply angled front piece doesn't work IMO. Also, the weight of the fabric kept pulling my drawstring, loosening the back! And the back is lowwwwwww. I didn't want to risk flashing people should it dip all the way down without me realizing it. It's in my wardrobe still but unlike to make the next cull. 

See how heavy it falls at the side seam? MEHHHHHHHHH.

I have 6 Hits for the year - favorite garments that were sewn this year, and another 5 Accomplishments - garments with construction that makes me so proud. So the next post will be a monster one where I discuss those 11 garments!

Then, I will dish on my overall sewing statistics (yardage in/out, number of garments sewn, etc) for the year and finally, my plans for 2021. 

I know many have taken to social media for their primary discourse around sewing but reading yearly wrap-ups and statistics are one of my absolute favorite things :) Hopefully people keep posting, even if this year was a quiet one on the sewing front. 

Until later!!! 


  1. OMG I feel the same way about chambray-I want desperately to wear a shirt or dress or tunic out of it, and twice now I've gotten something made up in chambray and...hated it. I look like I should be carrying an axe. Just felt I had to stop lurking and actually say something, because I love your page :)

    1. Oh you made me literally LOL at the axe! Hahahahahaha!!!!

      Thank you for visiting even if you don’t comment <3

  2. I enjoy reading the yearly wrap-ups too! I love the knitted sweater. I think I am finally becoming less attached to garments that don't work out, but it has taken me years to get there. I look forward to your hits!

    1. Yeah it can be a bit of a kind bender but ultimately, we sew to make clothes we love or that fit us well so if it’s gotta’s gotta go!

  3. Re: dropped stitch. I would just sew it closed.

    1. Hmm. It was a few stitches from the neckline so I carried it up to neckline ribbing and now, it’s just hanging on a crochet hook. Idk what to do next.

    2. I've done this (And currently doing this) a lot. So, I've latched it up like you. Then I pull it to the inside/ wrong side connect it with the ribbing. Then I take a random matching yarn and tie it off into a knot at the back and manually weave in the ends with my bodkin.

  4. Love the log posts and your round up. Chambray hates me! I always look like I’ve been on the turps and slept in a hay barn so never wear it although I love it in the fashion photos.

    1. Hahahahaha! Y’all are killing me with your tales of woe in chambray! You’re in good company!

  5. omg i love that simplicity 8948 on you! its so pretty!! and I am with you, i love all those data blogposts and such

  6. *peeks out from under mounds of chambray* I love this fabric! *goes back into hiding* LOL

    M7547 look pretty good - despite the issues you mentioned. I think S8948 will look really good in a rayon challis.

    I'm sorry for the late reply on the comments you left to my blog. Blogger sends me ZERO notifications of anything and I just noticed there were comments this morning upon logging in to to tinker with the settings.

  7. I enjoyed your post. I know we all sew things that turn into misses. I like reading blogs as they are usually full of helpful information. I know a lot of people are posting on other social media and the pictures look good, but I want more details. Looking forward to reading your hits!


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